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Sonic the Comic #174 is the one hundred seventy-fourth issue of the Sonic the Comic series published by Egmont Fleetway.


Featured stories

Game Over: Part 2


In the Emerald Hill Zone, the survivors of Mobius' environmental collapse, caused by Dr. Ivo Robotnik with a machine provided by the Plax, struggle to find shelter, aided by Tails and Knuckles the Echidna. Elsewhere, Amy, Shortfuse the Cybernik and Tekno, with the aid of Grimer who wishes to stop Robotnik before he destroys them all, rush to find Sonic who rushed off without them. Sonic is not doing so well against Robotnik, who is being empowered by the planet's energy thanks to the Plax's machine, so the appearance of Shortfuse and his blaster is a welcome one. Robotnik retorts with eye blasts of his own. Sonic is not impressed, aiming to keep this battle between the two of them. In anger, Sonic removes the energy cables from Robotnik's body, ending the influx of power. It is too late though, as Robotnik punches Sonic into a wall. Not finished, he begins to suck the life out of Amy and Tekno with a single thought. His attention turns back to Sonic, revealing that he wants to destroy Mobius, since the people "has their chance to become mindless Badniks" and they "blew it." Just as Robotnik moves to finish Sonic, the former dictator begins to shrink and lose power. Shortfuse has connected himself to the machine and wills it to reverse all that has been done. Sonic gets the upper hand in his fight, as Shortfuse's armor breaks due to the pressure, revealing Shorty, shortfuse's organic battery.

As new life seems to appear from nowhere outside, the cavern that has seen all the action is starting to cave in. Sonic and the gang flee in time, but Grimer is forced to help Robotnik repair the machine, leaving them both trapped when the ceiling eventually falls. With life back to normal all over Mobius, Shorty plans to live a normal life once more, with Tekno ready to build him new armor should he need it. Whatever happens, Sonic's ready for more dangerous action.





Reprinted stories

Other features

  • Speedlines: Speedlines is a Q&A format where Sonic answers fan questions. Here, Sonic answers questions about missing Tails merchandise, plans to reprint "The Sonic Terminator" and "Running Wild", a reader's achievement in Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, ideas for a Sonic game, where to buy Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie and a story pitch starring Hyper Knuckles.
  • Graphic Zone: The Graphic Zone features fan art from readers of the comics. The theme of this issue is "Sporty Sonic", featuring pictures of Sonic and friends indulging in a few games. The owners of the featured images won a digital Sonic the Hedgehog watch.

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