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This is a script for the cutscenes in Sonic and the Secret Rings.

The World of the Book

[House, evening.]

[Sonic is lying on a bed. He is asleep with a book covering his head.]
Sonic: ZZZ...
Shahra: Um...
Sonic: ZZZ...
Shahra: Hmph! Hey, wake up!
[Sonic wakes up and takes the book from his head.]
Sonic: Yaaaaawwn! Boy, is it that late already?
[Sonic goes to hold the clock but instead he holds a big ring.]
Sonic: What time is it? Huh?!
Shahra: You are the blue hedgehog.
[A female genie called Shahra comes from the ring. Sonic becomes surprised.]
Sonic: Ahh... what the...!
Shahra: Do not be alarmed! I am Shahra, the Genie of the Ring. know, like "Aladdin and the Magic Lamp"...? [holds the book]
Sonic: Don't think I've read that.
Shahra: What? You've got to be kidding me! It's the best story of all the Arabian Nights? Or at least the 2nd best... But that's the point. Please, look at this!
[Shahra shows Sonic the book. Sonic starts turning the pages.]
Sonic: Hey, the page is blank!
[Sonic gets an exclamation mark over his head.]
Shahra: Our world... The world of the Arabian Nights is vanishing.
[There are some Arabian characters in the book. They disappear.]
Sonic: Vanishing? But how?
Shahra: This is the work of an incredibly evil spirit... the Erazor Djinn.
Sonic: Erazor... Djinn?
Shahra: Yes. He used his evil magic to become even more powerful. He could not to bear to simply remain in the book any longer. And so he has begun to set the inscriptions free, absorbing the power of the book itself.
Sonic: The power of the book?
[Sonic appears with his shadow projected in the wall.]
Shahra: If our world ceases to exist, then not only will those stories be silenced forever, but the Erazor Djinn will then be unleashed into your world.
[Sonic's shadow changes to the shadow of the Erazor Djinn.]
Sonic: That definitely sounds like trouble. But, what do you want me to do?
Shahra: I want you to stop him... You must stop the Erazor Djinn. Only you, the blue hedgehog, can do it.
Sonic: Hmm. So, this guy needs someone to put him in his place, does he? I suppose I can help out with that. It might even be fun. But... this is all just something out of a storybook, right? How am I supposed to do anything about that?
Shahra: That's easy. You are my master, having called forth the Genie of the Ring. As such, I am able to grant your wishes. Simple wishes, at any rate. Bringing you into the world of the Arabian Nights is within my power.
Sonic: What?! Inside that book?
[Shahra transforms into a ring.]
Shahra: Now please, place the ring on your finger!
[Sonic places the Ring on his finger.]
Sonic: Like this?
[Sparks come from the ring.]
Sonic: OUCH! Hey, take it easy!
Shahra: My apologies, o Master. But now, the contract has been sealed.
Sonic: Contract?
Shahra: Yes. As Master of the ring, I am now bound to protect you. Now, rub the ring!
[Sonic rubs the ring.]
Sonic: Like... like this?
[Smoke appears. After it vanishes, Shahra appears.]
Shahra: "O Master of the ring, what is thy wish?"
Sonic: Achoo! Achoo! How about a handkerchief for starters! Make that a few!
[Sonic gets buried in handkerchiefs, leaving only his head out.]
Sonic: Thanks! You're a lifesaver. You see, I caught this cold, yesterday, and...
Shahra: Please, be serious!!
Sonic: Okay, okay. Thanks for the hankies, though.
Shahra: Oh, please, someone tell me that this isn't really happening...
Sonic: Alright... let's go! Take me to this world of the Arabian Nights!
Shahra: As you wish, Master!
Sonic: Quit it, will you! My name's Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog!
Shahra: Very well, then, Sonic. ...the Legendary Hedgehog. Here we go! Into the world of the Arabian Nights!
Sonic: OK!
[Shahra makes a magic carpet appear. Sonic boards it.]
Sonic: Now THIS is first-class! Here we go!!
[Sonic and Shahra enter the book. The book closes.]

Erazor Appears

[Lost Prologue.]

[Sonic and Shahra are running in Lost Prologue.]
Sonic: Okay, so who's this guy who's trying to make the world disappear again?
Shahra: You mean the Erazor Djinn?
Sonic: Yeah, that's right. Can you take me to him?
[Purple lights appear in front of Sonic and Shahra.]
Shahra: There is no need.
Sonic: Whaddya mean?
Shahra: He's here!!
[Sonic gets an exclamation mark over his head, since some purple circles appear. From those circles appears the Erazor Djinn. He tries to slash Sonic with his razor. Sonic backflips to avoid.]
Sonic: What's that all about... talk about close shaves... Maybe you know where I could get my guills sharpened, too?
Shahra: Sonic! That's him! He's the evil spirit who is striking the words of our world from the pages!
Erazor Djinn: You... you must be that blue rat that just got added to the story...
Sonic: Don't you know anything? I'm not a rat! I'm a hedgehog.
Erazor Djinn: I am Erazor Djinn! I am the one who shall carve up this world as I see fit.
Sonic: Yeah... well if you're going to do that, can you at least wait until I'm done reading it, first?
Shahra: Sonic...
Erazor Djinn: One hundred of the One Thousand and One Nights have already been wiped clean! And soon, the rest shall join them, night by night. And then, with the seven World Rings...
Sonic: Seven World Rings?
Erazor Djinn: You have gathered the seven World Rings for me, have you not. Shahra, my dear?
Shahra: Are you still going on about that? I told you, those things don't exist! And even if they did, I'd never give them to you!
Erazor Djinn: Oh? Wouldn't you, though?
Shahra: ...
Erazor Djinn: I suppose a suitable punishment is in order, then...
[A flame appears in Erazor's finger. He shoots it to strike Shahra.]
Sonic: Look out!!
[Sonic gets in front and gets hit in his chest.]
Sonic: Ugh!
Shahra: Sonic!
Erazor Djinn: Aha... hahaha. So, this is how Judgement is dealt, is it? Hmmm. This should be interesting. You listening? Bring me the seven World Rings before the arrow of flame extinguishes. If you do not...
Sonic: !?
Erazor Djinn: ...your life is forfeit. Next, I think I shall collect the life of King Shahryar...
[Erazor disapperars the same way he appeared.]
Shahra: The king is the creator of the Arabian Nights and the main character of the story!
Sonic: With my speed, we'll just have to make sure we get to him first!
[Sonic starts running, with Shahra following.]

The King is Found!

[Sand Oasis palace, day.]

[Sonic and Shahra are in a palace.]
Sonic: Where is he? Are we too late?
[A pot breaks and King Shahryar (whose counterpart is Eggman) appears from inside it.]
Shahra: !?
Sonic: What's Dr. Eggman doing here?! Aha! I knew it! This is all another one of your schemes!
King Shahryar: What is the meaning of this? I am Shahryar, king of this land!
Sonic: Eggman, what are you up to this time?
[Shahra gets in front of Shahryar.]
Shahra: Sonic, wait! You're making a mistake! This is him. This is King Shahryar!
Sonic: Really?!
King Shahryar: Such insolence! Guards! Seize that blue spiky thing at once.
[No one appears.]
Shahra: Where are your men, Your Highness?
King Shahryar: Oh, that's right... let me explain. When the evil spirits appeared out of nowhere, everyone turned and ran. And I was stuck having to hide in that jar.
[A pterosaur appears, taking King Shahryar with him.]
King Shahryar: Noooo! Help meeee!
[The player can see Sonic and Erazor's faces.]
Erazor Djinn: Hmph!
Sonic: Well, well. Guess it's time for a little action.

Grateful Ali Baba

[Sand Oasis, day.]

[Two genies threaten Ali Baba (whose counterpart is Tails). Sonic sees that scene and defeats them.]
Ali Baba: Oh, thank you! I thought I was done for!
Sonic: Tails! What are you doing here, too?
Ali Baba: ...Tails? My... my name is Ali Baba.
Sonic: Come on, Tails! I know its you!
Shahra: I'm very sorry. He seems to have you mistaken for someone else.
Ali Baba: Oh, it's okay! I'm still very grateful that you saved me. I might not be very strong, but I've still got some kicks up my sleeve. If you ever need help in return. It would be the least I could do to repay you.
Shahra: Thank you. If something comes up, we'll be sure to call you!
[Sonic and Shahra go away.]

Sand Scorpion Appears

[Sand Oasis, day.]

[Sonic and Shahra are in Sand Oasis. The Sand Scorpion appears before them. It has eyes everywhere.]
Shahra: Sonic, look!
Sonic: Whoa! I take it that's not something you see everyday, huh?
Shahra: That must be the monster summoned forth by the Erazor Djinn!
Sonic: Shahra! Can't you do something about it with your magic?
Shahra: I'm sorry, Sonic. My magic is no match for that of the Erazor Djinn.
Sonic: OK then! Guess I'll just have to deal with him the old-fashioned way! And hey, don't look so glum. Shahra! I'll have you smiling by the end of this. And that's not me ordering you as your master. That's a promise from me to you.
[Sonic gives his finger to Shahra.]
Shahra: Yes... alright.
Sonic: Alright! Let's do it!
Shahra: [looks at her finger] A promise...

Yellow World Ring

[Sand Oasis, day.]

Shahra: There it is, Sonic!
Sonic: So that's...
Shahra: This must be one of the seven World Rings the Erazor Djinn spoke of!
[Shahra tries to pick it up.]
Shahra: ? I can't pick it up...
[Sonic picks it up. Sparks come from it.]
Sonic: Ow!
Shahra: "When darkness descends upon the Arabian Nights - the legendary blue hedgehog from another world shall come."
Sonic: Me? Legendary? You've got to be kidding! You're gonna make me blush!
Shahra: "When the seven rings that control the world are gathered, the portal between the worlds shall open. But the life of the collector of the rings shall be offered up in sacrifice as the key for that control." That is what is written in the newest chapter of the Arabian Nights.
Sonic: Say what?! I'm supposed to be a sacrifice?
Shahra: That, I cannot say for sure. But I do believe that these World Rings hold the key to some kind of mystery. And I think that we need to collect them to get to the bottom of this mystery.
[Sonic points at his Flame of Judgment.]
Sonic: Well, considering that I still have this arrow in me to worry about. I guess I'm in a pinch either way, right?
Shahra: I'm sorry. It's all my fault that all of this is happening to...
Sonic: Hahaha. Hey, don't worry about it. Besides, don't you know how fast I am? Time may fly, but I'm even faster!
[Sonic starts running with Shahra following.]

Rescuing the King

[Sand Oasis, day.]

[A pterosaur is holding King Shahryar's cape with his beak. Shahryar is trying to free himself. Sonic is looking upwards.]
King Shahryar: You! Spiky thing! Do something! Save me!
[Shahryar's gets free but starts falling.]
King Shahryar: Aaaahhhhhh!
[Shahra closes her eyes so she won't see Shahryar falling.]
Shahra: Ah?!
[She hears no noise and opens her eyes. Sonic is holding Shahryar's cape with his right foot.]
Shahra: ...!! Whew!
[Shahryar starts moving his arm up and down, mad at Sonic.]
King Shahryar: How dare you! I am the King! Must you be so rude?
Sonic: Sorry!
Shahra: Your Highness, where did that spirit go?
King Shahryar: Just as feared, he's gone ahead to that castle and it seems more minions are being assembled.
Sonic: Castle?
[Sonic and Shahra see the Evil Foundry in the horizon.]
Shahra: There's a giant fortress just ahead. It's a relic from an ancient kingdom...

Green World Ring

[Dinosaur Jungle, day.]

Sonic: Hey, look at that!
Shahra: It's another one of the seven World Rings!
[Sonic grabs it and sparks come out from it.]
Sonic: Ah! This power...
Shahra: This must be what has driven the spirits mad, I think. It is only recently that they have been behaving this way.
Sonic: Well, I think I've had just about enough of this. ... Speaking of which, as Genie of the Ring, can I ask you for a favor?
Shahra: "O Master, your wish is my command."
Sonic: Do you think you could take this Judgement thing out of my chest for me?
[Sonic points at his flame.]
Shahra: ... I am sorry.
Sonic: Hey, no worries. Cheer up.
Shahra: Hm.
Sonic: Don't sweat it! Anyways, no adventure is fun if it's too easy, right? Although it would have been nice if your magic DID work, in any case... [gives a thumbs-up to Shahra] Okay, then! Let's keep going!
Shahra: Yes!

The Fire Spirit Appears

[Evil Foundry.]

[Sonic and Shahra are in Evil Foundry. The Erazor Djinn is in front of them, surrounded by purple circles and sparks.]
Sonic: Shahra! It's him! What's he doing here?
Shahra: He's calling more spirits!
Sonic: Spirits?!
Erazor Djinn: Ifalas zaras l e zaraq Ifalas zars l e zaraq Come forth from the fiery depths of Jahannam, ye condemned by lblis! Lz Afrit!
[A fiery robot called Ifrit comes from the lava.]
Ifrit: Roooaarr!
Sonic: That's...!
Shahra: It's a djinn that controls fire... It's called an lfrit?
Erazor Djinn: I have already carved up half of the pages that make up this world.
Shahra: Then why do you need to call forth a creature like that?
Erazor Djinn: (Laughs) I've decided to let the lfrit burn whatever pages remain in the book. You, blue RAT! Have you gathered the seven rings yet?
Sonic: And enough of that RAT stuff... seriously! I'm a hedgehog! HEDGE-HOG!
Erazor Djinn: All you filthy vermin are worthless just the same... At any rate, you'd better hurry it up!
[Sonic's flame is burning out.]
Sonic: Dang!
Erazor Djinn: With only half of the flame left, only half of your life force remains.
[Erazor disappears in purple circles.]
Sonic: Wait!!
[Sonic starts running after him. The Irit gets in front of him.]
lfrit: Roooaarr!
Sonic: Hey, you! Get out of our way!
[Sonic Homing Attacks the Ifrit with no result. Sonic looks at him amazed.]
Sonic: What the...? That didn't work!
Shahra: It's no use, Sonic! Your life is tied to the flame! You cannot fire with fire!
Sonic: Oh yeah? Just watch me! Oh, this does NOT look good! Shahra! Lend me your power! [rubs Shahra's ring] "Time Break!!"
[Sonic slows time and runs from the Ifrit as he tries to grab him.]
Sonic: Sorry, but we've got to run! Don't worry - I'm sure we'll get the chance to play again real soon!

Ali Baba's Advice

[Sand Oasis, day.]

Sonic: ...then we escaped back here.
Ali Baba: Hmmmm. Well, let's see... My friend Sinbad might be able to share some of his worthy knowledge with you.
Sonic: So, where is he?
Ali Baba: Well, according to rumor, he was fighting some pirates when he was taken by the Rukh.
Sonic: The Rukh...
Ali Baba: It's a giant bird. Well, not exactly a bird. It's more like a living fossil.
Sonic: Huh. Well, okay, so then where is this, er... bird thing?
Ali Baba: I think the Rukh flocks someplace out in the skies to the west.
Sonic: The skies, huh? OK! Hey, Shahra! [rubs Shahra's ring]
Shahra: "O Master, what is thy wish?"
Sonic: We need that magic carpet! We've got ourselves a Rukh track down!
[Shahra makes the magic carpet appear. Sonic and Shahra go to the sky.]

Meeting Sinbad

[Levitated Ruin, day.]

[Sonic and Shahra are in the Levitated Ruin. In front of them is Sinbad (whose counterpart is Knuckles) inside a locked cage.]
Sonic: Hey, Knuckles! How'd you get here?
Sinbad: I am Sinbad of the Seven Seas! Adventure of adventures. Who the heck are you?
Shahra: Oh, Sinbad! It truly is you, the great adventure? Would you be willing to give us some of your worldly wisdom?
Sinbad: Hey, er. Miss... uh...
Shahra: Shahra.
Sinbad: Listen. I hate to break it to you, but I'm kind of stuck, here. YOU'RE the ones who should be helping me.
Shahra: I feel a strange magical force here. It might be the work of the Erazor Djinn. Which means if we can break the spell, we can undo this lock!
Sinbad: Now you're talking, that's the ticket, Shahra!
Sonic: Come on, Shahra, let's just leave him there.
Sinbad: Hey, listen, hedgehog! Life's a game of give and take, see? You help me get out of here... ...and in return. I'll help you out later. Not a bad deal, huh?
Sonic: Wisdom... Knuckles? ? Ah, never mind. Come on, let's find that key!
[Sonic and Shahra go away.]

The Rescue of Sinbad!

[Levitated Ruin, day.]

[Sonic, Shahra, Ali Baba and Sinbad are in the Levitated Ruin.]
Sinbad: Phew! Okay, so about the fire genie, then... Why not just try splashing some water on him?
Sonic: WOW! The wisdom of Sinbad of the Seven Seas! The adventurer of adventurers!
Sinbad: Hey, I don't see you coming up with any better ideas!
[Sinbad pushes Sonic's picture and they start fighting. Ali Baba gets between them.]
Ali Baba: Stop it! The problem is, how are we going to get ENOUGH water, to put out a fire genie, right?
Sinbad: I was getting to that.
Sonic: ?
Sinbad: You see, the pirates who locked me up here took the Water Blue Ring I use to control storms.
Tails: A water blue...
Shahra: Ring.
Sonic: First a fire genie, and now pirates, huh? The Arabian Nights really are worlds of endless adventures, aren't they?

Blue World Ring

[Levitated Ruin, day.]

[Sonic is in the Levitated Ruin after defeating some spirits.]
Sonic: Man... there's just no end to these evil spirits, is there?
[A World Ring appears from the sky.]
Shahra: That's...
Sonic: It must be another one of the seven World Rings.
[Sonic grabs the ring. Sparks come from it.]
Shahra: Are you okay?
Sonic: Yeah. I'm fine. Ok...alright. Just touching it makes me feel like I've got a whirlpool of emotions spiraling around inside me. I can't even begin to imagine what having all seven rings would do to someone.
Shahra: ...
Sonic: It might even open the gates of hell..
Shahra: Sonic... here.
[Shahra gives Sonic a lump of metal.]
Sonic: ?
Shahra: I want you to hold on to this.
Sonic: Uh... okay. What is it?
Shahra: If nothing else we do is able to stop him, this will be our final resort.
Sonic: Shahra...
Shahra: I cannot use it by myself.

Pirates Sighted!

[Pirate Storm, night.]

[Sonic and Shahra are in Pirate Storm. It is raining and there is a pirate ship far away.]
Sonic: There they are!
Shahra: They must have the ring that lets them control the power of storms!
[They start shooting cannonballs.]
Sonic: Shoot first and ask questions later, huh? That's pirates for ya.
Shahra: Come on, let's just hurry!
Sonic: All right, fine. Let's do it!

Captain Bemoth Appears

[Pirate Storm, night.]

[Sonic and Shahra are in Pirate Storm, looking at the pirate ship far away. It starts raining. Some slime djinns (electrifying genies) fuse together. They form a monster with 4 horns, a pirate hat and two arms called Captain Bemoth.]
Sonic: Aha, someone's looking for a duel!
Shahra: Sonic...
Sonic: This should be interesting. Come on, let's have some fun!

Water World Ring

[Pirate Storm, night.]

[A World Ring comes from the sky.]
Shahra: That's another of the seven rings... the Water Blue Ring. I can't even touch the ring.
Sonic: Looks like I'm the only one that can touch them. I betcha because I'm not from this world. Does that mean these rings aren't from these world, either?
[Shahra tries to grab the ring but it falls into Sonic's hand below. Sparks come from the ring.]
Shahra: Sonic...
Sonic: This has to be the ring that Sinbad was telling us about before. Now, let's go back and defeat that, um... whatchamacallit.
Shahra: The lfrit, the great spirit of fire.
[Ali Baba appears.]
Ali Baba: There's smoke coming from the castle! It looks like the lfrit's power to burn the world away is getting stronger!
Sonic: Okay, I'm ready! I hope you're ready for this, genie!

Rematch with the Ifrit

[Evil Foundry.]

[Sonic and Shahra are in Evil Foundry with the Ifrit in front of them.]
Sonic: Sorry to keep you waiting!
[Sonic holds the ring high up. It starts raining above the Ifrit.]
lfrit: Rrrrgh!
[Smoke comes from the Ifrit.]
Sonic: I didn't mean to leave you hanging, earlier. You're not still mad at me, are you? You really need to learn to be more patient, you know. Now, Ring of Water! Bring forth a mighty storm!
lfrit: Rrrrgh!
Shahra: Sonic! Look! The lfrit is getting weaker!
Sonic: Okay, now let's finish him off!
[Sonic starts running.]

Escaping the Factory

[Evil Foundry.]

[Sonic and Shahra are in Evil Foundry watching the Ifrit sink in the lava. A small ball-like object comes from inside the Ifrit.]
Object: Thump... thump... thump...
Shahra: What the...?
Sonic: What is that thing? Is something... about to hatch?
Shahra: [touches the object] I can hear... I can hear something like a heartbeat.
Sonic: Uh, Shahra... I think that might be some sort of time bomb!
Shahra: It's beating faster!
Sonic: Oh. No! This can't be good! [grabs the time bomb] We've got to get out of here! This thing has to explode out in the open! [points at the ceiling]
Shahra: You're right!

Red World Ring

[Evil Foundry.]

[Sonic and Shahra are running in Evil Foundry. A door is in front of them.]
Sonic: Come on! We're almost there!
[Sonic opens the door and kicks the time bomb with a strong kick. The time bomb explodes and from it comes a World Ring.]
Sonic: Huh? Hey, look at this.
Shahra: Is that what I think it is?
Sonic: Yep. Another one of the seven World Rings.
Shahra: I wonder if it was inside the lfrit this whole time.
[Sonic grabs the ring. Sparks come from it.]
Sonic: I feel... rage. All that rage must have been sealed up inside of him.
Shahra: Rage?
Sonic: These rings must somehow seal in various emotions, too. The power of rage...
Shahra: ...
Sonic: So then, what's next?
Shahra: Let's go meet with King Solomon! King Soloman is the one who sealed away the evil spirits long ago. This strange occurrences must connect back to him somehow.
Sonic: OK, then! Off to our next adventure!
[Sonic starts running with Shahra following.]

King Solomon

[Skeleton Dome.]

[Sonic and Shahra arrive in Skeleton Dome. In front of them is a chair with a skull - King Solomon's one.]
Sonic: It looks like we might be a little late.
King Solomon: I should say so!
[The skull starts floating.]
Sonic: Whoa!
Shahra: King... King Solomon?
King Solomon: Indeed! I am the great and powerful King Solomon!
Sonic: If you say so...
King Solomon: Don't think I'm happy looking this way either! The Erazor Djinn did this to me! He resurrected the 40 Thieves as evil spirits and sent them to attack me here.
Shahra: And that's how you ended up... like that?
King Solomon: Precisely, my dear. And that being the case, could I ask you a favor? Might I beseech you to track down the rest of my body? I'd also be grateful if you could do something about the 40 Thieves, as well.
Sonic: Hah! No problem!

White World Ring

[Skeleton Dome.]

[A World Ring is falling from the sky, straight into Sonic's hands.]
Sonic: Hey, look at this.
Shahra: It's a white ring. One of the seven, I'm sure.
[When Sonic grabs it, sparks come from the ring.]
Sonic: Uh! Definitely one of the World Rings! It feels... it feels like light. To think this thing... could cause so much trouble.
Shahra: You mean... the ring?
Sonic: Such great power can bring people either happiness of misfortunes.
Shahra: There are many such stories told of in the Arabian Nights.
Sonic: For instance, this ring seems to be filled with "desire." That could mean aspiration, or maybe it could be great and ambition.
Shahra: ...
Sonic: Just what does Erazor want by collecting all of these rings?

Enemy Stronghold

[Skeleton Dome.]

King Solomon: ...and many such spirits were driven to madness. It is my fault that they became the minions of the Erazor Djinn. However, by carving up words that make up our world, new spirits have also appeared. His power is nearly godlike.
Sonic: Godlike, huh...? Well, that's a problem, then.
King Solomon: Even so, supernatural beings like the Erazor Djinn always have weak points, that are told of in stories.
Sonic: Huh?
King Solomon: In truth, he is a Genie of the Lamp. Somehow, though, he has escaped. If we had the lamp he belongs to, it could be possible to seal him away again... forever.
Sonic: Lamp, huh?
King Solomon: Hmmm... there is one problem, though. Returning the lost stories to their original state requires greater power than we have. It would take a miracle.
Sonic: Leave it to me. That's why I'm here, after all.
King Solomon: I see. So, then you are the legendary blue hedgehog... A great curse had been placed upon you. I can see your eyes, the grim fate that awaits you.
Sonic: Hey, quit staring. You're giving me the creeps!
King Solomon: Hm. I am a bit hesitant to put this upon you, but... I will tell you this. You can find the Erazor Djinn in his palace, up in the sky. Show me that your part of this legend can come true.
Sonic: Thanks... Now it's time I make a legend for myself, then!
King Solomon: Hold the White Ring up to the palace gates, and they will open.
Sonic: OK! Thanks for your help.
[Sonic and Shahra leave, leaving King Solomon alone.]
King Solomon: I sense death approaching...

Entering the Palace

[Night Palace, night.]

[Sonic and Shahra are in the entrance of the Night Palace. Sonic holds the White World Ring high up. The door disappears. Sonic falls with one knee on the ground.]
Sonic: Hehehe. Looks like my time limit is about up.
Shahra: Sonic?!
Sonic: Sorry. I don't mean to worry you. ...I'll be okay.
Shahra: I'm so, so sorry. It's my fault that this happened to you...
Sonic: Really. Don't worry about it. Just remember my promise... The promise between me and you.
Shahra: I haven't forgotten that promise!
Sonic: I knew I could cont on you Shahra. It's gonna takes more than some tiny flame to bring judgement down on me! Come on, let's go!
Shahra: Okay!

Purple World Ring

[Night Palace, night.]

[A World Ring falls from the sky, straight into Sonic's hands.]
Sonic: That's it.
Shahra: One of the seven World Rings. This one is purple.
[Sonic grabs it. Sparks come from it.]
Sonic: This one... This one is sealed with sadness.
Shahra: Just what are these rings all about, anyway?
Sonic: Hey, there's something I've been thinking about, Shahra.
Shahra: What is it?
Sonic: How do you and Erazor Djinn know each other?
Shahra: Huh? W-well...
Sonic: Hey, if you'd rather not talk about it, that's okay.
Shahra: Sonic...
Sonic: Is he really a Genie of the Lamp like that king of bones said?
Shahra: Yes... Well, you see...he's the genie of the magic lamp from the story of Aladdin.
Sonic: ?!
[As Shahra tells the story, some pictures describe it.]
Shahra: Long ago, he was punished for his misdeeds and sealed away in the lamp. He would not be forgiven until he had granted the wishes of a thousand people. But when his sentenced has been served, he had a renewed hatred of people. That was his fate... sad, as it was. His cursed destiny came from the story he had been written into.
[Screen goes back to Sonic and Shahra.]
Sonic: ...Shahra.
Shahra: To the Erazor Djinn. I am just a mere Genie of the Ring. I want to stop him, though.
Sonic: ...
Shahra: I want to turn the stories of the Arabian Nights back to what they were. That is... my wish.

Battle with Erazor

[Night Palace, night.]

[Sonic is running in a long hallway in Night Palace, with Shahra following. They find the Erazor Djinn.]
Erazor Djinn: Ah... It's the blue rat again.
Sonic: Hey, looks like I'm running a bit low, here. Think you could top me off. [points at his flame]
Erazor Djinn: Have you brought the seven World Rings?
Sonic: Well, you see... You should really just look for them yourself.
Erazor Djinn: Very well...
[Erazor takes off his cape.]
Erazor Djinn: I'll carve you to pieces until I find every last one!
Sonic: Is that so? Let's see you try?
[Sonic and Erazor start running in the direction of the other. We can see their faces in big.]

The Mysterious Door

[Night Palace, night.]

[Erazor disappears in smoke. The smoke enters a door. Sonic runs to the door and enters it. The smoke enters in another door. This one is locked. Shahra runs to Sonic.]
Shahra: Sonic?!
Sonic: Ah. I'm okay. I'm still...
Shahra: That door. What is it?
Sonic: I have an idea! Watch this! Open, Sesame!
[Nothing happens.]
Sonic: Ah, it didn't work!
Shahra: That's...
[Sonic remembers the Arabian Nights book. It has the same pattern as the door. Seven holes can be seen in the door.]
Shahra: There must be some sort of... Offering we need to make. Seven... Sonic?!
Sonic: "When the seven rings that control the worlds gathered, the portal between worlds shall open." We've got the seven World Rings, This must be the door that they open!

Alf Layla wa-Layla Appears

[Night Palace.]

[Sonic and Shahra are in front of a door. The seven World Rings unlock the door and Sonic and Shahra enter it. Erazor's razor is on the ground and he appears from it.]
Sonic: You just don't give up, do you?
Erazor Djinn: You've brought me all seven World Rings. Well done!
Sonic: Hey, of course! We're such good buddies, after all!
Erazor Djinn: Shahra!
Shahra: ...
Erazor Djinn: You have done well in using him to gather the rings. Now, give them to me!
Sonic: Hey, hold on! Aren't you going to do something about this?
[Sonic points at his flame. The flame is very small.]
Erazor Djinn: Shahra, please, quickly! Let us rule the world together!
[Shahra is flying to Erazor with the seven World Rings.]
Sonic: Shahra?! Wh-what's...?
Shahra: I... I must...
Sonic: Shara, stop! You can't do this! Think about what will happen!
Shahra: I'm sorry. I have no choice... I just want to be back with him.
Sonic: No! As Genie of the Ring. I command you! "Do what you truly think is right!" [rubs Shahra's ring]
[Shahra gets confused. She faints. Sonic runs to her.]
Shahra: Ahhh... aaaaah!
Sonic: Shahra!
[The World Rings start appearing next to Erazor while he says what each one represents.]
Erazor Djinn: Prayers - Sadness - Rage - Hatred - Joy - Pleasure - Wishes. The seven hearts that make up the stories. These are the seven World Rings that bind these pages together!
Sonic: Wha...!!
Erazor Djinn: "But the life of the collector of the rings shall be offered up in sacrifice as the key for that control." I offer up YOUR life, blue hedgehog!
Sonic: Ngh!
[Erazor tries to strike Sonic with his razor, but Shahra gets in front of him. She falls, with the metal orb she had given to Sonic falling too.]
Sonic: Shahra!
Shahra: Sonic... I'm... sorry. I knew... all along... I knew what would happen, and I still got you involved.
Sonic: It's okay. It's not your fault.
Shahra: Did I change my destiny? Did I keep our promise?
Sonic: Shahra! Grant me a wish! I wish for you to not die and to go back to the way you were!
Shahra: I'm so sorry, Master. I... cannot grant...
[Shahra dies. The ring on Sonic's finger breaks.]
Erazor Djinn: Hmph. In the end, such is the weak power of a Genie of the Ring.
[The seven World Rings enter Erazor's body and he transforms into Alf Layla wa-Layla.]
Erazor Djinn: Ugh? Hrrrrgh! Wooaaarrrgh!
Alf Layla wa Layla: I am Alf Layla wa Layla. I AM the Arabian Nights. I will be its new creator! I will remake this world and this reality in my own image!
Sonic: This is awful. You're just some incomplete monster...
[Sparks come from Alf Layla wa-Layla. Apparently, the World Rings are leaving his body. Three of the rings enter Sonic.]
Sonic: Aaahhhh!
[Sonic transform into Darkspine Sonic. He holds Shahra's broken ring in his hand.]
Darkspine Sonic: We've got to stop him... Shahra! Please, lend me your power!


[Night Palace, day.]

[Erazor is lying in the middle of the space. Darkspine Sonic starts flying down. He returns to his normal form and the space goes back to being the Night Palace. Sonic hasn't got his flame anymore. Erazor grabs his razor, still lying on the ground. He then stands on his knees.]
Erazor Djinn: I shall not be defeated! If you defeat me, I will simply return, again and again! I am immortal! I cannot be vanquished! Muhhuhu-hahaha!
[Sonic holds Erazor's Magic Lamp behind his back. He then shows it to him.]
Erazor Djinn: That can't be!? That's...the--
[Sonic remembers when Shahra gave him the metal orb.]
Shahra: "I want you to hold on to this."
[Sonic remembers when Shahra was dying.]
Sonic: "...go back to the way you were!"
[The metal orb transforms into Erazor's Magic Lamp. Back to the present.]
Sonic: The genie of the lamp is supposed to grant three wishes, am I right?
Erazor Djinn: I will never grant any wish from the likes of you!
[Sonic sits on the throne.]
Sonic: Hm! My first wish. Bring Shahra back to life!
[Sonic points the lamp at Erazor and it shoots him on the chest.]
Erazor Djinn: Ugh! My body... My body is...
[A light comes from its chest. It transforms into Shahra's ring. It goes back to Sonic's finger. Shahra rematerializes.]
Sonic: My second wish. Return the Arabian Nights to the way you were, so that the world can have its stories again!
Erazor Djinn: Wha!
[Erazor gets shot again.]
Erazor Djinn: Ugh!
[Arabian characters come out from Erazor's body. They leave through the door.]
Erazor Djinn: M-my...
Sonic: My third wish. Erazor Djinn! You shall live out the rest of time, trapped inside your lamp as you were in days of old!
[Erazor gets shot a last time and he's knocked back a long distance.]
Erazor Djinn: Ugh... ugh... ugh!
[A hurricane forms all around Erazor.]
Erazor Djinn: Shahra. I know you're there! Please, stop him! We can start over, the two of us! I swear! I swear it! The world is mine! I cannot be denied by that filthy rat! Whyyyyy?!
[The hurricane engulfs Erazor. He is sucked to the lamp.]
Sonic: I told you. I'm not a RAT!
[Erazor enters the lamp. The tip is on fire.]
Sonic: I'm a HEDGEHOG!
[Sonic puts out the fire. Sonic sees Shahra is sad.]
Sonic: Shahra... Will you grant me one more wish?
Shahra: ...?
Sonic: I wish for a mountain of handkerchiefs.
[Handkerchiefs come from the sky.]
Sonic: Now, just let yourself cry. As much as you need to. You'll have plenty of handkerchiefs to help you through it.
[The handkerchiefs start entering the palace. Credits roll. After they roll...]
Shahra: And so, the legendary blue hedgehog, having saved the world of the Arabian Nights, ran endlessly, until he found his way back into his own world.
[Sonic and Shahra are in Evil Foundry. Sonic drops Erazor's lamp onto the lava. Sonic, Ali Baba and Sinbad are looking at something]
Shahra: Along the way, he had many adventures... but those are stories... for another time.
[Shahra remembers her promise to Sonic. She smiles and says goodbye at him.]
Shahra: Thank you... Sonic the Hedgehog. The Legendary Hedgehog.
[Credits roll again. After they roll, the player can see the Arabian Nights book open. They can read "Aladdin and the Magic Lamp". It then changes to "Sonic and the Secret Rings".]