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Sonic the Comic #21 is the twenty-first issue in the Sonic the Comic series published by Egmont Fleetway.


  • Editor: Richard Burton
  • Assistant Editor: Deborah Tate
  • Design: Clare Gillmore
  • Managing Editor: Steve MacManus
  • Publisher: Chris Power

Featured stories

Sonic the Hedgehog - "Girl Trouble, Part 1"


Trooper Badniks attack the Emerald Hill Zone and arrest Amy Rose, who has been claiming to be Sonic's girlfriend. Sonic and Johnny Lightfoot attempt to rescue her, and destroy one of the Troopers, but the others activate a device called 'Weapon X' that shoots spikes in every direction. Sonic uses his super speed to prevent the spikes from hitting any of the Emerald Hill Folk, but the Troopers have used the distraction to warp back to the Special Zone. Even though Amy got herself into this trouble, Sonic knows that she'll expect him to rescue her.

Meanwhile, in Robotnik's Special Zone Headquarters, two image consultants named Thomas and Miller claim they want to give Robotnik a make-over. Robotnik is livid and throws them out of his office, although later admits that they were right in a way: his current body has served its purpose and now it's time for a change... He encases himself in a giant egg, preparing for his transformation.

Sonic and Johnny return to their secret underground base, where the Kintobor Computer confirms from monitored transmissions that Amy is being held in Robotnik's Special Zone fortress. Telling the others (Tails and Porker) to stay behind, he activates their private Star Post and takes Johnny with him into the Special Zone. Together they navigate the bizarre physics of the Zone and break into the fortress. Unfortunately, they are immediately captured by the fortress' automatic defences and Robotnik's chief scientist Grimer.

Elsewhere, Robotnik's transformation is nearly complete, and his egg begins to crack...




The two-part "Girl Trouble" marked a great transformative step for StC's Sonic strip. While select past issues had introduced key backstory for this version of Sonic's world (issue #8) and shifted the status quo of the strip by allowing Doctor Robotnik to conquer Mobius (issue #9, as mentioned in a footnote this issue), for the most part, stories had continued to be one-shot adventures of Sonic and Tails against Robotnik and his minions, as they had been before. With "Girl Trouble", however, a significantly large number of new elements were introduced, re-introduced, changed or solidified, which would become essential elements of the Sonic the Comic continuity for the entire remainder of its run. These included:

  • The first appearance of the Freedom Fighters as a team, having been mentioned in Sonic the Comic #14, "Hero of the Year". They include Sonic, Tails, Porker Lewis and Johnny Lightfoot, who were the four individuals sent forward in time by Robotnik in Sonic the Comic #8, "The Origin of Sonic". Amy Rose, also introduced this issue, joins the team at the end of the following issue.
  • Further redesigns of Porker and Johnny, who now feature more human proportions and wear clothing based on their designs from the early Sonic cartoon that include black and red jackets respectively. Porker's jacketed look previously appeared in issues #18 and #19, and he has since gained a shirt and jeans to go with it. While the redesign of Johnny, who keeps his jacket in a bag when in disguise in the Emerald Hill Zone, is essentially completed this issue, Porker will continue to evolve artistically, his his trotters being replaced with hands and feet in issue #26.
  • The re-introduction of the Kintobor Computer, first very briefly glimpsed in a prototypical state in issue #6, in its finalized form as self-aware program. It is not yet explained how it works following Doctor Ovi Kintobor's "demise", which was seen in issue #8. The Computer's origin is eventually explained in Sonic the Comic #26, "Part 1: Kintobor spelled backwards is..."
  • The establishment of the Freedom Fighters' secret underground base, after previous attempts to build a rebel hideout were hampered in Sonic the Comic #13, "Double Trouble", and Sonic the Comic #15, "The Green Eater". This is in fact Kintobor's underground lab, which appeared in Sonic the Comic #6, "Attack on the Death Egg", and #8.
  • The debut of Robotnik's Special Zone Headquarters, first mentioned way back in Sonic the Comic #4, "Day of the Badniks".
  • The introduction of StC mainstay Grimer.
  • The commencement of Doctor Robotnik's transformation into his new form, based on his appearance in Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, which would complete itself in the story's second part in issue #22.


See also

The Eternal Champions - "The Eternal Champions, Part 3"

  • Script: Michael Cook
  • Art: Brian Williamson & Steve White
  • Lettering: Tom Frame

Cyberdome, 2345 AD. Six of the Eternal Champions (RAX, Larcen, Trident, Xavier, Jetta, and Midknight) warp in to steal high-tech weapons from the armed combat sports arena, so that they can return to the present and rescue their allies (Shadow, Slash, and Blade) from Nakano. However, their three allies are able to effect their own escape when Nakano attempts to mind-scan the prehistoric Slash.

Meanwhile, back in the future, the six Champions are cornered by armed fighters. They are sent to fight to the death in the Cyber Challenge.

Shinobi - "The Art of War, Part 3"

  • Script: Alan McKenzie
  • Art: Jon Haward
  • Lettering: Ellie de'Ville

Joe Musashi swiftly defeats the lone security guard that confronts him and locks the man in a cupboard. He cannot find Naoko on his floor, so he climbs down the cable in an elevator shaft to search a floor below. He recalls a story of how his sensei's sensei learned kendo. Suddenly, Neo Zeed ninja drop down the shaft on ropes, and cut away the cable beneath him...

Tails - "The Land Beyond, Part 4"


Trogg explains that he was once Shirob, the eldest and most powerful of the Enchanter Kings, until he accidentally made contact with the Evil One and was transformed. He intentionally turned back into Shirob as part of a trap to lure Tails into the Land Beyond and exact revenge for his defeat upon the Dimension Bridge.

Tails is furious and attacks Trogg from the air, only to be knocked down. He is saved by the sudden appearance of the portal, which blinds everyone in the room. Tails and Errol leap through it just in time. Trogg attempts to stop them by hurling his sword - it follows them through the portal, but misses them on the other side.

Tails and Errol find themselves back in the home of the Enchanter Kings, who reveal that their magic can only keep Tails in the Nameless Zone for a short time, so the portal is ready to take him back to the Emerald Hill Zone. Tails expects Errol to reveal to the Enchanter Kings that Tails is not really the hero of Mobius, but instead Errol claims that Tails is truly a worthy champion, without whom they never would have made it back. Greatly relieved, Tails steps into the portal and returns home.





Other features

  • Control Zone
  • Review Zone (International Rugby, Micro Machines, General Chaos)
  • News Zone
  • Q Zone (Thunderhawk, Sonic the Hedgehog CD, Lemmings, F1, Aladdin, The Flintstones, Zool)
  • Speedlines


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