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Sonic no Jigen Ressha (ソニックの時限列車[3] Sonikku no Jigen Ressha?, lit. "Sonic's Timed Train") is a mobile phone game released as part of the Sonic Cafe service offered by Sega.


Dr. Eggman has begun kidnapping Animals in order to rebuild Eggmanland.[1] Luckily, Tails found out and told Sonic, who has now infiltrated the end of the train that the doctor is using to transport the Animals on, which has been titled the Egg Liner (エッグライナー[1] Eggu Rainā?). He must then travel up through the various cars while the train is stopped.


The player controls Sonic, who has to reach the end of Eggman's transport train before the timer runs out. There are seven Zones featured in the game, each with a set amount of areas in which the player must travel through to reach the engine of the train..

Before an area begins, a Warning (警告[4] Keikoku?) screen is displayed. This shows the player the minimum car number to board, along with how many areas are in the given Zone. Sonic will then exit the train and be in a long, vertical area. With the train stopped on either the left or right side, the player will pass many numbered doors. The goal is to reach the train car specific in the Warning. However, this cannot be done in one run, and by entering an earlier car, the train will depart to the next area. The train stops in various of these areas, each of which has a timer until the train will depart.

Once the timer has just fifteen seconds remaining, the train's doors will open and the player can walk through. If they board a train car that is higher in number than the goal, a trio of Troublesome Robos (お邪魔ロボ[4] Ojama Robo?) will also enter the car. Between each area is a small loading portion, from which the doors on one side of the train car of will open and the player will be free to proceed. If these Robos are present, there is a chance that they will be blocking said exit. If this happens, the player will be forced to wait until the Robos leave.

To clear an area, the train must be entered before the timer at the top of the screen runs out, while also keeping in mind that they must reach the required car before running out of areas. If the Zone features a checkpoint, called "Alert Areas," then the specific car must be accessed before the train reaches it, as it will give the player a new goal.

By clearing an area, all train cars behind the one that Sonic entered will detach and free a specific Animal, such as Deer or Seals. After reaching the end of the Zone, Sonic will automatically enter the train engine, which will promptly depart. After a few seconds, Sonic will jump from the opposite door that he entered and the train car will begin to explode.

If Sonic comes into contact with an enemy, he will become temporarily stunned. Each Ring that the player is in possession of can lower the time spent in this state, though all Rings are lost. By using the Spin Dash, the player can destroy both enemies and objects that are in the way.

Missing the train by running out of time will result in the player loosing a life, forcing them to restart from the beginning of the previous area (ex. if the player fails in area 4, they will start again in area 3). If the player has run out of lives, they will get a Game Over and loose all progress made in the current Zone, meaning they will start from the first area.

Scoring system

  • Stumps/Pillars/Other set objects: 50
  • Enemies: 50
  • Every second or so: 10[note 1]

End of area tally

  • Time Bonus:
    • >14:00: 15000
    • 13:00-13:99: 14000
    • 12:00-12:99: 13000
    • 11:00-11:99: 12000
    • 5:00-9:99: 5000
    • <4:99: 0
  • Ring Bonus: 50 points per Ring
  • Separate Bonus
    • 2: 2500
    • 3: 3000
    • 4: 3500
    • 5: 4000
    • 6: 4500
    • 7: 6000
    • 8: 10000
    • 9: 12000
    • 11: 20000
    • 12: 30000


Button formation[3] Movement
[↑] Move forward
[←]/[→] Move left/right
[↓] Stop
[Enter]/[↑] while moving Dash
[Enter]/[↑] while dashing Spin Dash



Gimmicks and obstacles


Playable characters

Non-playable characters


No. Zone Total cars Areas Animals
1. Wind Hill Line A 25
  • Area 1: 35:00
  • Area 2: 30:00
  • Area 3: 35:00
2. Wind Hill Line B 40
  • Area 1: 35:00
  • Area 2: 30:00
  • Area 3: 30:00
  • Area 4: 30:00
  • Area 5: ??
3. Ivory Line A 45
  • Area 1: 25:00
  • Area 2: 35:00
  • Area 3: 30:00
  • Area 4: 30:00
  • Area 5: 30:00
4. Ivory Line B 60
  • Area 1: 30:00
  • Area 2: 30:00
  • Area 3: 35:00
  • Area 4: 35:00
  • Area 5: 30:00
  • Area 6: 20:00
  • Area 7: 25:00
5. Candy Park Line 90
  • Area 1: 35:00
  • Area 2: 25:00
  • Area 3: 30:00
  • Area 4: 25:00
  • Area 5: 30:00
  • Area 6: 35:00
  • Area 7: 25:00
  • Area 8: 25:00
  • Area 9: 25:00
  • Area 10: 35:00
  • Area 11: 30:00
  • Area 12: 25:00
6. ?? ?? ?? ??
7. ?? ?? ?? ??


Sonic no Jigen Ressha features various game modes, including the following:[3]

  • GAME START: Starts the game from the beginning or, if the game has already been beaten, takes the player to a Zone select screen.
  • PRACTICE: The gameplay here is the same as the standard game, just featuring instructions and tips on how the game works while playing.
  • HELP: Shows the player instructions on how to play the game.
  • RANKING: Displays the online leaderboards for the game. There are separate high-score lists for all seven areas, along with one for the total combined score.






  1. This is seemingly random, with it sometimes even giving 50 points. Also, no points are awarded when Sonic is stunned.


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