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Sonic the Comic #175 is the one hundred seventy-fifth issue of the Sonic the Comic series published by Egmont Fleetway.


  • Editor: Andy Diggle
  • Designer: Gary Knight
  • Managing Editor: Steve MacManus
  • Production: Sarah Colley
  • Marketing Manager: Douglas Pocock
  • Promotions: Michelle French, Jane Ballard
  • Marketing Director: Rob McMenemy
  • Managing Director: Julie Goldsmith

Featured stories

The Coming of Chaos!


In a distant dimension, Grimer urges Dr. Ivo Robotnik to eat, promising the mad scientist that they will defeat Sonic the next time they meet. However, Robotnik demands Grimer to never say the hedgehog's name in his presence, which confuses Grimer on this sudden out-of-character move. Meanwhile at the Emerald Hill Zone, Sonic believes that they have finally defeated Robotnik, but Porker Lewis and the Kintobor Computer believe that Robotnik managed to avoid death and hide somewhere. Sonic tells the Freedom Fighters to quit worrying and celebrate the great victory they just earned. Suddenly, the Kintobor Computer then picks up a signal at Metropolis Zone, to which all but Porker of the Freedom Fighters leave to answer the distress call. At Metropolis Zone, Chaos is fighting against the Metropolis police. Luckily, Sonic arrives to hit Chaos, but as he's about to attack Chaos, he suddenly stops, unaware of what is holding him back. The same then happens to Johnny Lightfoot and Tails. Amy comes to the conclusion that the creature affects with their minds, fearing them from attacking him. Sonic then decides to charge at the beast, ignoring fear and dashes inside the water creature. Bouncing back and forth inside the creature, Sonic is then thrown out while Chaos, now a watery puddle, squirms away to a sewer. The Freedom Fighters check if Sonic is alright, and Sonic tells them that he is perfectly okay, despite the fact that his eyes have now turned green.




  • This story is the first to be written by Nigel Kitching after his departure several issues ago.
  • This story marks the begging of a series of ten consecutive Sonic the Comic stories by the same team.
  • In this story, most of the characters were given a change in design to fit in with the redesign of the characters in Sonic Adventure. Sonic's spines now curl downwards while Amy's spines closely resemble her game counterpart's.


Reprinted stories

Other features

  • Graphic Zone: The Graphic Zone features fan art from readers of the comics. The theme of this issue is "Musical Mayhem" and showcase Sonic the Comic characters playing on instruments or as parodies of real-life singers. Winners of the published pictures received a Sonic the Hedgehog digital watch.


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