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"Sonic is Running" title screen

"Sonic is Running" is the sixty-third episode of the series Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. This episode features many recurring characters such as Bert Whoo, Roxy, Mama Robotnik and Wes Weasely.

This episode was written by Doug Molitar.



Sonic's Costumes

  • A Construction Worker
  • A Woman
  • A Politician
  • A Dentist


Mama Robotnik returns to the hilltop fortress to make her reluctant son run for president of Mobius. After posting numerous posters all over Mobius (all of which are vandalized by Sonic), Robotnik bribes Wes Weasley into being his campaign manager. Despite the heavy advertising campaign, Robotnik's opponent, Henry Walrus, is ahead of Robotnik by a landslide in terms of approval rating. With this, Wes suggests that they give Robotnik a new "family man" image, starting with making a robotic wife and dog. The television advertisement that is aired later that day hypnotises the townsfolk with "Hypnovision" (subliminal images of a spiral that only Sonic can see), causing them to lash out at anyone who speaks ill of Robotnik. This forces Sonic to run for president himself.

Sonic's "campaign" starts with editing propaganda tapes as to make Robotnik look bad. The next day, Sonic tricks Robotnik into eating such things as an old cigar butt, a used coffee filter, a piece of blown tire, and an old bicycle seat that smells of fish head. Robotnik's terrible reaction causes the hypnosis to wear off. A collapsing bridge at a bridge opening doesn't help his approval rating either. When Sonic tricks Robotnik's robotic wife into believing that Robotnik is cheating on her, Sonic publically accuses Robotnik of ducking the issue of his family life, and both hold a debate in Robotnik's front yard, which Scratch and Grounder attempting to eliminate Sonic during that time. Robotnik eventually makes himself look bad in front of Mobius, making Sonic the president of Mobius, a position from which Sonic resigns, leaving Henry Walrus to be president once more.

Sonic Sez

Tails has a cavity. Tails tells kids to brush and floss and see the dentist regularly.



  • The "Hypnovision" is a form of subliminal advertising.

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