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Sonic the Comic #38 is the thirty-eighth issue of the Sonic the Comic series published by Egmont Fleetway.


  • Managing Editor: Richard Burton
  • Co-Editor: Deborah Tate
  • Designer: Gary Knight
  • Special Thanks to: Audrey Wong
  • Publisher: Rob McMenemy

Featured stories

Sonic the Hedgehog - "Robotnik's Revenge, Part 2"


Doctor Robotnik and his Badniks have Sonic, Porker Lewis and Johnny Lightfoot surrounded in their formerly-secret underground base. Sonic is determined that they will make their final stand, and when Robotnik bursts through the walls again he is only too willing to oblige.

Robotnik's new vehicle, the Squeeze Tag Machine, is too strong for Sonic to damage. Luckily, help soon arrives in the form of Knuckles the Echidna, who tunnels in through the ceiling. He reveals that Grimer reported Knuckles' death to Robotnik because Knuckles ordered him to. With a single punch, Knuckles smashes the glass on the Squeeze Tag Machine, allowing Sonic to break off the roof.

When Robotnik amasses his Badniks, Knuckles breaks a hole in the wall and leads the Freedom Fighters to the surface. Sonic asks if Knuckles is scared of a fight, but in fact he just wants some space. A transport of Troopers arrives, and battle is joined. Sonic and Knuckles try to outdo each other, and Robotnik escapes.

Soon the Badniks have all been destroyed. Knuckles still has no interest in joining Sonic's fight against Robotnik, but he owed Sonic a debt for revealing the location of Sonic's base. He determines to rid the Floating Island of all traces of Robotnik, and flies away in one of Robotnik's Flying Eggs.

Sonic, Porker and Johnny reach the rendezvous point, where they meet up with Tails and Amy. Sonic disguises himself as showman penguin Bob Beaky, and the team rides off in a circus caravan as Bob Beaky's Travelling Circus. It fools the border patrol Troopers, but Sonic isn't sure that he can stand looking at Johnny's ridiculous moustache.




  • Knuckles mentions that he forced Grimer to tell Robotnik he was dead, which occurred last issue.
  • Knuckles says he was responsible for Robotnik finding Sonic's base. He revealed the location in Sonic the Comic #35, "Power of the Chaos Emeralds, Part 1".
  • Sonic and Knuckles' rivalry is firmly established in this issue, even though they are now on the same side.
  • Tails left for the rendezvous in the previous issue.
  • The Freedom Fighters have begun to disguise themselves as Bob Beaky's Travelling Circus. They will maintain this disguise almost until Robotnik's overthrow.
  • Knuckles flies off in one of Robotnik's Flying Eggs at the issue's end, determined to rid the Floating Island of all traces of Robotnik. Sonic the Comic #39, "Carnival Night Conspiracy, Part 1", picks up Knuckles' story immediately after this, still aboard the flying egg on his way back home.


Eternal Champions - "Larson's Revenge, Part 2"

  • Script: Michael Cook
  • Art: Jon Haward
  • Lettering: Tom Frame

In 1927 Chicago, Larcen Tyler finds that the new crime boss White Orchid is actually Shadow Yamoto, from 1994 Tokyo. She explains that she has been sent by the Eternal Champion to start a crime syndicate as part of the battle against evil, and that the Champion forbade Larcen's involvement. Against her wishes he accompanies her to an important rendezvous at Simpson Quarry. She reveals her contact is Mr Tagliani (the gangster that killed Larcen years earlier), and they are suddenly and unexpectedly ambushed by police. Larcen fights them off and escapes but Shadow doesn't even put up a fight, and lets them take her away.

Tails - "Zonerunner & The Flock, Part 4"


Sab and the Flock fight it out with Tess Tube, Sol Furic, and the Chemical Plant Zone's security droids. Meanwhile, Tails is forced to take on Nutzan Bolt single handed. Nutzan Bolt fires at Tails, but only manages to destroy his own construction bots. Tails flies off and runs into a building, but Nutzan Bolt can fly too with his twin propellers and follows.

Tails desperately tries to close the door to keep out Nutzan Bolt, plugging in his microputer. Panicked and forgetting the proper instructions, he orders the computer to "Close the door. Close the door! Jolly well close the door!" The door does indeed close, but then immediately opens again, letting Nutzan Bolt in. Then the door closes for the second time, crushing Nutzan Bolt underneath it. When the door jolly well closes for the third time, Nutzan Bolt is completely decapitated. Nevertheless he manages to survive, with his head sprouting wheels (as well as a grille and exhaust pipes) and driving away.

The Flock have rounded up Tess Tube and Sol Furic. Sab explains that Nutzan Bolt's explosions melted the construction robots into the damn, sealing up all the damage they'd done. When Tails tries to explain that he didn't do anything and that it was the security door that defeated Nutzan Bolt, they are sure he's just being modest and salute him as "Everything a Zonerunner should be".

Tails can't wait to tell Sonic about his adventures, but when they meet up Sonic isn't interested. After all, they have work to do.




Decap Attack - "Who Killed Chuck? Part 5"

  • Script: Nigel Kitching
  • Art: Nigel Kitching
  • Lettering: Steve Potter

A giant monster sneaks up behind Chuck and Head, and eats them whole. However, it spits out Head for being too crunchy, then vomits up Chuck (along with several carrots, an apple, and a toy train). Chuck offers to let the monster eat Igor instead, but it decides not to.

Chuck is cornered by Detective Case, so he retracts his head inside his bandages. Case tries to follow him in, but is knocked unconscious when Chuck's head springs out again.

Chuck and Head discuss the review of Head's performance as Yorick of the Wigan Advertiser. He can only do a Cockney accent.

Other features

  • Control Zone
  • Review Zone (Drop Zone, S.S. Lucifer)
  • News Zone
  • Graphic Zone - Hallowe'en
  • Q Zone (FIFA Soccer, Aladdin, Pete Sampras Tennis, Micro Machines)
  • Speedlines


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