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Sonic the Comic #28 is the twenty-eighth issue of the Sonic the Comic series published by Egmont Fleetway.


  • Editor: Richard Burton
  • Assistant Editor: Deborah Tate
  • Designer: Gary Knight / Timothy Read
  • Newshound: Garry Penn
  • Managing Editor: Steve MacManus
  • Special Thanks to: Audrey Wong
  • Publisher: Chris Power

Featured stories

Sonic the Hedgehog - "The Sonic Terminator, Part 5"


As the Metallix looms over them, Sonic's future self orders the present-version to run away, and the Time Stone will send him back in time. It does, but vanishes after it is used. Sonic arrives in a time before the Miracle Planet was overwhelmed with Robotnik's machinery. He finds a small - but growing - machine, which he realizes must have grown over the entire planet. There is a small hatch - just small enough for the miniature Sonic to fit inside - which leads to the machine's core, where he finds the Time Stone!

Sonic removes the Time Stone, which destroys the machine, and travels into the future again some time before he left. He finds Metallix about to destroy Sonic - as in the previous issue - so Sonic intervenes. He pushes the past-Sonic into the shrinking ray, and passes along the Time Stone, relaying the same instructions he had been given by the future-Sonic earlier.

Once the past-Sonic runs off to travel back in time, the present-Sonic faces off against Metallix. Fortunately, time begins to re-organize itself. The machinery covering the planet disappears to be replaced by grassy meadows; Sonic grows to normal size again, since the shrinking ray never existed; and Metallix fades away, having apparently never been built.

Amy congratulates Sonic for saving the planet, and comments that they have a whole month before they can return to Mobius. She thinks it will be romantic. Sonic thinks he'd rather have the Metallix back again.

The End of "The Sonic Terminator".




  • Mobius and the Miracle Planet are still out of phase, having disappeared at the beginning of Sonic the Comic #27, "The Sonic Terminator, Part 4".
  • Sonic claims that the Metallix was never built, although its later appearances indicate that this is not quite the case.
  • Even though Robotnik's machinery never covered the planet in the altered timeline, the giant chain can still be seen connecting the Miracle Planet and (the now out-of-phase) Mobius. The chain will remain there indefinitely.


  • The fifth page of this story is an exact duplicate of the penultimate page of "The Sonic Terminator, Part 4" from Sonic the Comic #27. This time the other version of Sonic is the present-time version. (This caused some confusion at Fleetway, who believed that a page was missing from their set, forcing artist Richard Elson to explain.)
  • Writer Nigel Kitching claimed that even he gets confused by the time paradox portrayed in this issue.[1]
  • The original script title of this story was "Battle for the Miracle Planet".
  • This story was reprinted in Sonic the Comic #143.

See also

Streets of Rage - "Skates' Story, Part 4"

  • Script: Mark Millar
  • Art: Peter Richardson
  • Lettering: Tom Frame

Axel and Blaze are listening to Mr X's speech on the charity cruise while Max searches for the bomb below decks, with no success.

Meanwhile, corrupt cops bring the captive Skates for Roach to kill. However, Roach turns on the cops instead, freeing Skates. One of the cops reveals the whereabouts of the bomb on the boat in exchange for an ambulance, and Skates rushes off to find it.

Back on the boat, Mr X attempts to make his escape by helicopter before the bomb goes off.

Tails - "The Morbidden Hunt, Part 1"


In the Emerald Hill Zone, Sonic rushes off to rescue a bear's friend who was captured by Badniks, leaving Tails wishing he wasn't missing out on the excitement. Just then, a portal to the Nameless Zone opens and Tails is called through.

Tails meets with Shaman Warpull and the Village Elders, who say that two of their young cubs, Jimmy and Jilly have been kidnapped by goblins and taken to Castle Morbidden. Tails agrees to go and find them.

Meanwhile, in Castle Morbidden, Queen Vulpecula Huntar waits impatiently for her brother to arrive with the fox cubs so that she can hunt them.

As Tails walks north, a hungry Gryphon eyes him up for food...




  • Shaman Warpull and the Village Elders mentioned Tails' letters home, which claimed Tails was a hero and Sonic was his sidekick. These same letters encouraged the Enchanter Kings to make Tails their champion in the first place, in Sonic the Comic #16.
  • Shaman Warpull received the spell to open the portal to Mobius from the Enchanter Kings, who performed the spell themselves on both of Tails' previous trips to the Nameless Zone (in issues #16 and #18).
  • It is unknown why Tails' Enchanted Battle Armour did not magically form itself on Tails' body when he entered the Nameless Zone, as it did in issue #18.
  • Shaman Warpull mispronounces Sonic's name as "Tonic" in this issue. Coincidentally, Metamorphia will pretend to be Sonic's long-lost twin Tonic in Sonic the Comic #51.


Pirate S.T.C. - "Pirate S.T.C., Part 1"

  • Script: Stephen Bliss
  • Art: Stephen Bliss
  • Lettering: Steve Potter

Two time travellers capable of moving through cyberspace via television systems - the tech pirate Fezhead and his demonic computer-generated skull Skull - kidnap the dumbest channel-surfing jerks for Fezhead's mission. (It's a heck of a lot weirder than it sounds.)

Other features

  • Control Zone
  • Review Zone (Dune 2 - The Battle For Arrakis, The Lost Vikings, PGA European Tour Golf)
  • News Zone
  • Graphic Zone - World Cup
  • Q Zone (Jungle Book)
  • Speedlines


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