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Sonic the Comic #177 is the one hundred seventy-seventh issue of the Sonic the Comic series published by Egmont Fleetway.


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Night Terrors!


Following immediately on from the last issue, the Freedom Fighters are mourning the death of Johnny Lightfoot, except Sonic who refuses to accept it. Johnny appears to be alive for a moment, before swirling away in a sea of pink and turning into Amy, who reveals that Sonic has been dreaming in his room. Sonic has slipped into a sea of melancholy and is blaming himself solely for Johnny's death. Amy tries talking some sense into the disheartened hero, but Sonic blows her off, saying he is been risking everyone's lives for years without thinking of the consequences, and knows what must be done.

Meanwhile, Grimer is monitoring the situation from the dark dimension, and has found Chaos, who has changed form, is spread out over half a mile, 20,000 feet above Mobius and is approaching the Floating Island, which stirs something in Robotnik's mind. On the island itself, Knuckles is talking to Amy, who reveals that Sonic has left with no intention of returning. Suddenly, the transmission is cut short as a mysterious mist appears in the Emerald Chamber, heralding the arrival of Chaos. Knuckles tries to confront the monster, but is paralyzed by his fear effect. Chaos, now speaking, reveals that the Chaos Emeralds are part of him, and he seeks to become whole again. Knuckles tries to talk Chaos out of the idea, but fails as the monster begins to absorb the Emeralds into himself. Back at the Control Centre, Amy locates Tails, working on a new Tornado and makes plans to go to the Floating Island, feeling that something awful is about to happen....





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Other features

  • Graphic Zone: The Graphic Zone features fan art from readers of the comics. This issue's theme is "Sonic and the Gang!" which include images of the Freedom Fighters and Knuckles. The owners of the published pictures each received a Sonic the Hedgehog watch.
  • Part two of a "mega-sized" Sonic the Hedgehog pin-up.


  • Two of the entries in this issue's Graphic Zone did not provide the artists' names or addresses.

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