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Sonic the Comic #134 is the one hundred thirty-fourth issue of the Sonic the Comic series published by Egmont Fleetway.


Featured stories

Sonic - "Back in the Special Zone"


In New Tek City in the Special Zone, an old married couple called Maude and Harold Mudd are bickering about whether Harold would like a cup of tea when suddenly Sonic the Hedgehog is sent crashing through their wall, followed immediately by a giant red dinosaur, Society Max, ridden by the senile Blockhead Bill. Sonic has no idea why Bill attacked him, or even who Bill is, but quickly leads Bill and the rampaging dinosaur away from the houses to stop people getting hurt. Harold and Maude watch them go. Moments later, the Chaotix Crew show up and Charmy asks if an enormous dinosaur has passed through (seemingly oblivious to the carnage - the Mudd house no longer even has walls!). Maude points the Crew in the right direction and they run off. Left alone together once again, Harold tells Maude that he would like a cup of tea after all.

Chaotix catch up to Sonic while he is hiding under a railway overpass (which Society Max is chomping between massive jaws), and Sonic accuses Vector of not meeting him when the Omni-Viewer dropped him off in the Special Zone. Vector explains that when they heard Blockhead Bill had turned up again they had to go looking for him. Sonic assumes he's one of the team's enemies, leading Mighty to reply: "Something like that..."

Vector assures Sonic that this is Chaotix's problem and that they will handle it, but they are all quickly despatched by Bill and the dinosaur. Sonic runs to the top of the overhead railway while Society Max is directly underneath, and calls down to attract the dinosaur's attention. Max quickly lifts his head to look for Sonic, only to crack his head on the bottom of the overpass. This takes the dinosaur out of the fight, and he is left clutching his head on the ground and muttering "Ow! Ow! Ow!" Sonic tries to take care of Blockhead Bill now that he doesn't have his dinosaur for support, but just when he's got Bill at his mercy he finds out that Bill is really Mighty's father.

Bill is an old crimefighter who has mistaken Sonic for his old enemy, the Crimson Cobra. When Mighty points out that he's really been fighting Sonic the Hedgehog, Bill tells him "Come off it, son, everyone knows Sonic the Hedgehog is blue with stream-lined spikes!" He eventually concedes that Sonic is "blue-ish" when Mighty presses him, but insists that his brother told him that the Crimson Cobra was back in town. "You don't have a brother," says Mighty. "That's just the mirror we bought for your room, remember?"

As they are talking, the giant dinosaur shrinks to an average-sized anthropomorphic lizard and his scales turn from red to orange. Bill reveals that the Mandrake Root is wearing off ("just when we have the Cobra where we wanted him!"), and the lizard immediately complains about he taste of "that infernal root". Mighty introduces him to Sonic as Society Max, Bill's business partner, and Max immediately demonstrates that he is polite and refined, happily shaking Sonic's hand.

Now that everything is tied up, Sonic wants to know why Vector brought Sonic to the Special Zone in the first place. Vector is happy to explain, but first they have to take care of the elderly couple whose house got trashed. "Well," says Vector, "I just hope out insurance covers damage by dinosaur!"





Amy - "Eternity Ring"


In the Snowcap Mountain Zone on Planet Mobius, Amy Rose and Tekno the Canary have come in search of strange energy readings (although Amy would rather be spending her Summer on a tropical beach). They are nearly caught in an avalanche but dive out of the way in time, then a pillar shoots icicles at them until Amy destroys it with her crossbow. Amy recalls that this part of the Zone is famous for its "strange goings on", to the extent that even the locals keep away. Suddenly a gigantic feline creature appears in front of them, ordering them to leave, but when Amy notices it doesn't leave tracks she realises that it is incorporeal ("A ghost, according to legends!") and they can walk right through it.

Tekno's scanner starts going wild, and they think the energy source must be close, but before they find it the ground gives way under Amy's feet and she nearly falls into a chasm. Tekno manages to pull her back up.

At last they are greeted by the energy source, a giant ring called the Ring of Eternity, who says they have passed its tests of strength and courage. A construction of ancient science and magic, the Ring of Eternity claims that it is the spirit of Planet Mobius, as well as a doorway to all known worlds (since Mobius itself is an important centre-point between dimensions). The Ring offers to send Amy and Tekno across space and time to other planets that need their help. They decide to go for it!




Double Sonic - "Hyper Sonic"


Sonic the Hedgehog bursts into the base to disrupt the world domination plans of a group of D.R.A.T. agents, only to find that he's too late. They have already launched two missiles in opposite directions, one targeted at the Hill Top Zone and the other at the Metropolis Zone. Those impact sites are miles apart, so Sonic is forced to run like never before to catch them.

In the Hill Top Zone, Sonic creates a mini tornado to redirect the missile into space, out of harm's way. They he instantly speeds towards Metropolis. With no time to try the same trick, he is forced to contain the blast in a cocoon of speed, causing it to implode.

Sonic is successful and the day is saved, but something else has gone wrong: the clocks are all standing still and nobody is moving. He wonders if some mad professor has been messing with time travel and checks the newspapers, only for the paper to disintegrate as soon as he touches it. Suddenly, Sonic notices the clock move on a second, and therefore time is passing, but very slowly. Sonic realises that he is the one who changed, and that by pushing himself beyond the limit he started moving so fast that everything else seems to be at a standstill. The newspaper fell apart because he turned the pages so quickly. Determined to find a way to relax, he ducks into a Cyber Café.

Some time later, Tails finds Sonic sleeping in front of a computer screen. Sonic explains that he needed to wind down so he went to the most boring web page he could find: the Trainspotter's Web Page! Tails thinks that Sonic has made a speedy recovery anyway. Sonic replies "You don't know the half of it, buddy!"



Reprinted stories

Other features

  • Control Zone
  • Graphic Zone - Heatwave
  • Speedlines


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