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Sonic the Comic #165 is the one hundred sixty-fifth issue of the Sonic the Comic series published by Egmont Fleetway.


Featured stories

Worlds Collide, Part 2


With everything in place on Shanazar for Dr. Robotnik to merge Mobius and Shanazar with his Dimension Blender so he can take over the unified world in the chaos, Robotnik announces to Sonic and Amy that he confident that he will not be affected by the worlds merging, thanks to a magic gem of his own that will protect him from harm. Sonic is blasted to one side by Grimer before he can make a move, but Princess Kupacious remains, and is very angry. Just as Robotnik activates the Dimension Blender, Kupacious grabs the gem with her tongue. As all of the assembled begin to feel the machine's effects, Robotnik is unable to find the gem, and the worlds begin to merge.

A short time later, Shanazar's Zones have been added to a redesigned Mobius, and Sonic and Amy find themselves back home in the Emerald Hill Zone. All is well, but Robotnik is right behind them and very angry. The dictator tries attacking the blue blur, but Sonic effortlessly dodges all his attacks and knocks him down. As the Freedom Fighters arrive, Robotnik aims one last threat at Sonic, promising him he will never rest until he is finished, but Amy tells him he is wrong. Amy tells Robotnik that he could be a good and kind ruler, but he chooses to be evil, which is why his plans are always doomed to fail. Amy then finishes off by telling Robotnik that Sonic is not his greatest enemy: it is himself, something which leaves Robotnik with a shocked realization. Grimer leads his despondent master away and a party celebrating Sonic and Amy's return begins. Once the celebration's over, Tekno reveals that in addition to access to the Zones of Shanazar, the heroes can access gateways leading to different periods and locations in Earth's history. Sonic is looking forward to the new adventures he will experience, and leads Amy off to explore the New Zones, as the story ends on Kupacious, still with the gem, lording it over a number of other frogs.




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Other features

  • Graphic Zone: The Graphic Zone features fan art from readers of the comics. The theme of this issue is "Summer", showing Sonic and friends having fun in the sun. Winners of the published pictures received a Sonic the Hedgehog mouse hat.
  • Captain Plunder pin-up by Nigel Kitching.
  • Photo Zone


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