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Sonic the Comic #171 is the one hundred seventy-first issue of the Sonic the Comic series published by Egmont Fleetway


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Planet in Peril!


It's Christmas Day on Mobius and Tails is enjoying the festive season in the Emerald Hill Zone. The optimistic fox thinks that even Dr. Robotnik may have been moved by the holidays, but Sonic is not so certain. Sure enough, Robotnik is in his base in the New Zones, watching his latest plan be foiled. The doctor proclaims that Sonic must die, Grimer agreeing that with Sonic out of the way, Robotnik could take over Mobius again. That is not the way Robotnik sees it, however; since Sonic seems to hamper every attempt to gain control, perhaps he should just destroy Mobius while he still can. Suddenly, from out of the shadows, the Plax appear, alerted by Robotnik's destructive words. Robotnik pulls out a gun, believing them to be friends of Sonic. The Plax explain that they share his goals and believe him to be their spiritual leader, together wanting to exterminate all life. Robotnik decides to play along and the uneasy coalition gets to work.

The next morning, Sonic and Tekno the Canary respond to an alert from the Kintobor Computer. Kintobor tries to explain that he has detected severe energy disruption but inexplicably becomes distorted and deactivates. A scream suddenly rings out from outside as a powerful lightning storm rips through the Zone. Sonic tries to calm everyone down, saying it is just a storm, but the usually scientific Tekno feels as though "evil" is in the air. Just then, the Christmas tree begins to fall over and directly towards two citizens. Before they can be crushed, Sonic speeds past and saves them. Sonic believes that it must have been hit by lightning but Tekno reveals the tree just died, subjected to an anti-life virus. Just as suddenly, a giant snowman suddenly appears from under the snow and prepares to kill Sonic. The hedgehog leaps over the monster's icy fingernails and tears the threat apart with a Spin Attack. Tails and Amy soon arrive to find that the snowman is still alive and attacks all four of them. Tekno performs a scan and discovers that the snowman is actually made up of millions of microscopic robots; the snowman look is really just to blend in with the environment.

Sonic comes up an idea, getting Tails to distract the robot while he traps it in a cocoon of speed. The snowman taunts Sonic, saying it will smash Sonic once he gets tired. Before that can happen, a bolt of lightning shoots down and rips the robot apart, sending Sonic flying. Tekno congratulates Sonic for his use of science and getting the electrical storm to divert towards the speed cocoon. Sonic pretends that was his plan all along but Amy is not buying it. Later, Sonic calls his friends to a meeting as all life is continuing to die. The Freedom Fighters vow to find Robotnik, likely behind all the decay, and put a stop to his plans. Even Shortfuse the Cybernik invites himself along, vowing revenge for being locked in the Cybernik armor. Tails stays behind to look after the citizens but does not seem to appreciate the severity of the problem - there might not be a home to return to if all life is eradicated.





  • The title of this strip re-introduces the act of ending titles with an exclamation, something that continues right to the end of Sonic the Comic with few exceptions.
  • Robotnik is watching the events involving the Splitzoid on his monitors.
  • Tekno appears in the Control Centre for the first and only time.

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Other features

  • Graphic Zone: The Graphic Zone features fan art from readers of the comics. This issue's theme is "Christmas Fun!", featuring art of Sonic, Tails and Knuckles enjoying Christmas. The owners of the featured pictures won a Sonic the Hedgehog watch.
  • Competitions to win Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie videos and Meccano sets.

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