Sonic X Volume 4 is the fourth DVD to be released in Australia containing four episodes of the anime series Sonic X. As with the other Sonic X Volumes, the DVD also comes with a trailer of Sonic Mega Collection Plus.

Episode synopses

"Chaos Emerald Battle At The Baseball Stadium"

Tails is flight testing the Tornado 2 when the Chaos Emerald is pulled back. They land on a baseball park that is to be destroyed. Tails goes inside and runs into the caretaker of the field, Al. Tails, who is overwhelmed with admiration at the beauty of the turf, tells Al why he is here and shows him the Chaos Emerald. Al, seeing the Chaos Emerald, is surprised and takes out a Chaos Emerald that he says he found yesterday...

"Rouge, Beautiful Thief!"

Rouge breaks into a jewellery shop at night. Her stealing technique is graceful. She is very fond of jewellery and gets a hold of every piece she lays her eyes on. However, the gem Rouge is really after is the Chaos Emerald. In the meantime, the President is considering launching an all-out attack on Eggman to stop him from his repeated attacks...

"All Out Attack On Eggman's Base"

The President uses the blueprint that Rouge had brought back to plan his attack on the base. An ambassador of the President visits Chris' house to ask Sonic for preparation in defeating Eggman. However, Ella insists on playing dumb and sends the ambassador home. The ambassador's negotiation asking Sonic for help ends in failure. The President is unsure what to do, for without Sonic's help he was not sure whether he could defeat Dr. Eggman...


  • This is the only Australian Sonic X DVD to contain four episodes instead of three.


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