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Sonic the Comic #18 is the eighteenth issue in the Sonic the Comic series published by Egmont Fleetway.


  • Editor: Richard Burton
  • Assistant Editor: Deborah Tate
  • Design: Clare Gillmore
  • Managing Editor: Steve MacManus
  • Publisher: Chris Power

Featured stories

Sonic the Hedgehog - "Casino Night, Part 1"


Sonic and Porker Lewis arrive in the Casino Night Zone, where Doctor Robotnik's face is everywhere and a vast statue of the Doctor looms above everything. In fact, the head of this statue contains the master control computer that makes all the games unwinnable and the statue's eyes send out hypnotising beams that turns everyone into compulsive gamblers: visitors to the Zone quickly lose all their money. But Sonic intends to change things.

Day-to-day management of the Zone is performed by three electricians known as the Marxio Brothers (Grouchio, Chicio, and Harpio). Robotnik tells them he has heard Sonic has plans to attack the Zone, and if they don't stop him, Robotnik will send them all back to Marxio World.

Sonic and Porker attempt to fix the central computer with a small handheld disruptor, but they are too far away. Impatient, Sonic takes the device and tries to get closer. He is spotted and soon encounters an army of Trooper Badniks. Although he destroys several, they lure him into a certain spot and he is dropped into a trap like a giant pinball machine. He ricochets off flippers and springs before, apparently, landing safely. However, the Marxio Brothers have taken Porker captive, and soon both Porker and Sonic are tied in front of an oncoming rollercoaster car!




  • This issue debuts Porker Lewis's black jacket, based on his appearance in early developmental artwork for the Sonic cartoon, which will go on to become his trademark look while he is a member of the Freedom Fighters. Porker, along with pal Johnny Lightfoot, will later be redesigned even further for issue #21, gaining more human proportions and more articles of clothing, reaching his "final" design in issue #26, in which the trotters he has in this issue and all previous appearances are replaced with functional hands and feet.
  • Sonic refers to "Porker's disruptor gizmo", the first suggestion that Porker may be the technical genius of the Freedom Fighters.


  • When writing the scene featuring a dog that has become destitute by gambling all his money, Nigel Kitching intended to "have a pop" at gambling, which he disapproves of.[1]
  • This story was reprinted in Sonic the Comic #134.

Ecco the Dolphin - "Ecco the Dolphin, Part 6"

  • Script: Woodrow Phoenix
  • Art: Steve White
  • Lettering: Tom Frame

Ecco discovers the first destruction engine of the alien Vortex, but is prevented from destroying it by a mysterious entity: the Asterite. The Asterite is also an alien, though not allied with the Vortex. Ecco attacks the Asterite, demonstrating his impressive powers. The Asterite offers to help Ecco destroy the Vortex if Ecco will, in turn, do a service for it. The Asterite long ago sent out many parts of itself to gain knowledge of the world's oceans, but the Black Pearl did not return. If Ecco returns it, the Asterite will teach Ecco the language of the Vortex and together they will drive the Vortex back whence they came! Ecco vows to succeed, eagerly anticipating the day when he will be reunited with his family and friends.

The Legend of the Golden Axe - "Plague of Serpents, Part 6"

  • Script: Mark Eyles
  • Art: Mike White
  • Lettering: Ellie de Ville

The dragons arrive to aid the dwarf queen Silpantia-Dragontamer and together with the dwarves Gilius-Thunderhead and Yuki-Plantcharmer, they defeat all of the snake priests. Cobraxis the High Priest is transformed into a likeness of the Serpent God, but is killed by the dragon Cloudburner and Gilius with the Golden Axe. Viprax the wizard-priest is also killed by Gilius. Once the fight is over, Ax-Battler reappears, thoroughly confused after being hypnotised. Gilius and Yuki are given two daggers made of dragon gold as a reward. The heroes, along with a recovered Tyris-Flare, attend the funeral of Gilius' father back in Rockguard. The old boy died with a fork in his hand, awaiting the magnificent feast in the next world. It's how he would have wished to go, and Gilius insists that they go down to the feast hall themselves, to honour his memory.


  • Sonic the Hedgehog can be seen in the background on the final page of the story.
  • Although the text promises more Golden Axe stories in future, no more were written.

Tails - "The Land Beyond, Part 1"


The Enchanter Kings once again summon their champion, Tails, into the Nameless Zone. Tails is asked to rescue the third Enchanter King, Shirob, who went missing even before Tails first journeyed to the Emerald Hill Zone. Shirob recently sent a message through the Magic Crystal of Communication, revealing that he had not been killed by Trogg as they had suspected, but rather taken prisoner and held in the Land Beyond. Tails is given a companion, the Kings' bravest fox warrior: Errol Blackthorn. Together, they cross the Dimension Bridge into the Land Beyond, where they are quickly surrounded by monstrous warriors.




Other features

  • Control Zone
  • Review Zone (Greatest Heavyweights, Pebble Beach Golf, Ren & Stimpy, Gods, Zool)
  • News Zone
  • Q Zone (Jungle Strike, Rocket Knight Adventures, Super Monaco Grand Prix 2, Thunderhawk, Chuck Rock, James Pond 2, Star Wars)
  • Speedlines


Preview pages



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