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Sonic and Sally

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"Sonic and Sally" is the second episode of the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite airing as the second episode of the series during the show's original run, it was initially produced as the fifth episode of the series. It was written by Pat Allee and Ben Hurst and was first aired on 25 September 1993.








After trying to detonate one of Robotnik's machines, Sally gets captured by Dr. Robotnik's Swat-bots. After Sonic informs that it's detonated and realized that Sally didn't retreat tries to go back for her, but Bunnie tells him he needs a power ring if he's going to save Sally. Meanwhile, Robotnik creates a clone of Sally to use to try to destroy Knothole. Sonic gets the power ring the next day and rescues Sally, but doesn't realize that it was the clone that Robotnik created. Sonic and the cloned Sally returned to Knothole. Tails found out he didn't get the "Funny Kiss" (on the nose) that Sally usually gives him. Then the clone reads a book to Tails and asks her to do the scary witch voice but refused and walked off. Sonic then, finds out that the SWAT-bot factory was still online and decides to go back and redo the mission. While in bed, Tails sees the cloned Sally and he sees the eyes glow red and finds out that it wasn't the real Sally. Bunnie wakes Sally up and showed her the ruined carrot crops, and Tails thinks it was the "Fake" Sally who did this during the night. Before going to the factory, Tails tries to tell Sonic that it wasn't the real Sally, Sonic thought Tails had a nightmare and ran off. While at the SWAT-bot factory, Sonic does the special handshake that he and Sally do, and finds out that Tails was telling the truth, that it wasn't Sally. After subduing her, the clone shows Sonic the way to the Real Sally, who saves her before she was robotocized and run back to Knothole while putting the clone in Sally's place inside the roboticizer, overloading it and destroying the factory. Back in Knothole, Sally finds Tails sitting by the log and gives him the "funny kiss", proving to Tails that she's the real Sally (Adding more proof with the "scary witch voice"). She attempts to prove it by giving Sonic a kiss, but this makes Sonic claim that she's fake so he grabs Tails and runs off.


  • When Antoine helps Bunnie up, he pulls her arm out, and when Sonic arrives, she has it back.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Italian Sonic e Sally Sonic and Sally
Russian Соник и Салли Sonic and Sally
Ukrainian Сонік і Саллі Sonic and Sally


  • This is one of the episodes in which Tails plays a major role.
  • Out of all the episodes in which Antoine appears, this is the only one in which he doesn't have a single line of dialogue.
  • The scene where Antoine pulled out Bunnie's arm off was edited out of the syndicated version of this episode, although it is included in the 2007 DVD release.
  • On the Super Sonic DVD, when Sonic zooms off to Robotropolis right after getting the Power Ring, the animation of him tripping was inexplicably edited out, yet the audio of it was left intact.
  • The concept of a robotic duplicate of Sally would later be used in the Princess Sally miniseries. The act of transferring the thoughts and emotions of Sally from her real self to the robotic duplicate are similar in both the television episode and Princess Sally #2.