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Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic and the Secret Scrolls (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "Sonic and the Secret Scrolls".

[Scene: The Great Forest]

[Sonic is dashing along in a clearing. Ahead of him, he sees Bunnie Rabbot and Tails trying to flag him down. In a panic, he tries to slow down and stops right in front of the two.]
Sonic: Whoa! What's up, guys?
Tails: We have a surprise for you, Sonic.
[Tails takes out a handkerchief and walks over to Sonic, covering his eyes with it.]
Sonic: Cool! I love surprises.
Bunnie: That's good cuz this one's gonna put you right up on cloud nine, sugar-hog.
[Bunnie giggles as Tails helps lead the blindfolded Sonic away.]

[Scene Change: Great Forest]

[Sonic is still being led along by Bunnie and Tails. Sonic grows impatient.]
Sonic: Are we there yet? I hate going this slow. Boring!
Bunnie: Almost there, sugar.
[They pass through a long grass bush.]
Tails: We're here, Sonic.
Sonic: So what's the big surprise?
[Tails takes off the handkerchief.]
Knothole Freedom Fighters: Ta-da!
[Sonic looks on as he sees Antoine, Sally Acorn and Rotor standing near a large propeller plane.]
Sonic: Oh. Where’d that come from?
[Sonic walks over to take a closer look. Tails and Bunnie join the others.]
Rotor: We built it from scratch.
Tails: Sonic, isn't it past cool?
Antoine: Yes, yes; way past cruel.
[Sonic is still surprised at the sight of the plane.]
Sally: We call it the Freedom Stormer.
Sonic: [Becomes confused] Huh? It's...really great.
Sally: We're flying it to Maga to look for the Secret Scrollss.
Sonic: [Sonic scratches his head] What's a "Maga"?
Sally: It's an ancient city hidden deep in the Great Mountains.
Sonic: So, um, what's a secret scroll?
Sally: My father told me the scrolls had great powers, but that no one has been able to find them.
Sonic: Sure. That's why they're called "secret" scrolls.
Sally: Well, I think we can find them.
Sonic: And you're gonna fly there in that air jalopy?
Sally: You can only see Maga from the air...and it's not a jalopy.
[Sally takes out NICOLE, opening the device up.]
Sally: Nicole, boot up the map of Maga.
Nicole: [Beeps, activating, many buttons lighting up] Accessing, Sally...
[NICOLE emits a spherical holographic display, showing the Great Mountains. It puts a red dot on one of the central mountains with buildings on it.]
Sally: This is Maga. I really researched this and found these markers. They'll lead us straight to the temple where the scrolls are.
Sonic: [Remains unconvinced] Plan won't fly, Sal.
Sally: Yes, it will.
Sonic: No way.
Sally: It will!
Sonic: Won't.
Sally: Will!
Sonic: Won't!
Sally: Stop that, and give me one good reason.
Sonic: Because you'll be a sitting duck for the Stealth Bombers.
Sally: We can fly at night.
Sonic: Robotnik's radar will pick you up in a Sonic second.
[Sonic flicks his fingers, frustrating Sally who intends to win the fight.]
Sally: We can fly low, under the radar.
Sonic: I don't like it. I'm not going. And I don't think you should go either.
Sally: Sonic, we can use the scrolls' power against Robotnik. We are going. With or without you.
Sonic: [Frustrated] Okay, okay. I'll go. But I'm using the ol' ground transportation. I'll follow you.
[Sally rolls her eyes, despite having won her battle.]

[Scene change: night]

[The Freedom Fighters are preparing to launch the Freedom Stormer, with Rotor at the helm. He grabs the steering and presses a button to start the plane up. Sally is sitting beside Rotor while Bunnie and Antoine are in the back seat.]
Rotor: Right rudder.
[The right rudder moves up and down.]
Sally: Check.
Rotor: Left rudder.
[The left rudder moves. Sonic, standing on the ground near the plane, watches.]
Sally: Check.
[Antoine looks around, then out the window, nervously.]
Bunnie: Antoine, tell me the truth; are you all afraid of flying?
Antoine: Moi? [Lies unconvincingly] Uh, I am a-scared of abso-toot-ly not one thing.
[Outside, Sonic gives Rotor a thumbs up.]
Rotor: Turn us loose, Sonic!
Sonic: Roger.
[Sonic runs over to a nearby tree, which has a rope tied to it holding the plane in place. He unties the rope and runs back to the plane, removing the blocks holding the wheels in place. As soon as he removes them, the plane starts to take off.]
Sonic: Good luck!
[The plane rolls down a hill in a very rickety manner, the tires hitting many bumps along the way. Inside, Antoine holds anxiously to the front seat with his eyes closed.]
Antoine: Magnifique! I love to fly so much like the birds and the bees. [Screams]
[The plane goes over a cliffside and falls down slightly, then begins to enter a downward glide, all the while with Antoine screaming.]
Sally: Rotor, what's wrong?
[Rotor is pulling on the throttle, but it isn't responding]
Rotor: Throttle's locked up! Gimmie a hand!
[Sally moves aside and tries to pull back on the throttle with Rotor, but it won't budge. The plane has now entered into a fall down a canyon.]
Sally: Come on, Rotor! Pull! Pull!
[They keep struggling, and eventually get the throttle to pull back, bringing the plane out of its fall and back into flight. They cheer in celebration while, nearby, Sonic is watching them with binoculars.]
Sally: Yes!
Sonic: Too close for the old comfort. Juice it loose time. [Charges up and runs off with a trail of fire to catch up to them]

[Scene Change: Great Mountains]

[The Freedom Stormer is in complete control by Rotor now and gliding along over the mountains. Sally looks at the holographic display of Maga.]
Antoine: Um, how far to Maga now, my Princess?
Sally: Maga should be right over this next mountain, Antoine. Oh, my...
[The group passes a couple of mountains and come upon one with a ton of rock structures on top of it. The group gasp in amazement.]
Antoine: Magnifique...
Sally: Oh; it's even more incredible than legend describes.
[They glide over the city as they move in closer to the ground. Antoine closes his eyes in fear.]
Bunnie: Woo-wee! Just look at that ground come rushing up to meet us. Looks like we're...
Antoine: [Covers his eyes] Bunnie! Will you please to be shutting up your own face?!
[They near the ground to stop, but the landing area ends at a cliffside.]
Rotor: Oh, man! We'll never stop this crate in time!
[The plane touches the ground, but speeds toward the cliffside. Antoine continues to scream nonstop.]
Sally, Bunnie and Rotor: Antoine, shut up!
[As they get closer to the cliff, the rope that held the plane earlier to the tree dangles behind. Sonic catches up to them and runs behind the plane as fast as he can to grab the rope. He grabs it and attempts to run the other way, but struggles from the weight and movement of the plane.]
Rotor: Hey, we're slowing down.
[The plane stops right at the edge of the cliff.]
Rotor: Aw, man. Too close.
Sally: I thought...oh, never mind what I thought.
Bunnie: [Covers her eyes with her hands] Can Bunnie open her eyes now?
Sally: Yep. It's okay. We're safe.
[Bunnie looks around. She does a sigh of relief and looks around.]
Bunnie: My, oh my. Look at all that solid ground, Antoine.
[Whimpering is heard.]
Bunnie: Antoine?
[Bunnie turns around to see Antoine cowering away, hiding his head under the seat. As everybody is out of the plane, Sonic runs up to them.]
Sonic: Everyone cool?
[Bunnie helps Antoine out of the plane. He stands on the wing, emotionally scared and shaking.]
Bunnie: Antoine, you all look a little on the greenish side.
Sonic: For Ant, that's normal.
Antoine: [Snaps out of his fear] I 'ave never feeling more fine in my entire day!
[A bout of nausea kicks in, and Antoine covers his mouth with his hands. His face goes green as he tries to hold his dinner in. He runs away to take care of business away from the others.]
Sonic: Well?
Sally: Well, what?
Sonic: Aren't you going to thank me?
Sally: For what?
Sonic: For saving ya.
Sally: Sonic, we were in the plane. If we had gone off the cliff, we would be flying.
Sonic: [Taps his foot while thinking] Hmm. Good point. But where would ya land?
Sally: [Thinks, but is stumped] Oh. Good point. Thank you, Sonic.
Sonic: For what?
Sally: [Exasperated] Oh... [Gets frustrated and walks off having lost this battle to Sonic]

[scene change: Maga]

[The group begin their journey through Maga, which is full of rock structures similar in style to that of Stonehenge. They stop at a spot and look at the sights in shock.]
Bunnie: That is truly amazin'.
Sonic: Yo, Sal. What's that? [Points to a large stone arrow against a rock cliff with words on it.]
Sally: The Arrow Stone. It marks the entrance to the ancient city.
[A large gust of wind can be heard that frightens Antoine. He goes between Sally and Sonic.]
Antoine: W-w-what is that sound?
Sonic: [Brings Antoine closer to him] I dunno, Ant. Maybe it's a...MONSTER!
Antoine: [Screams]
[Antoine jumps in fright and lands in the arms of Rotor. Meanwhile, Sally and Bunnie take a closer look at the lettering on the stone arrow.]
Bunnie: What's it say, Sally-girl?
Sally: I don't know. It's the ancient language of Mobius. [Takes out Nicole] Nicole, can you translate?
[The various symbols cycle through NICOLE's programming.]
Nicole: Translation...We do not see things as they are. We see things as WE are.
Antoine: Hmm. Well, I am shoeless.
Sonic: You mean "clueless", Ant.
[Sally looks over where the arrow is pointing, at a group of large hedges with a rock structure behind them.]
Sonic: Let's do it, Sal.
Sally: Okay. first we have to get through that hedge.
Sonic: That hedge? No prob. [Dashes toward it]
Sally: Careful, Sonic! Magan legends say the city is booby-trapped!
Sonic: [Stops at the hedge] Me? Trip a trap? I don't think so! Spin to win time!
[Sonic enters a Spin Dash and cuts through the hedge. The others follow his path. He cuts to the end and stops, waiting for the rest to catch up. They hear something and look back to see the hedge regenerate the damage caused by Sonic's Spin ash.]
[Bunnie and Sally gasp]
Antoine: What is this now?
Sally: That's incredible.
Sonic: How'd it do that?
[The wind returns.]
Antoine: This place is giving me some creepies.

[Scene change: Maga]

[The group walks pass the tall rock columns and approaches a huge stone wall.]
Bunnie: I bet the temple is on the other side of that wall.
Sally: I think you're right, Bunnie. It is.
Rotor: Cool. But how do we get over?
[Sally looks at a map of the area with Nicole.]
Sonic: What's next, Sal?
Sally: Well, we have to find the first marker, the Chair.
[The wind returns, scaring both Antoine and Bunnie. Sally turns off Nicole and listens.]
Sally: Strange. That sound is always right on schedule. [Looks at her watch as a fog moves in.] It sounds every 2.10 minutes.
[They cover their ears as debris starts flying around, with the wind speed increasing.]
Rotor: We gotta find shelter!
Sonic: Behind that pillar! Grab on!
Sonic: Hang tight!
Sonic: Yo, guys! Where did everybody go?!
Sally: Here we are, Sonic.
Sonic: Where? I can't see ya.
Sonic: Man, that is too weird. That shadow makes you invisible.
Antoine: I am still not liking this place too much.
Sally: Come on. We have a lot to do.

[Scene change: Maga]

[Sally scans a wall with an inscription with Nicole.]
Sally: Nicole, translate.
Nicole: Translation...What one cannot achieve in learning, one will achieve in the light of day.
Sonic: This stuff boggles the hedgehog mind.
Sally: It will become clear eventually. I hope.

[Scene change: Maga]

[Freedom Fighters are walking around the city]
Nicole: According to Maga’s history, each marker represents a test based on the ancient degrees of awareness--intelligence, spirit, and courage--in which only the worthy can succeed.
Bunnie: That's 3 degrees, but there's only 2 markers, right?
Sally: Right. It does boggle the mind.
Antoine: I am so tired, I could pop.
[Antoine flops down in front of a pillar]
Rotor: Sally, what are we looking for?
Sally: Something called the Chair.
Antoine: The bed sound too much nicer.
Sonic: What kind of chair?
Sally: I don't know.
[Sonic notices a light beam passing through a column and onto a stone chair]
Sonic: Yep. Definitely a chair.
Sonic: *Ssssst* Yeow! You are sizzlin', hedgehog!
Nicole: What one cannot achieve in learning, one will achieve in the light of day.
Sally: Just like the inscription. Good work, Sonic.
Sonic: So now what, Sal?
Sally: I think...we sit.
[The Freedom Fighters sit in the chair. After Sonic waits impatiently, the chair suddenly flies off, taking the group to a temple]
Bunnie: Oh mah stars! This must be the place!
Sally: It is. Come on!
[The Freedom Fighters enters the temple and finds two platforms with scrolls]
Rotor: Sal, why are there two scrolls?
Sally: One is a fake. If we approach the wrong platform, the temple will explode.
Antoine: Explode?! [Incoherent mumbling] Oh, no, no, no, no...
Sonic: Man, they sure don't make this easy.
Sally: Somewhere, there is an answer...
Bunnie: Hey, what about all those hieroglyphics Nicole's been translating?
Sally: Yes...Yes! The Arrow Stone. We each see things differently. That's it!
Rotor: It-it is?
Sally: Yes. We overcame the first obstacle, the Chair, with our intelligence.
Sonic: Thank you, thank you...
Bunnie: Then this is the second degree of awareness -- spirit.
Sonic: Yo, that's us -- the Freedom Fighters.
Rotor: Yeah, we're survivors!
[The group makes their choice]
Everyone: That's it!
Sally: Only one way to find out...
Sally: I can do this...
Antoine: I cannot see this...
Sonic: Sal?
Bunnie: What's it say, Sally-girl?
Sally: Nicole, translate.
Nicole: Accessing...The Secret Scrolls of Maga contained herein are the seven wonders of Mobius. Powerful, natural wonders, but dangerous if misused. *pauses*
Sonic: Nicole, we're waiting.
Nicole: The first wonder is the wind tunnel, called "the Breath of Mobius".
Rotor: Blowhole. That's where the big wind came from.
Sonic: That's cool. what's next?
Sally: Courage.
Sonic: Say what?
Sally: There are 3 degrees of awareness. The last test is courage. *gasps*
[Robotnik, Snivley and his Swat-bots emerge from a door]
Robotnik: Surprise!

[Scene change]

Robotnik: Give me the scrolls, Princess.
Sonic: That ain't gonna happen, Robuttnik. Snooze, ya loose.
Robotnik: As usual, you are making a serious mistake, hedgehog.
Sonic: Gimmie a Sonic second, Robuttnik.
Sonic: [Whispering] Sal, when I juice, you guys run for it.
Sally: Be careful, Sonic.
Robotnik: I'm waiting, hedgehog.
Sonic: Hey! That's my line! Listen, I'd like to hang with you 'botheads, but I gotta juice.
Robotnik: Get him!
[Sonic circles around Robotnik and his cohorts, creating a dust cover. The Freedom Fighters escape in the meantime. As the dust settles, Sonic is gone.]
Robotnik: Find that hedgehog!
Sonic: You called?
Robotnik: [Pulls out a ray gun] Well, rodent, this time it's just you and me.
Sonic: [Sarcastically] I know I'm thrilled.
Robotnik: Adieu, hedgehog...
[Robotnik fires at Sonic, who dodges him and circles around Robotnik and Snivley.]
Robotnik: Stand still you miserable hedgehog!
Sonic: [Yawns] I aim to please. How's this?
Robotnik: Perfect.
[Robotnik fires at Sonic, but Sonic dodges the shot.]
Sonic: Give it up, Robuttnik.
Robotnik: Snivley, launch the Stealth Orb.
Snivley: Yes, Sir.

[Sceene change: Passageway]

Antoine: There is something too scary about this place.
Sally: Relax. It's just the Breath of Mobius.
Bunnie: That's the first time we've heard the wind in the temple.
Rotor: You're right, Bunnie. Maybe we're close to finding a way out.
Sally: Come on. We'll follow the sound.
[Antoine screams at a spider and stumbles through a secret door.]
Sally: Are you okay, Antoine?
Antoine: Uh, oui. Yes, of course. I am half past cool.
Bunnie: Hey, you found the way out, Antoine.
Antoine: Eh, b-but natural. I am always knowing whatever I am doing.
Sally: Come on.

[Scene change: Maga]

[Sonic is running around Maga with a Stealth Orb on his tail]
Sonic: Look over there! Got ‘cha. Yes!
[The Stealth Orb catches up to Sonic]
Sonic: No way!
Robotnik: Ahh...the hedgehog cannot escape, Snivley.
Snivley: No, Sir.
Sonic: Yo, Sal! You in here? Sal? Where are...
Sally: [Interrupts] Here we are, Sonic.
Sonic: Robuttnik's got some mega-orb tracking me. I can't shake it
Sally: I have an idea. Nicole, boot up the Breath of Mobius diagram.
Nicole: Accessing, Sally...
Sally: The Breath of Mobius runs along this side of the ruins. Now the winds blow at a speed of 175 miles per hour...
Sonic: Yeah! That wind is a major blower. Glad I thought of it.
Sally: The alcove is connected to the wind tunnel. You can hide there, but you'll get hit by the winds.
Sonic: Moi? That ain't gonna happen. The hedgehog can outrun any wind.
[The Stealth Orb spots Sonic.]
Sonic: Listen up, Ro-butt-ski! The ol' evil eye here is pretty cool, but it will never catch the hedgehog!
Sally: Less than two minutes before the Breath of Mobius...
[Sonic arrives at the blowhole]
Sonic: You're really slippin' evil eye. Let's see a little slash 'n' dash; a little rip 'n' zip.
Sonic: Juice time!
Robotnik: Where is the hedgehog, Snivley?
Snivley: He-he seems to have disappeared, Sir.
[Sonic runs into the blowhole]
Robotnik: There he is! Now we have him.

[Scene change]

[Robotnik & his SWATbots surround the hole]
Robotnik: Look around, hedgehog. You're trapped. Do come out and spare us all this drama, won't you?
Sonic: I'm in here Robuttnik! Come and get me!
Robotnik: Send in the Stealth Orb.
Robotnik: Show yourself, pincushion! I'm tired of your monotonous games.
Sonic: Ten seconds to showtime.
Sally: Eight seconds...
Sonic: Come on, Robuttnik! What are you trying to do; bore me out of here?
Robotnik: Snivley, what is that sound?
Snivley: I don't know, Sir.
[A large gust of wind emerges from the blowhole, blowing Robotnik, Snivley and the Swat-bots into a canyon.]
Sonic: Root 'n' scoot time!
[Sonic pulls out a Power Ring and uses it to escape the blowhole while the wind is still blowing]
Sally: Sonic!
Sally: Are you okay, Sonic?
Sonic: Yeah, but Robotnik isn't. He's history.
Bunnie: Robotnik dead? I just can't believe it.
[The Freedom Fighters look into the canyon Robotnik fell into]
Sonic: Believe it...

[Scene change: Back at the Freedom Stormer]

Sonic: You have the scrolls, Sal?
Sally: Right here. Are you coming with us?
Sonic: On one condition.
Sally: I'm afraid to ask.
Sonic: Don't be afraid.
Sally: Okay, okay. What is the condition?
Sonic: I get to fly the plane.
Antoine: [Screams]

[Scene Change]

[The Freedom Stormer takes off, with Sonic behind the yoke.]
Sonic: Too cool!
Antoine: This is to be the end of my handsome self as I know it.
[Sonic pulls off some aerial stuns, much to the displeasure of his friends.]
Sally: I liked it better when Sonic traveled by sneakers.
Sonic: Yeehaw!
Sally, Rotor, Bunnie and Antoine: [Scrams]
[Back at the edge of the cliff, Robotnik and Snivley come crawling up.]
Robotnik: The hedgehog will pay dearly for this, Snivley. Mark my words.