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Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic and the Tales of Terror

Sonic and the Tales of Terror[1] is a paperback book for 7-10 year olds published by Penguin Young Readers Licenses. It contains three original stories.

Official solicitation

EEEEEEEEEEK! Take a walk on the weird side with the most spine-tingling Sonic the Hedgehog adventures ever!
In three tales, the fastest hero alive encounters some of the spookiest threats Dr. Eggman has ever unleashed, including zombified friends, midnight transformations, and mischievous ghosts.
Based on the popular characters in the Sega game Sonic the Hedgehog, these terrifying stories featuring an iconic digital hero will thrill both longtime players and a new generation of Sonic fans!

Featured stories

Night of the Unliving


Tails, Big, Amy, Cream, and Cheese encounter a strange saucer-like machine in a glade which speaks to them in an eerie voice to submit. With the timely arrival of Sonic the Hedgehog, the heroes destroy the saucer, only for it to spill strange green slime all over Team Rose. All that remains of the machine is a tall spire and a meteorite pulsing with green light and slime. Tails recommend they contact a medical team to get them decontaminated while Sonic speeds off to find more action.

The next day, Sonic runs through town and finds it eerily quiet. He notices Cream and Cheese in front of their working on a piece of sheet metal. When Sonic asks what they are doing, Cream replies that they are "building the spear". Once he sees Cream surprisingly use an uncharacteristic amount of strength to pull the metal apart, he denies the rabbit's request to join him and speeds off. Sonic reaches Amy's house next, where the pink hedgehog is examining a bunch of maps; marking city streets and country borders. Amy sneezes out green slime and encourages Sonic to touch it. Creeped out, Sonic races away.

Sonic deduces that the crashed saucer must have something to with his friends' strange behavior and he speeds towards it, only to encounter Big, whose eyes have been turned a bright green and slime leaks from them. He attacks Sonic and tells him to submit. Sonic immediately rushes off and dashes for Tails' Lab, hoping that Tails will help him cure Team Rose. He informs Tails of the situation, and the fox cub says the medical team checked the entire site but found no trace of any organic virus. However, he has obtained part of the meteorite to perform some tests on it.

Seeing this, a nervous Sonic asks Tails if he has touched it. Tails denies this, saying he took every precaution extracting it from the crash site. The only thing they can do is wait until he has completed the tests. Sonic looks out the lab's window to see the infected Cream flying through the streets and spreading the goo to many bystanders, infecting them as well. He tells Tails that if there is one thing he is bad at, it is waiting. Leaving Tails at the lab, Sonic races into the city to warn the citizens not to touch the slime, but he arrives too late. Most of the city has already been infected and have their eyes glowing green, tearing up anything made of metal and repeating the word "submit". Sonic realizes they must be building something and escapes the infected Team Rose, who try to infect him.

Sonic speeds back to the lab and makes it inside just as Tails locks the lab down, a measure he installed in case Dr. Eggman ever attacked. The diseased mob reaches the lab and scratch the sealed metal door while Tails begins to explain the meteorite to Sonic. He says it is not just a power source, but has a mind of its own and is neither living nor dead, but more like a computer. It has been traveling through space for thousands of years, using the saucer as a vessel. Tails compare it to a spear thrown into the sky that never came down, containing a program to take over everything it comes into contact with. Sonic asks how they can stop it.

Tails shows Sonic an amplifier he built, attuned to the meteorite and its unique frequency. He used it to communicate with the fragment he collected. When Sonic asks him to continue, Tails turns his attention to the meteorite, admiring its patience and telling Sonic he cannot begin to understand what it can do. It can communicate, by touch, transmission, and sight and once its frequency is amplified, then everyone will understand. While Tails starts scratching at the glass case, Sonic becomes horrified. When Tails used his amplifier to communicate with the meteorite, he had been infected.

Tails breaks the glass container, takes the meteorite and lifts the lockdown on the lab, allowing the infected mob to swarm in. In a panic, Sonic swipes Tails' amplifier- realizing the infected need it to complete their plan, and rushes out of the lab through an open window and into the dark night. He worriedly asks what he is supposed to do next, when he notices a memo written by Tails attached to the amplifier. Sonic reads the note, which gives him his next instructions.

At the crash site, the infected Tails, Team Rose, and the other citizens assemble to create a broadcast tower built from the metal objects they had taken. They plan to use the broadcast tower to send a signal to the planet the sentient slime originated from and call another meteor to the planet. Then, they will infect the entire world and make it submit. Just then, Sonic appears in the trees with the amplifier in hand. He lands in the crowd and allows himself to be infected by the mob, who lead him to the tower. Big lifts him Sonic up while he struggles with the last of his free will and attaches the amplifier to the tower. With a final apology, he activates the amplifier and his vision erupts in fire.

Sonic comes to in a hospital bed where his hands are wrapped in gauze. Amy, Tails, Cream, Cheese, and Big surround him, all of them now cured. Tails explains that overriding the amplifier created a feedback loop that overwhelmed the meteorite, destroyed the tower, neutralized the slime and burned its "programming" from everyone it had infected. The amplifier had caught fire and was destroyed in Sonic's hands, leaving them burned. Big tells him that he will make a full recovery, but it will take time and patience. Sonic collapses in the bed with a groan and says if there is one thing he is bad at, it is waiting.



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  • The title of this story is a reference to the title of the 1968 American independent horror film, Night of the Living Dead.

Spook Forest


Team Sonic and the Chaotix are spending the weekend camping in an ancient forest. Over a campfire, Sonic finishes up his scary story of a disembodied hand and the guys debate over which story was more frightening: Espio's tale of an invisible truck driver or Vector's story of a mummy DJ. An unimpressed Knuckles calls them out and denies the existence of supernatural creatures like ghost. Sonic tries to lighten the mood, teasing that the echidna is just scared. Knuckles gets angry at this and storms off into the forest.

Knuckles lets out his anger on the trees by punching them down. Suddenly, he hears some cracking noises and sees the trees falling to the forest floor. Next, he notices a mechanical tail, which could only mean one thing: Eggman is here, and he is making his way towards the campsite. Knuckles chases after the machine as more of the forest is torn apart around him. Just then, a tree larger than all the rest sprouts from the ground and reaches higher than the other trees. He keeps chasing after Eggman, but suddenly the ground gives way beneath him and he falls.

Back at the campsite, Sonic and Tails talk about Knuckles. Sonic admits he feels guilty, saying the whole point of the camping trip was to build their friendship. Tails assures Sonic that Knuckles will return, and that he just needs time to himself. Suddenly, the heroes hear the sound of trees being ripped from the ground and feel vibrations in the earth, which wake up Espio and Charmy. Vector remains asleep at first due to his noise-cancelling headphones until he is startled awake by the heroes. Charmy asks if this is the work of a ghost, and Sonic answers that it is more likely a ghoul named Eggman. The mad doctor appears right underneath the campfire, piloting a massive Egg Dragoon and surprised-yet-delighted to see Sonic here. He says that he plans to tear the forest down to make room for a new robot factory, but that now that Sonic is here, he will bury him. Sonic stands ready to face the mad doctor with Tails and the Chaotix by his side. The Egg Dragoon uses the fallen the trees as weapons against the heroes, throwing them and using them like clubs.

Meanwhile, Knuckles digs his way into an underground tunnel, where he encounters a strange spirit seemingly in pain. Manipulating the earth to capture the echidna, the spirit takes him to its queen and other apparitions like it. With the forest in danger, they are in pain with every tree that is torn out from the ground. Knuckles tells them Eggman is behind it, and that he is the one they want. The queen shows Knuckles visions of what they are: spirits of the woods that have been long forgotten by man that are slowly dying. The giant tree, the heart of the forest, grows weaker and weaker. The queen agrees with the echidna about Eggman, but accuses Knuckles that he has been destroying the trees of the forest himself for years to release his anger. Eggman has just accelerated the long, slow, agonizing end of the spirits. Knuckles apologizes and offers his help to the spirits.

The heroes continue to fight Eggman, but they have little success. Everyone notices the giant tree off in the distance and Eggman goes to destroy that next. Before he can, the earth opens up and Knuckles emerges with the spirits. The spirits swarm Eggman in a fury, who tries to flee the Egg Dragoon in panic. He slips and falls during his escape, but a tree branch snags him and flings him off into the distance. After Knuckles thanks the spirits and vows to keep fighting, they leave for the giant tree. Tails says that this could make a good ghost story while Sonic and Knuckles inspect the giant tree for damage.

The echidna tells Sonic that he wishes he felt what he did when he met the queen and that this world must be saved from extinction. Sonic replies that if he did not know Knuckles that well, he would say he was scared. Knuckles just says that he is not scared: he's haunted.



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Hunt of the Werehog


When the forces of Dark Gaia return, Sonic, who has regained his Werehog powers, must work with Tails to defeat them but will not let Amy help.



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