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Sonic the Comic #27 is the twenty-seventh issue in the Sonic the Comic series published by Egmont Fleetway.


Featured stories

Sonic the Hedgehog - "The Sonic Terminator, Part 4"


Tails, Porker Lewis and Johnny Lightfoot arrive at Never Lake to find nobody there, and the Miracle Planet is covered in hideous machinery. They realize that Sonic and Amy are probably on the planet, finding out exactly what happened to it. And just then, the Miracle Planet fades away for another month...

On the Miracle Planet, Sonic writes off any chance of getting help from Mobius when the larger planet similarly fades from the sky. He finds Amy, but there is no sign of Metallix. Amy suggests that Metallix was badly damaged during his fight with Sonic, and that he might have just stopped working, although the robot's sudden reappearance proves her wrong. Metallix claims his only purpose is to destroy Sonic, at which Sonic suddenly turns and runs away - much to Amy's shock. Metallix does not pursue immediately, but goes to terminate Amy, who has outlived her usefulness. But before he can kill the girl, he is struck in the back by a Spin Attack - Sonic just ran around the entire planet!

Sonic and Metallix fight again, but this time Metallix is able to draw power from the machinery covering the Miracle Planet. Metallix is almost able to kill Sonic, but he is suddenly struck by a small blue object and shuts down. In fact, the small object is a half-sized version of Sonic who claims to be from the future. He pushes present-Sonic into a beam that shrinks him down to the same size, then gives him a Time Stone. He tells Sonic to travel into the past, to prevent any of this from happening. Unfortunately, before present-Sonic can leave, Metallix reboots, electricity coursing through him. He is now operating at one hundred percent efficiency... and he's twice Sonic's size!




  • Amy refers to the battle between Sonic and Metallix, which occurred in Sonic the Comic #26, "The Sonic Terminator, Part 3".
  • Sonic runs around the whole Miracle Planet. He previous ran halfway around the much larger planet Mobius in Sonic the Comic #11, "Time Racer".
  • This issue leads directly into the events of Sonic the Comic #28.


See also

Streets of Rage - "Skates' Story, Part 3"

  • Script: Mark Millar
  • Art: Peter Richardson
  • Lettering: Tom Frame

Skates coerces a nerd from school to unlock the secrets on his dad's disk, and finds out just how corrupt the local cops are. He tries to go to his friend Roach for help, but Roach couldn't care less about cops killing cops and would rather just torch some cars. He tries to sneak outside a dirty police officer's tenth-storey office, but he is caught and the disk is taken and destroyed. The cops tie him up and say they're taking him to someone who can kill with real style.

Meanwhile, Axel, Blaze and Max string up a policeman named Rizzo. They want to know what Mr X did with Murphy's disk. Rizzo swears he doesn't know... but he does know about the bomb...


  • A poster in the nerd's room is for a band named "Daft Leotard", an obvious parody of Def Leppard.

Sonic's World - "Part 2: A Tale of Tails"


The Kintobor Computer continues the story from the previous issue. Sonic has collected the six Chaos Emeralds and brought them back to the underground lab. Little did Sonic realize but the Chaos Emeralds become unstable when brought together outside of a sub-zero temperature, and they began to give off radiation.

Suddenly, the Emeralds disappear in a flash of light, having warped back to the Special Zone yet again, and Sonic absorbs the full blast of the radiation. He transforms for the first time into Super Sonic, and explodes through the roof of the lab.

Sonic turns back to normal in the Swampland Zone, where he thinks he sees two foxes about to drown in the swamp, with only their tails visible. He pulls one out, but the other tail cannot be found. Luckily, that's because the fox he rescued is Miles "Tails" Prower, and both of the tails were his. Tails is grateful for Sonic saving his life, and Sonic is fairly impressed by Tails' ability to fly for short periods of time.

Then Doctor Robotnik returns with a new army of Badniks and a new ultimate weapon: the Death Egg! Sonic reached this deadly satellite, and faced off against Robotnik himself who was wearing a deadly suit of battle armour.

Sonic also managed to get all the Chaos Emeralds back again, and even found a safe place to hide them: the North Cave in the Frozen Zone, where the Arctic conditions ensure that the Chaos Emeralds remain stable.




  • The story in this issue takes place between the end of the previous issue's story (the end of the first Sonic the Hedgehog game) through to the end of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. The events of Sonic the Comic #1, "Enter: Sonic", take place shortly after this.
  • In this issue, the Chaos Emeralds incorrectly appear to be uniformly green, despite the previous issue stating that the first warp to the Special Zone gave them different hues. In particular, they are coloured green when Sonic hides them in the North Cave, although this is contradicted by Sonic the Comic #25, "The Sonic Terminator, Part 2".
  • Sonic turns into Super Sonic for the first time. It is revealed that the first change was caused by an overdose of Emerald radiation. This is earlier than the earliest transformation mentioned by Tails in Sonic the Comic #7, "Super Sonic", which was apparently caused by Ring Energy.
  • This depicts the very first meeting between Sonic and Tails. It is later revealed that Tails landed in the Swampland Zone accidentally after travelling from the Nameless Zone.
  • Sonic defeated Robotnik aboard his Death Egg during the events of Sonic 2. Sonic and Tails later re-visited the satellite in Sonic the Comic #6, "Attack on the Death Egg".


Wonder Boy - "Wonder Boy in Ghost World, Part 6"

  • Script: Mark Eyles
  • Art: M. DJ. Boyann
  • Lettering: Elitta Fell

The Potion of Ignorance finally works on the Dinosaur King, who can't remember who he is. Shion opens a magic box and the genie inside convinces the Dinosaur King that he is the humans' friend. Taking the Power Jar and a Bottled Hurricane, the Dinosaur King takes them back to the stairway up to Monster World. He remembers the truth, that Shion tricked him, but still believes that he is Shion's friend and allows them to escape. However, he decides he wants to go with them and follows them, only for the genie's spell to wear off. Now he wants payback for messing with his mind!

Wordsmith uses the Bottled Hurricane to clear away the clouds of sleep, allowing the three humans to reach Monster World again. Then Shion breaks the Power Jar, destroying the stairway and sending the Dinosaur King tumbling back down to Ghost World. Monster World is safe once again... although perhaps not from Wordsmith's poetry.

Other features

  • Control Zone
  • Review Zone (NBA Showdown, Bubba 'n' Stix, Normy's Beach Babe-o-Rama)
  • News Zone
  • Q Zone (Greatest Heavyweights, Gods, Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, Robocop vs. The Terminator, Slipheed, Asterix)
  • Speedlines


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