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Sonic the Comic #167 is the one hundred sixty-seventh issue of the Sonic the Comic series published by Egmont Fleetway.


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At the Emerald Hill Zone, a gateway to another zone suddenly opened up. Sonic and Amy use this time to head inside the zone, with Tekno the Canary telling the two hedgehogs to bring back a stick or a rock from the zone. The two hedgehogs then find themselves inside the Superzone, where they are fascinated with the world being filled with superheroes. During this time, Muscleman walks up to the two hedgehogs, distracting the heroes until Sonic notices Part-Time Powers Man is falling from above, suddenly losing his flight powers. Sonic rescues him by performing the Sonic-Cyclone and while Part-Time Powers Man suggests to Sonic that they should head to the Super-Heroes Convention later that evening, Sonic passes. That evening, the Super-Heroes Convention is about to begin until Jacko Lantern and a group of unnamed villains arrive to fight Captain Ego and other super heroes. Sonic and Amy show up and notice that a meteor is approaching the Superzone quickly. Sonic breaks up the fight and tells the super-heroes to stop fighting and destroying the upcoming meteor. The super-heroes unfortunately cannot destroy the meteor because they're scared of heights. Jacko Lantern then wishes that Meteor Destruction Man was there, since he usually comes up with meteor doomsday plots. Sonic and Amy realize that Meteor Destruction Man is the culprit behind this and runs toward a building with a giant magnet on the roof, indicating that Meteor Destruction Man is inside. Sure enough, Meteor Destruction Man is inside, and Sonic and Amy stop the meteor from heading towards Superzone. Meteor Destruction Man's plan was to have all of the super-heroes and super-villains meet at the convention and fight while he would bring the meteor to the planet. With Meteor Destruction Man subdued, Sonic and Amy head off back home.




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  • Graphic Zone: The Graphic Zone features fan art from readers of the comics. The theme of this issue is "Memories of Summer" featuring art of Sonic and co. enjoying the summer and more. Winners of the published pictures each won a Sonic the Hedgehog digital watch.
  • Competition to win "Science FX" games.


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