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Sonic the Comic #141 is the one hundred forty-first issue of the Sonic the Comic series published by Egmont Fleetway.


Featured stories

Sonic - "The Haunted Zone"


Sonic and Tails have come to the Haunted Zone to experience a night at Halloween. Tails tells a story of how the Zone became haunted, but as night falls, Sonic loses control of his senses and surrenders to evil and a group of monsters. Before midnight is over, Tails manages to steal the Charm of Despair from Sonic's neck, stopping him from being dragged into the Underworld.




  • An editorial footnote in the story explained that an amulet is something that is worn to keep away evil, the opposite of the Charm of Despair's purpose in the story.
  • Sonic's eyes briefly turn green while he is wearing the Charm of Despair. They will turn green permanently in Sonic the Comic #175, "The Coming of Chaos!".

Amy - "Out of Time, Part 2"


Colonel Granite has built a time machine that enables him to conquer 1860s Kansas. With help from the area's Sheriff, Amy and Tekno the Canary push the humans home and use the machine to travel to Mobius. However, even though she destroys the machine afterwards, Granite still has the coordinates.




  • Colonel Granite keeps a copy of the coordinates of Mobius. He will use the coordinates to invade Mobius in Sonic the Comic #146 to #147, "Earth Attacks".

Tails - "Skeleton Crew"


In the Emerald Hill Zone, the Zone Leader tells Tails about the Skeleton Crew who rise from the pits of the Grim Dead Zone every fifty years. Suddenly, they're back, causing terror throughout the Zone. Tails lures them halfway across the planet, where they disappear at the midnight of another time zone.



Reprinted stories

Other features

  • Knuckles pin-up
  • Graphic Zone - Spooky Spree

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