Sonic X Volume 1 is the first DVD to be released in Australia containing the first three episodes of the anime series Sonic X. As with the other Sonic X Volumes, the DVD also comes with a trailer of Sonic Mega Collection Plus.

Episode synopses

"Supersonic Hero Appears!"

Sonic and Eggman fight over the possession of the seventh Chaos Emerald. The Chaos Emerald is a legendary stone that is said to give its possessor the power to rule the entire world. Sonic's friends, Tails, Amy, Cream and Cheese support him. Sonic storms into Dr. Eggman's base. Meanwhile all seven Chaos Emeralds are brought together, causing a large-scale Chaos Control warp in space, blowing away Sonic and his friends...

"Escape From Area 99!"

At the military research facility, called Area 99, Cream and Cheese are being scientifically examined. Chuck and Christopher take Sonic to the vicinity of Area 99. Sonic sneaks into the facility alone. He wanders around the air vent for a while but finally manages to get into the lab where Cream and Cheese are. Although he releases the two successfully, the threesome are detected by security guards...

"Dr. Eggman's Ambition"

Eggman brings robot E-23 (which has a missile connected to his arm with wire) along with him and starts going berserk in town. Christopher and Tails learn of this and go to look for Sonic. Unaware of everyone's worries, Sonic is enjoying a carefree journey. Eggman, in the meantime, takes hold of a large building and intercepts radio waves. The police are rendered helpless, and the mayor panics. Just when it looks as if all is over, Sonic makes his appearance...



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