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Sonic the Comic #168 is the one hundred sixty-eight issue of the Sonic the Comic series published by Egmont Fleetway.


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Mirror Image


It is almost Bonfire Night on Mobius and Tails is ready to set off the fireworks and burn his Dr. Robotnik "guy". Before Sonic the Hedgehog and Amy Rose can enjoy the festivities, they have been alerted to trouble in one of the New Zones by the Kintobor Computer. The heroes jump through a portal but appear to have exited back in the Emerald Hill Zone. It is Bonfire Night here too, but the Emerald Hill Folk have made a guy out of Sonic instead. Sonic rushes to find out what is going on but the crowd scatter in panic. However, they realise the hedgehog has not got any guards and begin to throw rocks at him, hoping to defeat him. With no clue of what is going on, Sonic whips up a vortex to stop them without hurting them. Before long, Tails and another Amy appear to add to the confusion. The fox lashes out, thumping Sonic, whilst the other Amy attacks her counterpart. The original Amy realises that she and Sonic have landed in a "Mirror Zone", one like Mobius but in a different image. Tails explains that the Sonic of this world is an evil king with an evil army of robots. Sonic wonders if it was him rather than Dr. Kintobor who became evil after the lab accident.

Tails and "Amy" lead Sonic to King Sonic's castle, a grim, stony version of Citadel Robotnik in Sonic's image. Shortly after, King Sonic's guards approach the gang and aim to exterminate the Freedom Fighters. However, Amy convinces Sonic to pretend he is King Sonic, ordering his troops to self-destruct. Sonic then plans to look for his double, but King Sonic arrives on the scene, personally attacking his counterpart. King Sonic saw the heroes arrive and plans to follow them through the portal to rule over their Mobius as well. Sonic is keen to wrap things up but is abruptly stopped by King Sonic's counter-attack. The ruthless leader also has the killer instinct, proving to be a formidable foe against the peace-loving Sonic. The pair battle it out for some time, the real Sonic not willing to take much more. Fortunately, the stressful encounter forces King Sonic to turn into Super Sonic. Being an opposite of the other Mobius' Super, King Sonic is now mellow and peaceful. Witnessing the fireworks shoot into the sky, he enjoys being this way and the Freedom Fighters suggest that Tekno the Canary could find a way to keep them there. With things sorted, Amy and Sonic return home to their own fireworks display.





  • The initial caption states it is "Bonfire Night" on Mobius, despite the Sun still being out.
  • Sonic states that it was "Robotnik" who became evil after the accident on his world. It was actually Kintobor, Robotnik being the side-product of this evil.

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  • Graphic Zone: The Graphic Zone features fan art from readers of the comics. This issue's theme is "Ace Art", simply featuring a collection of pictures starring the Sonic the Comic cast. Everything printed won a Sonic the Hedgehog watch.

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