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Sonic the Comic #133 is the one hundred thirty-third issue of the Sonic the Comic series published by Egmont Fleetway.


  • Editor: Deborah Tate
  • Designer: Gary Knight
  • Managing Editor: Steve MacManus
  • Production: Sarah Colley
  • Product Buyers: Jane Ballard/Debbie Plummer
  • Marketing Manager: Douglas Pocock

Featured stories

Sonic - "Sun-Trap"


In the Casino Night Zone, Max Gamble has a new scheme to make money by selling holidays on Flickies' Island. The would-be tourists are initially skeptical, since Flickies' Island is Robotnik's hideout, but they are convinced when Gamble explains that Robotnik hasn't been on the island since Sonic defeated him.

A few days later, the tourists arrive on Flickies' Island by yacht. They are surprised that Max hasn't shown up as their tour guide, but decide to go exploring without him. In the jungle, some of the tourists start to become uneasy, feeling that they are being watched. As the others brush off their concerns, the group is suddenly attacked by a rampaging robot gorilla!

At Tekno's workshop in the Emerald Hill Zone, Tekno discovers Max Gamble's scheme while compiling a database of the gang's old enemies. Sonic knows that even without Robotnik, Flickies' Island is dangerous, so he and Tails rush to the Tornado to save the tourists.

Back on Flickies' Island, the tourists are running for their lives from the robot gorilla, realising that it is one of Robotnik's remaining automatic defences. One tourist trips yet another defence and plumments into a deep hole in the ground, but she is caught and carried to safety by Tails, while Sonic destroys the robot gorilla.

Sonic asks how the tourists could be stupid enough to buy a holiday from Max Gamble, when yet another automatic defence pops out of the ground: a gun turret! Tails guides the tourists back to the beach while Sonic draws its fire. At last, Sonic has had enough and decides to use his super speed to disable all of the island's defences right now! Tails isn't sure even Sonic is fast enough for that... but is proved wrong in a matter of seconds as Sonic whips around the island, and piles up the remaining weaponry. Now all that's left is to get the tourists back home.

In the Casino Night Zone, Max Gamble takes great pleasure in carrying around the huge pile of money (in a wheelbarrow) that he conned out of the tourists. Sonic arrives, saying that Gamble owes all the tourists a refund, but Max points out that they paid their money and took their chances - by law he doesn't have to refund them if he doesn't want to. Once again, Sonic has had enough, and zooms away at great speed... causing a great air draft to blow the money into the air, allowing the happy tourists to take back their money. This leaves Max penniless and stressed out... so Sonic suggests he should take a holiday.




Amy - "Following Suit"


Monday morning in the business sector of the Metropolis Zone, crowds of commuting businessmen and -women shuffle into word. They enjoy the strict routine of the nine to five working day, particularly keeping schedules and ticking to timetables. Suddenly, the orderly commute is interrupted when one businesswoman hurls a brick through a window and grabs an armload of jewelry. As she runs off, she begs people to stop her because she can't help herself. In fact, all of the other businessmen start stealing things as well! Even the bank manager robs his own bank!

In a nearby burger bar, Amy Rose and Tekno the Canary hear the commotion and start tackling the thieves... all of whom thanks the two heroes for stopping them. Once tied up, the businessmen claim that something was forcing them to commit crimes, and Tekno soon figures out what: there are microchips with artificial intelligence sewn into the fabric of their suits! Their clothes made them steal.

Soon, the businessmen have all been stripped of their clothes, and the police have been called (although they've never had to arrest suits before). It starts raining, and all of the suits short-circuit. They not have caught all the suits yet, but Amy has a plan...

The next day, a toucan pushes a wheelbarrow full of money into a warehouse belonging to the man responsible for this crimewave: Alf Garment, the evil tailor! No sooner has he revealed his guilt than Amy and Tekno jump out of the wheelbarrow with waterpistols and start soaking all of the suits, short-circuiting them. Garment claims he knew it was a mistake to make the material dry clean only, but before he can escape to weave more fabric he is apprehended by Amy and arrested.



  • Amy Rose
  • Tekno the Canary
  • Alf Garment (First appearance)
  • Metropolis Zone businessmen:
    • Carruthers (Only appearance)
    • Bank Manager moose
    • Orange-furred monkey in suit with umbrella
    • Ostrich woman
    • Fish with red bowler hat
    • Hippopotamus with pink lipstick
    • Derek Wombat (Cameo)
    • Toucan in blue checked suit
    • Newt in purple bowler hat
    • Grumpy gazelle
    • Whistling rhino with moustache
    • Deer bank teller in red blazer
    • Peacock with bowtie
    • Greyhound
    • Many others
  • Fly burger bar patron
  • Penguin police officers



  • Alf Garment is named after the British TV character Alf Garnett and the word garment, meaning an item of clothing.
  • In this story, Amy is wearing a yellow T-shirt with a red 'A' printed on it in the middle of a pink circle.

Double Sonic - "Football Lazy"


It's Mobius Cup Final day, Shinpadzio vs the Reds, and the football fans are making their way to the stadium praising their favourite teams. In the locker room, however, Shinpadzio manager Ronnie Dribble doubts his team's chances. As they sit around scoffing burgers, chips and doughnuts, he says they've become "unhealthy, lazy slobs" since the team's last win (although the players think much the same about him).

Dribble tries to convince Sonic to play on their team, but Sonic refuses since the other team wouldn't have a chance. Dribble accuses Sonic of taking the other team's side, but despite Sonic's claims to only support fair play, Dribble zaps Sonic with a device and traps him in a Megatel-enforced cell. The device downloaded a copy of Sonic's skills, which Dribble gives to his players. They immediately feel supercharged!

Both team take to the field, but at the kick off it is clear that the Shinpadzio team's new powers aren't helping. One player runs after the ball and finds that he's run offside... about ten thousand miles offside, in a frozen, faraway zone! Another player tries a Super Spin Header, only to miss the ball entirely and plow headlong into the turf. Yet more players simply collide with each other on the pitch.

Dribble is horrified and tries to get away before the fans catch him... but it's Sonic, not the fans, who catches up to him first. Sonic was able to tunnel out of the cell through the floor, and quickly stops Dribble. Sonic explains that his powers are no good without the cool to control them, and that you can't copy natural ability. The players show up, the skills having worn off. In the end, Shinpadzio lost 22-0. The club's Chairman prosecutes Dribble for bringing the game into disrepute and the former manager is lead away by the police.



  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Ronnie Dribble (Only appearance)
  • Shinpadzio players: (Only appearance)
    • Pig
    • White rabbit
    • Bear
    • Sheep
    • Black bird
    • Others
  • Reds players (Only appearance)
    • Bear
    • Goat goalie
    • Others
  • Fans
  • Football Chairman
  • Parrot police officer


  • In this story, the name of the metal Megatal is misspelled Megatel.
  • The story ends with "Full Time!" rather than the usual "The End!"

Reprinted stories

Other features

  • Control Zone
  • Pin-Up - Sonic
  • Graphic Zone - Goalden Moments
  • Speedlines


  • This issue was noticeably the first issue of the series to contain any reprinted material.