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Not to be confused with the video game Sonic & Tails.

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Sonic Mania Adventures
Sonic and Tails

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"Sonic and Tails" is the second episode in the Sonic Mania Adventures web series. It first aired on the official Sonic the Hedgehog YouTube Channel on 30 April 2018.


Miles “Tails” Prower, at your service! When Sonic shows up to let Tails know about Dr. Eggman’s newest plot, a tremor rocks the beach. As some mysteries are solved and new ones begin, Sonic will learn that to succeed, sometimes all you need is a helping hand.[1]



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The sun is shining on a clear sky above Angel Island, and on the beach, Tails is busy working on the Tornado. Just as he is finished though, Tails notices a blue blur zoom past him, much to his confusion. After looking around, Tails spots, much to his joy, Sonic relaxing on top of the Tornado. After Sonic gives his best friend a friendly greeting, he hands him Dr. Eggman handheld device which he took from him not long ago. Confused, Tails turns on the device and sees on the screen that Eggman has four of the Chaos Emeralds, that Sonic has one Emerald, and that the last two Emeralds are still missing. Just then however, the device reports that it has detected one of the missing Chaos Emeralds on Angel Island and shows a map of where it is. No sooner, Sonic and Tails hear a loud bang that causes some small tremors that nearly make them lose their footing, and Sonic spots some smoke coming from the forest. Sonic promptly speeds off to investigate what this is all about, inadvertently leaving a disappointed Tails behind.

Inside the forest, Eggman is gleefully drilling into the ground with his latest machine, having detected the newest Chaos Emerald just below him. When Sonic subsequently shows up, Eggman notices him, and, in his anger, threatens him with his machine's giant drill arms. Sonic welcomes the challenge and runs towards Eggman. However, when he is forced to stop in order to avoid one of Eggman's drills, the doctor uses the other drill arm to knock Sonic flying out of the forest. Back on the beach, where Tails is still investigating Eggman's device, Tails sees Sonic land in the sand next to him. As a disgruntled Sonic raises his face out of the sand, he sees Tails approach him. Tails promptly extends his hand toward Sonic in an attempt to offer him his help. Learning that to succeed, sometimes all you need is a helping hand, Sonic, after some contemplating, grabs Tails' hand with a smile.

Back in the forest, Eggman is continuing to dig, the Chaos Emerald within his grasp according to his radar. Suddenly however, he hears something attacking and sees, much to his frustration, that Sonic is back. Eggman promptly turns his machine around and gets ready to attack Sonic, but then hears something attacking him from behind. Turning around, Eggmans sees that it is none other than Tails. Having surrounded Eggman, Sonic and Tails begin attacking the doctor's machine from both sides. Refusing to give up though, Eggman creates a tremor with his machine that causes Sonic to stumble, before moving in to skewer Sonic with his machine's other drill. Noticing what Eggman is up to however, Tails speeds up and manages to push Sonic away from the drill in the nick of time. Believing he has won, only to see Sonic dangle from a flying Tails, Eggman can only watch as the two heroes begin spinning around in midair. Ultimately, Tails throws a Spin Attacking Sonic directly through Eggman's machine. Eggman turns towards Sonic in anger, only for his machine to detonate and sent the doctor flying away.

As Sonic and Tails fist bump over their victory, Tails notices a red glow in the dirt where Eggman dug, and heads over to investigate it. Digging slightly through the dirt, Tails finds, much to his surprise, the red Chaos Emerald. Bringing the Emerald to Sonic, who pulls out his own green Emerald, the two friends cling Emeralds and start laughing.

Meanwhile, a pouting and charred Eggman lands on the beach next to the Tornado. He then notices something and pulls out a handheld device that shows some video feed taken by a Monkey Dude from inside the forest on Angel Island. As Eggman gets curious about what his Badnik wants to show him, it catches a glimpse of Knuckles carrying the Master Emerald through the forest. Getting excited about the opportunity to steal the Master Emerald, Eggman takes a look at the Tornado and starts to get an evil idea...


  • In this episode, it is revealed that the holes that Sonic discovered in "Sonic Returns" were dug by Dr. Eggman during the doctor's hunt for the Chaos Emeralds.
  • Sonic is in possession of the handheld device he got from Dr. Eggman in "Sonic Returns".
  • Tails receives Eggman's handheld device from Sonic. He would later use it in "Metal Mayhem".
  • Dr. Eggman is still hunting for the Chaos Emeralds, as revealed in "Sonic Returns".
  • Sonic and Tails obtain the red Chaos Emerald. This object would later be stolen by Metal Sonic in "Metal Mayhem".
  • Knuckles is taking the Master Emerald to a safer place. He accomplishes this in "& Knuckles".
  • Dr. Eggman begin plotting to steal the Master Emerald. He accomplishes this in "& Knuckles".


  • This episode features several references and Easter eggs:
    • The music that plays during the opening scene in this episode is a remix of the music for Angel Island Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog 3.
    • The map on the handheld device displays longitude and latitude numbers that allude to other things:
      • On the bottom left section of the map, the numbers 19 92 11 and 24 can be seen. 24 November 1992 is the release date of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, as well as its Debug Mode code.
        • This is possibly a reference to the fact that this is Tails' debut episode in Sonic Mania Adventures.
      • On the bottom right section of the map, the numbers 19 65 09 and 17 can be see. 17 September 1965 is Yuji Naka's birthday, as well as the code for the Level Select in Sonic the Hedgehog 2.
      • On the top right section of the map, the numbers 01 02 04 and 06 can be seen. This is a code to retrieve all the Chaos Emeralds in Sonic the Hedgehog 2.
    • The way how Sonic loses Rings after Eggman knocks him away with his machine is a reference to the Sonic games where taking damage will result in the player losing Rings.
    • The way Tails helps Sonic up to his feet after landing in the sand next to him is reminiscent of how Sonic rescues Tails in Emerald Coast after his prototype Tornado crashed in Sonic Adventure. Coincidentally, this scene seems to be a flipped version of said scene.
    • The sound effect that occurs whenever Sonic and Tails attack Eggman's machine is the same one that is heard in Sonic Mania whenever the player damages a boss.
    • Sonic and Tails use a combo move on Eggman similar to the one seen in the opening animation for Sonic Mania.
    • The sound Eggman's mech makes just as it is about to blow up is the same charging sound the Giant Eggman Robo makes when charging.
  • Monkey Dude, a Badnik from Sonic the Hedgehog 3, appears in the episode. Monkey Dude did not previously appear in Sonic Mania itself.
  • Sublimated t-shirts of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Eggman were made available on the SEGA Shop website after the episode's release.



Sonic Mania Adventures Part 2


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