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Sonic and Sally

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"Sonic and Sally" is the second episode of the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite airing as the second episode of the series during the show's original run, it was initially produced as the third episode of the series. It first aired on 25 September 1993.








As the episode begins, Sonic, Sally and Bunnie all meet in Robotropolis to destroy one of the robot factories there. Using Nicole, Sally arms the explosive canisters that Bunnie puts into Sonic's backpack. The heroes synchronize their watches and proceed with the plan. Bunnie promptly goes to do her part of the plan, and Sonic and Sally exchange a friendly gesture together. Sonic proceeds to approach the factory, which is being watched by Swat-Bots. Sonic decides to find another entrance. Looking up, he manages to destroy a camera, which is noticed by the Swat-Bots. As the Swat-Bots leave their post, Sonic uses the opportunity to run up the factory's wall and jump through one of its entrance gates, through which scrap metal is poured through and into smelting vats. As more scrap metal arrives from one of the hover conveyors, however, Sonic finds himself being pushed towards the dangerous vat. Fortunately, Sonic manages to jump away and grab onto a nearby crane cable, allowing him to escape the danger. As he swings around on the crane, Sonic notices a Swat-Bot assembly line.

At the time, Bunnie is preparing to turn off the electricity in the factory. However, she is interrupted by an oncoming Swat-Bot patrol in a Hover Unit, who forces her to duck and cover. Although the Swat-Bots detect an organic lifeform nearby, they believe it to be a system error due to the presence of electricity from a nearby sub-station. Returning to her task, Bunnie breaks the switch cover on the power switch and starts the countdown. Meanwhile, Sonic has left the assembly line and gone into hiding inside the factory while also counting down the time. Outside the factory, Sally is counting down as well. As the countdown hits zero, Bunnie switches off the electricity in the factory, allowing Sonic to spread the explosive canisters. Meanwhile, Sally monitors his progress. However, she is forced to stop when some Hover Units detect and attack her. Sonic, in turn, is forced to flee from vehicle-based Swat-Bots who has begun to follow him. However, Sonic manages to crush them under a pile of scrap metal which he drops on them. However, more Swat-Bots soon join the chase, making it difficult for Sonic to unload the explosive canisters. When a heat-seeking missile is then fired at him and begins to chase him around, Sonic is forced to pull out a Power Ring and escape from the factory. Upon seeing Sonic leave the factory, Sally tries to order Nicole to detonate the canisters. However, she is interrupted when she finds herself surrounded by Swat-Bots.

At night, Bunnie returns to Knothole Village through a slide hidden in a tree trunk and lands in a haystack. Rotor and Antoine come out to meet her, wondering whether they had succeeded in destroying the Swat-Bot factory or not. Bunnie could not tell them though because she had to retreat. Antoine then tries to help Bunnie up, but he accidentally pulls off her mechanical arm instead. When Rotor asks where Sonic and Sally are, the blue hedgehog lands in the haystack, scattering the hay on his friends. Upon not seeing Sally with them however, Sonic wonders where Sally could have gone. Believing she might still be in Robotropolis, Sonic decides to go get her. However, Bunnie stops him and reminds him that he would need a new Power Ring. Meanwhile, in Robotropolis, Dr. Robotnik has captured Sally and created a mechanical copy of her: Sallybot. Snively then arrives with a memory board for Sallybot to duplicate human complexity, which Snively installs into Sallybot upon Robotnik's command. As Robotnik's inquires Sally on whether or not the princess would reveal the location of Knothole to him, Sally responds with a sarcastic remark which Sallybot perfectly replicates in Sally's voice, much to Sally's surprise. Using his technology, Robotnik then copies Sally's data and uses it to give Sallybot Sally's appearance. Sally is still not convinced that Sonic will be fooled by her robot double though. However, Robotnik replies that he is not done and proceeds to copy Sally's personality into Sallybot as well to be sure.

The next day in Knothole, Sonic, Rotor and Tails wait for the Lake of Rings to produce a Power Ring. Getting impatient, Sonic decided to head to Robotropolis anyway, but Rotor holds him back, just as a Power Ring emerges from the water. Receiving the Power Ring from Tails, Sonic immediately runs to Robotropolis. Meanwhile, Sally wakes up in a cage whose bars are electrified. Sally tries to breach the bars, but receives a shock upon touch. Robotnik then introduces Sally to Sallybot, who has become a seemingly perfect copy of Sally. Later, in Robotropolis' slums, Sonic is sneaking around until he sees that a camera has spotted him, prompting Sonic to destroy it with a rock. Having seen Sonic on the feed however, Robotnik orders Snively to activate all exterior hedgehog traps so that Sonic's rescue mission would not seem too easy for Sonic. Sonic is soon after pursued by a Hover Unit into a dead end, but Sonic manages to escape the Hover Unit by running up the wall while the Hover Unit crashes into the wall. Eventually, Sonic makes it inside Robotnik's main headquarters, and Robotnik orders all his machines to withdraw. As Sonic sneaks through the corridors in Robotnik's headquarters at high speed, he notices a monitor that shows a trapped Sally, who is actually Sallybot. Arriving at the prison cells, Sonic finds Sallybot's cell guarded by two Swat-Bots. In order to lure them away, Sonic uses a water cup from a food tray to imitate Robotnik's voice, which he used to order the Swat-Bots to leave

With the robots gone, Sonic tries opening the door to Sallybot's cell. Although he manages to deceive the system guarding the cell door by imitating Robotnik's voice, it demands Robotnik's hand print for certification. In return, Sonic threatens the system in Robotnik's voice, which proves enough to make the system open the cell door. Sonic proceeds to save Sallybot and escape from the prison. Watching Sonic's escape, Robotnik sends his Hover Units after them. Along the way though, Sonic hides himself and Sallybot from the Hover Units. While waiting for a clear getaway, Sallybot praises Sonic's bravery and gives him a kiss. After that, Sonic and Sallybot resume their escape. When a Hover Unit is on their tail though, Sonic uses his Power Ring to escape and return to the Great Forest. Seeing this, Robotnik intends to prepare Sally for Roboticization. However, a freak overloading of the system causes the Roboticizer Sally was in to be put out of commission for the next 24 hours and the video feed from Sallybot to be cut off. However, Sallybot still retains her communication system, which Robotnik plans to use to monitor the every action of Sonic, who has just returned to Knothole with Sallybot.

Upon Sonic's return to Knothole with Sallybot, a large group of residents greet the arrivals. Tails in particular runs up to meet Sally. As Sallybot greets the fox cub however, Tails wonders why she did not give him the "funny kiss." Having trouble understanding Tails' request, Sallybot made three failed attempts to kiss Tails correctly before receiving guidance from Tails and kissed him correctly. Later, during the following evening, Sallybot comes to Tails to read him a bedtime story. However, she starts with the wrong story and later does not know how to imitate the witch's voice from the story. Sallybot then left Tails, saying it was late. Sallybot soon after met up with Bunnie while the latter is repairing her arm. A moment afterward, Sonic arrives and reveals that the Swat-Bot factory is still up and running. He asks Sallybot what went wrong, to which she says that she was cut off before she could detonate the explosives. Sonic thus decides to go to the factory the next day and finish the job. Hearing this through Sallybout, Robotnik was very pleased.

At night, Tails awakes to see Sallybout walking around in the night alone. He then realizes that Sallybot is not the real Sally when she scans Knothole with her red laser eye vision. Too scared to do anything however, Tails hides underneath his covers. During the following morning, Bunnie and Tails wake up Sallybot and show her how Knothole's field of carrots has withered away. Seeing the look on Sallybot's face however, makes Tails more suspicious. As Sonic and Sallybot later get ready to go to Robotropolis, Tails stops Sonic. Sonic then has Sallybot go on ahead since Tails wants his conversation with Sonic to be a secret. Tails then tells Sonic that the Sally he has saved is not the real one, and tells him of what she had seemingly forgotten about their daily rituals and that she last night shot lasers from her eyes and talked to herself. Sonic, however, believes that Tails just had a bad dream and decides to move on.

At night, Sonic, Rotor, Bunnie and Sallybot arrive in Robotropolis where they come under attack by a Swat-Bot driving a Hover Unit. However, the heroes manage to destroy the Hover Unit by tearing its chassis off with three hooks tied to the ground. Sonic, Rotor and bunnie proceed to do a high-five, but when Sonic tries to do it with Sallybot, he receives such a strong slap that he is knocked to the ground. Although Sonic is surprised by Sallybot's strength, he and the crew proceed with their mission. Later, while the gang is hiding from another Hover Unit, Rotor notices that it is as if Robotnik's forces know their every move before they make it. Sharing Rotor's suspicion, Sonic nonetheless felt ready to put their plan into action. Sonic then turns to Sallybot to do their special gesture. However, when Sallybot does not know what do, Sonic realizes that this Sally is a fake. In response, Sallybot pushes the hedgehog to one side and begins to run away, protecting herself with explosive lasers. Sonic goes after her in hot pursuit, but eventually gets suck in some Mega Muck Sallybot had planted. Just as Sallybot gets ready to finish off the immobilized Sonic however, Bunnie steps in and kicks Sallybot away before freeing Sonic from the Mega Muck. As Sallybot makes her escape, Sonic chases after her again. Using a Power Ring this time however, Sonic boosts his speed to such levels that he catches up to Sallybot and starts circling around her. Sallybot subsequently overheats from trying to keep up with Sonic and deactivates. The heroes then decide to learn where the real Sally is from her robot double.

Back in Robotnik's headquarters, Snively prepares Sally for Roboticization by strapping her to a chair. Meanwhile, Rotor gets Sallybot to tell Sonic and his friends about Sally's whereabouts. When Sonic learns about Sally's upcoming Roboticization, he intends to go get her himself. Rotor stops him for a moment however, so he could hand Sallybot over to Sonic after reprograming her. The heroes then goes their separate ways: while Sonic takes Sallybot with him on his rescue mission, Bunnie and Rotor go to destroy the Swat-Bot factory.

in Robotnik's headquarters, the electricity supply is suddenly cut off, halting Sally's Roboticization procedure. Meanwhile, Sonic uses Sallybot to destroy the hatch on an air duct so he can enter Robotnik's headquarters. At the same time, Bunnie and Robor arrive at the Swat-Bot factory. To distract the incoming Hover Unit, Rotor throws a rock. As the Hover Unit lands and the Swat-Bot driving it exits to investigate the source of the sound, Bunnie binds the Swat-Bot's legs with a rope and a hook. She and Rotor then hijack the Hover Unit and flies towards the Swat-Bot factory. Meanwhile, Snively manages to restore power and gets ready to resume Sally's Roboticization procedure. Without Snively noticing however, Sonic and Sallybot sneak into the Roboticization chamber via an ventilation shaft. Immediately after, the Roboticization chamber gets disrupted by explosions coming from the Swat-Bot factory, which are caused by Rotor and Bunnie. This prompts Robotnik to send his forces to destroy the intruders. While the doctor is distracted, Sonic breaks a hose, covering the Roboticization chamber in a veil of smoke which distracts Snively. Sonic then uses this opportunity to free Sally and put Sallybot in her place. The heroes then escape the Roboticization chamber, and Snively unknowingly begins roboticizing Sallybot. In the meantime, Rotor and Bunnie manage to escape Robotnik's forces, leaving behind only the ruined Swat-Bot factory. Sonic and Sally then appear on Robotnik's monitor and mock the doctor before escaping while Sonic used a Power Ring. Snively then informs the upset Robotnik that the Robotization was not very successful. As it turned out, the procedure had made Sallybot go out of control, causing her to destroy everything within her reach.

Returning to Knothole, Sonic, Rotor and Bunnie get carried through the Village by the inhabitants as thanks for their heroic deeds. Sonic in particular thanks Bunnie for her help. This makes Bunnie admit that her robotic elements are useful, but she also notes that she has something more than what ordinary robots have - her own will and heart. Sally later meets with Tails, who is not convinced that she is the real deal. However, after Sally gives him the "funny kiss", Tails is convinced that this is the real Sally. As Tails embraces Sally however, Sonic begins teasing Sally by questioning her identity. Sally proceeds to kiss Sonic as proof of her identity. However, Sonic is not convinced and takes off with Tails, prompting Sally to run after them to join the fun.


  • When Antoine helps Bunnie up, he pulls her arm out, and when Sonic arrives, she has it back.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Italian Sonic e Sally Sonic and Sally
Russian Соник и Салли Sonic and Sally
Ukrainian Сонік і Саллі Sonic and Sally


  • This is one of the episodes in which Tails plays a major role.
  • The scene where Antoine pulled out Bunnie's arm off was edited out of the syndicated version of this episode, although it is included in the 2007 DVD release.
  • On the Super Sonic DVD, when Sonic zooms off to Robotropolis right after getting the Power Ring, the animation of him tripping was inexplicably edited out, yet the audio of it was left intact.
  • The concept of a robotic duplicate of Sally would later be used in the Princess Sally miniseries. The act of transferring the thoughts and emotions of Sally from her real self to the robotic duplicate are similar in both the television episode and Princess Sally #2.