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Sonic the Broad Jump is an online Flash game released on Sonic Channel in 2005. It was accessible on the Sonic Channel website before it was later taken down.


The game is a 2D side-scrolling game in which Sonic is constantly running forwards on a stretch of flat land. The player can click and hold to make Sonic charge up a jump, and let go to perform said jump, the height gained from it being proportionate to when the jump was released. While in the air, the player can click again to perform multiple Jump Dashes. (Which the player can also charge up.) However, these can only be performed while the player is ascending, as attempting to do so while descending will have no effect. Upon landing back on the ground, the game ends. While the player is awarded score depending on how far they reached, it should be noted that the score will not start tallying up until the player jumps. The game also featured a leaderboard, where players could compete with each other nationwide.


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