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This article pertains to the beta elements from Sonic and the Black Knight.

Unused voice clips

Gale Drive

Two voice clips of Sonic using Gale Drive. Judging on what it could do is Sonic charging his energy or gauge and then using the attack move when in the air.

Voice clip Text
Ready any time!
Gale Drive!

Blitz Attacks

Sonic, Sir Lancelot, Sir Gawain, and Sir Percival all have unused voice lines related to the elemental Blitz attack from an enemy or a boss. There are six elements (fire, thunder, ice, venom, panic, and stone), each with a voice clip describing their effects.

Fire Blitz

Clip Character Text
Sonic Whoa, fireball!
Sir Lancelot Fire Blitz, hm?
Sir Gawain Fire Blitz flying this way!
Sir Percival A Fire Blitz comes!

Thunder Blitz

Clip Character Text
Sonic Lightning strike!
Sir Lancelot Thunder Blitz!
Sir Gawain I must watch out for that Thunder Blitz!
Sir Percival Here comes a Thunder Blitz!

Ice Blitz

Only Sonic and Sir Gawain have two clips related to the Ice Blitz. Sir Lancelot and Sir Percival just have repeats.

Clip Character Text
Sonic Some kind of freeze attack? I bet that'd stop me in my tracks!
Sonic Defrost by shaking the Wii Remote!
Sir Lancelot Ice Blitz will freeze me where I stand! I must be careful.
Sir Gawain I'll be frozen solid if the Ice Blitz hits me. Taking damage could mean my demise.
Sir Gawain I'll thaw out with a few shakes of the Wii Remote!
Sir Percival A strike by Ice Blitz will freeze me, and the next hit might spell my doom.

Venom Blitz

Clip Character Text
Sonic A poison attack? I'll slowly lose all the Rings I've gathered!
Sir Lancelot Venom Blitz: it will poison all its strikes and will cause the loss of Rings.
Sir Gawain Venom Blitz? Poison is pretty underhanded. I can't let it hit me!
Sir Percival A strike by Venom Blitz will cause a continual loss of Rings.

Panic Blitz

Clip Character Text
Sonic Confusion attack? Getting hit will throw off my moves for sure!
Sir Lancelot Panic Blitz, hm? It is said to cause one's mind to play tricks on them.
Sir Gawain Panic Blitz! I can't let it strike me, lest illusions deceive me and I lose all control!
Sir Percival Panic Blitz! Any contact with that, and the battle will go against me.

Stone Blitz

Clip Character Text
Sonic A petrification attack? I won't stand a chance against one of those!
Sir Lancelot Stone Blitz! I'll be but a memory it it petrifies me.
Sir Gawain Stone Blitz! Its strike will turn me to stone and spell my doom.
Sir Percival Stone Blitz? Its petrification effect is fatal.

Unused graphics

Image Name Description
SST GUI SIGNAL00.GVR Text of "Ready!" and "Go!" that would have been used at the start of a mission. However, no such thing appears in the final game as the playable character simply pulls their sword out of the ground and runs off.
SST GUI SIGNAL01.GVR Text of "Goal" that would have been used at the end of a mission. However, the final goal screen uses a banner stating "Mission Cleared". The font that is used here looks like it was ripped from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).
SST GUI SIGNAL02.GVR Text of "Time Up" that would have been used if the player spent too long in a mission.
SST GUI SIGNAL03.GVR Text of "Game Over" that would have been used if the player lost all of their lives. However, there are no life mechanics in the final game.

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