Sonic X Volume 3 is the third DVD to be released in Australia containing three episodes of the anime series Sonic X. As with the other Sonic X Volumes, the DVD also comes with a trailer of Sonic Mega Collection Plus.

Episode synopses

"Cream And The Flower Crown"

Chris' mother suggests that they invite Chris' uncle and have a party. Chris is delighted, but since he hadn't told anybody else in the house about Sonic, except Chuck, he tells them to stay hidden. Cream, who is excited about the party, starts helping out without permission. She ends up messing up the dishes, and causes a series of problems...

"Dispatch Tornado #2!"

Dr. Eggman, who is angered at the satellites keeping watch over his base, sends out a robot to get rid of the satellites. The huge mouth of the robot swallows the satellites one after the other. From the monitor of the military base, the data of the spy satellites vanish one after the other. Everyone on base panics...

"Amy On The Beach"

An invitation to the commencement ceremony of a coastal ocean resort facility that is to open, is received at Chris' residence. Chris ends up going in place of his busy parents. Although Amy is happy at seeing the pamphlet, since she is not allowed to go to where many humans have gathered, she and the others of her kind accompany Chris, to the Thorndyke family's private beach...


  • The synopsis for "Amy on the Beach" misspells "Thorndyke" as "Thorndike".



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