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Not to be confused with the game, Sonic and the Secret Rings.

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Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic and the Secret of the Scrolls

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"Sonic and the Secret Scrolls" is the fourth episode of the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite airing as the fourth episode of the series during the show's original run, it was initially produced as the fifth episode of the series. It first aired on 9 October 1993.








While running through the Great Forest, Sonic the Hedgehog is stopped by Tails and Bunnie, who tell him that they have got a surprise for him, to which Sonic replies that he loves surprises. Tails proceeds to put a blindfold on Sonic before leading him towards a secret place. After a lengthy walk, Sonic brought to the secret place where his blindfold is taken off. He then sees the Freedom Stormer, a plane that the Knothole Freedom Fighters have build themselves. Sonic, however, is not impressed. Sally explains that that with this plane, they can fly to the ruined city of Maga in the Great Mountains and retrieve the Secret Scrolls from there. As Sonic wonders what the Secret Scrolls are, Sally explains that she learned about the scrolls from her father, who told her that that the scrolls contain great power. However, no one has been able to find them. Sonic skeptically replies that the scrolls are a secret for a reason, but Sally insists that they have a good shoot at finding them. As Sonic asks if they are going search for Maga in the wreck that is the Freedom Stormer, Sally explains that Maga can only be seen from the air. She then pulls out Nicole and has her display a holographic map of Maga. Sally then explains that she has studied this location extensively and has found the temple where the Secret Scrolls are located. Sonic does not like the plan however, and insists the Freedom Stormer will not be able to fly, prompting a childish argument with Sally. As Sally demands to know why her plan will not work, Sonic explains that they will be sitting ducks for the Stealth Bombers and that Dr. Robotnik's radar will pick them up. Sally, however, retorts that they can fly low and at night to avoid those dangers. Sally then insists that they are going, with or without Sonic. This makes Sonic agree to come along, although he insists that they can use the Freedom Stormer while he follows them on foot.

At night, Sally, Rotor, Antoine and Bunnie are getting ready to take off in the Freedom Stormer. Antoine is clearly nervous about flying, but does not admit it to Bunnie when she asks him about it. On Rotor's mark, Sonic unties the Freedom Stormer from the tree it is tied to and removes the blocks from the Freedom Stormer's wheels, leaving the plane to roll off the edge of a cliff. However, the Freedom Stormer will not fly, which Rotor discovers is due to the throttle being locked up, and begins to crash. Fortunately, Sally and Rotor manage to stabilize the Freedom Stormer's flight path together, and the Freedom Stormer gets back on course. Having watched the drama from afar with a pair of binoculars, Sonic runs off to join up with his friends.

The next day, the Freedom Fighters arrive at Maga, which leaves the heroes in awe. As the Freedom Stormer lands near the city however, Rotor realizes that they cannot bring their plane to a stop before they roll off a cliff. Fortunately, Sonic arrives in time to grab the rope draggling from the rear of the Freedom Stormer and use it to pull the Freedom Stormer to a stop in the last moment. The heroes get out of the Freedom Stormer, but Antoine is still shaky from the landing. Sally also gets into a brief argument with Sonic, who convinces her that without him, they would not have be able to land safely. After that, the Freedom Fighters begin their wandering through the ruins. Eventually, they come across the Arrow Stone that marks the entrance to the ancient city. Meanwhile, Antoine gets scared by the sound of the passing wind. Sonic proceeds to tease Antoine by telling him that the sound of the wind might be a monster. Horrified, Antoine jumps into the arms of Rotor. Meanwhile, Bunnie asks about what the words on the Arrow Stone says. In response, Sally has Nicole translate the words for them, which is written in the language of ancient Mobius. Seconds later, Nicole has the translation ready, which says "We do not see things as they are, we see things as we are". This confuses Antoine.

As the first step on their journey into the city, Sally says that they have to cross a hedge nearby. Sonic intents to break through it, but Sally warms him that legends say that Maga is boobytrapped. Unconcerned, Sonic uses his Super Spin to shred through the hedges, creating a tunnel for him and his friends to pass through. However, by the time they have gotten through to the other side, the hedges instant grow back again, sealing the tunnel Sonic made. Antoine then hears the wind again, which gives him the creepies. Later, the heroes come across a wall, on the other side of which the temple with the Secret Scrolls is. To get to the other side, Sally tells the heroes while looking at information from Nicole that they have to find the first marker: a chair. A moment later, the wind starts up again. Sally, however, notices that this time, the wind is following a schedule. To seek shelter from the increasingly strong wind, Sonic has everyone hold hands while he pulls them behind one of the nearby pillars. As soon as the heroes enter the shadow of the pillar however, they become invisible. Unable to see his friends, Sonic exists the shadow and calls out for his friends. It is then that Sally exists the shadow to meet Sonic and tell him about the properties of the shadow. Everyone else then leave, intending to continue their search.

The Freedom Fighters soon after come across another marker inscription on a wall, which Sally has Nicole translate. Shortly after, Nicole has the translation ready: "What one cannot achieve in learning, one will achieve in the light of day". Sonic does not understand the riddle, but Sally hopefully states that it will become clear eventually. As everyone continue their trek through the ruins, Nicole tells the story of Maga and reveals that each marker represents a test of based on the ancient degrees of awareness: intelligence, spirit and courage. Only those worthy can pass all the tests. Bunnie points out however, that they have only found two markers so far. Eventually, Antoine gets tired and plums down. Meanwhile, Rotor asks Sally what they are looking for. Sally reminds them that they are looking for a chair. As the Freedom Fighters ponder on what it could mean, Sonic notices a beam of sunlight shining down on a stone chair, which explains the previous marker's riddle. Sally then figures out that they all have to sit in the chair, which they do. After a couple of seconds, the chair is suddenly launched into the air, sending the heroes flying over the wall. The Knothole Freedom Fighters then find themselves in front of the temple.

Upon entering the temple, the heroes see that there are two plaforms with one scroll each. Sally explains that one of the scrolls is a fake, and if they approach the wrong plaform, the whole temple will explode, frightening Antoine. When both Sonic and Sally are at a loss at which platform to pick, Bunnie reminds them of the first riddle on the Arrow Stone. This makes Sally understand that they each of them perceive things differently. They managed to solve the first test with the chair because they were using their intelligence, which means that this must be the test of spirit. As the group acknowledges that they have lots of spirit since they are Freedom Fighters, they realize that the plaform on the left is the right one. As Sally approaches the plaform, the plaform starts to glow brightly for a while. As the light then fades, Sally retrieves two scrolls. After handing one scroll over to Bunnie, Sally has Nicole translate the contents of the other scroll. Nicole reveals that the scrolls contain records of the Seven Wonders of Mobius, which are powerful, natural wonders that are dangerous if misused. As Sonic starts to get impatient, Nicole shows them the first wonder of Mobius, which is a wind tunnel called the Breath of Mobius. Upon seeing this, Rotor realizes that the strong winds in Maga must be coming from that. As Sonic asks what is next, Sally reveals that that they now have to pass the test of courage since they have already passed the tests of awareness and spirit. Just as Sally finishes her sentence however, Dr. Robotnik appears in the temple with Snively and his Swat-Bots.

Robotnik demands that Sally hands over the Secret Scrolls, but Sonic refuses to let him have them. Sonic then whispers to Sally that he will divert Robotnik's attention and give her and the others a chance to escape. As Robotnik demands a response from Sonic, Sonic begins to tease the doctor before starting to circle around Robotnik and his henchmen, raising up a cloud of smoke and dust and giving his friends the opportunity to escape. As the dust settles, Robotnik orders his Swat-Bots to look for Sonic. Meanwhile, Sonic focuses his attention on Robotnik. Robotnik promptly tries to shoot Sonic with a laser gun, but Sonic is able to dodge Robotnik's shots without trouble. Eventually, Sonic runs out of the temple, but Robotnik orders Snively to deploy a Stealth Orb. Meanwhile, Sally, Antoine, Rotor and Bunnie are passing through the dark corridors under the temple where the Breath of Mobius is heard. As Bunnie points out that this is the first time they have heard the wind in the temple, Rotor theorizes that they must be close to finding a way out. As the group tries to follow the sound, Antoine gets frightened by a spider and rams into a wall, revealing a secret passage. As the group thanks Antoine, they head for the way out.

In the meantime, Sonic is running around Maga, trying to escape Robotnik's Stealth Orb. Although Sonic manages to trick and outmaneuver it, it keeps coming back to follow him, much to Robotnik's pleasement. As Sonic calls out for Sally, she and the others meet up with him. As Sonic explains how he is being pursued by the Stealth Orb, Sally comes up with an plan to shake it off. After unraveling one of the Secret Scrolls, Sally has Nicole show the Breath of Mobius' diagram. Sally tells Sonic that he can hide in the wind tunnel, from which the wind emerges from at incredible speeds at certain times. Although Sally notes that Sonic could get blown away, Sonic assures her that he can easily outrun any wind. As the Stealth Orb then returns, Sonic's friends hide behind a column while Sonic runs to the hole from which the Breath of Mobius' wind emerges. There, he hides behind one of the columns, making the Stealth Orb unable to locate him upon its arrival at the Breath of Mobius. Robotnik, Snively and the Swat-Bots arrive immediately after, unable to locate Sonic. It is by then that Sonic emerges from hiding and runs into the Breath of Mobius' wind tunnel. The villains promptly surround the entrance to the Breath of Mobius' wind tunnel and Robotnik orders Sonic to come out and surrender. Sonic, who has sought refuge inside a cranny in the wind tunnel's wall, refuses, however, so Robotnik has Snively sent the Stealth Orb into the wind tunnel. As the Stealth Orb searches the wind tunnel for Sonic, Sonic counts down to the emergence of the wind, as does Sally and the others, who are watching Robotnik and his henchmen from afar.

Eventually, the wind emerges, sending Robotnik, Snively and the Swat-Bots flying into the air and off a cliff. As Sonic is taken by the wind however, he pulls out a Power Ring, which he uses to run against the wind and stay on the cliff just as he is blown out of the wind tunnel. After this event, the Freedom Fighters assume Robotnik died from the from his fall and return to the Freedom Stormer. While Sonic agrees to ride the plane this time, he requests that he is piloting it. Although his friends do not like this idea, Sonic's request is fulfilled. However, Antonie still fears for his live as Sonic takes off. As they fly through the air, Sonic pulls off several aerial stunts, much to his own excitement and the fright of his friends. Meanwhile, Robotnik and Snively are revealed to have survived when they climb up from the cliff. Robotnik, however, promises Sonic that he will pay dearly for what he did.


Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Russian Соник и тайные свитки Sonic and the secret scrolls
Ukrainian Сонік і таємні сугуї Sonic and the Secret Scrolls