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Sonic the Comic #181 is the one hundred eighty-first issue of the Sonic the Comic series published by Egmont Fleetway.


Featured stories

The Origin of Chaos!


High up on a cliff, the Great War between Echidna and the Drakon Empire is about to begin. Launching a barrage of missiles at the echidna settlements, the Drakon plan to retrieve the Chaos Emeralds that the echidnas stole from the Drakons two days before. Down in Megaopolis City, Sonic has found out from Pochacamac of the echidnas' thievery. Impatient, the hedgehog wants to know why he has been brought to the ancient past and what's going on, but before he can ask any more questions, the Drakons' missiles hit their building. Ready to lead his warriors into battle, Pochacamac is interrupted by a stubborn Sonic, who demands answers.

Pochacamac explains that the Drakon Empire had arrived on Mobius months ago. It was not clear then what they wanted, but soon enough, the Drakons took control of the echidnas' sacred Emerald mines. The aliens had created an unstable energy, chaos energy, but was far too dangerous to control. Using these new Emeralds, they were able to control this energy, creating the Chaos Emeralds. Fearful that the Drakons could use this power to conquer the galaxy and wanting their Emeralds back where they belonged, the echidnas stole their Emeralds back, albeit now super-powered. Pochacamac and his family have the ability to see misty visions into the future; this is where he learned of Sonic and his hero status in his own time. Knowing also that he is a sworn enemy of the Drakons, Pochacamac summoned him here to help.

Pochacamac is interrupted by the captured Drakon Prosecutor, who has been brought in to discuss negotiations. However, just then, invasion force comes crashing through the wall to attack. A huge battle is soon underway, with Sonic and the echidnas joined in the fight by advanced Guardian Robots. Sonic easily dodges Sentinel blasts, but a stray shot hits the Chaos Emeralds. The gems react badly and the place must be evacuated quickly. Stray chaos energy explodes the Drakon fish tank, leaving the prisoner stranded as his friends leave him. A massive explosion kills and destroys many, but the aftermath leaves the creation of a deadly beast, from the remains of the prisoner himself - Chaos!





  • The Prosecutor's transformation into Chaos was spoiled in the Data Zone feature showing the Drakon-headed Chaos from the final page.

Reprinted stories

Other features

  • Data Zone: The Data Zone acts as a quick reference guide to new readers about the characters. This issue provides data files on Sonic, the ancient Echidnas, the Drakon Empire and Chaos.
  • Graphic Zone: The Graphic Zone features fan art from readers of the comics. The theme of this issue's Graphic Zone is "Chaotix Crew", featuring images of the Chaotix Crew's members. Readers who got their pictures published won a Sonic the Hedgehog watch.
  • Competition to win Chewits goodie bags.

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