Sonic X Volume 15 is the fifteenth DVD to be released in Australia containing three episodes of the anime series Sonic X.

Episode synopses

"Sewer Search"

The hunt for Dr. Eggman is on! Everyone is searching for him after he escapes from prison. Mr. Stewart and the others find him, but are captured. Sonic races to the rescue. But the Egg Spider is waiting...

"Prize Fights"

To lure Eggman into the open, the President throws a tournament with the Red Chaos Emerald as the prize. Sonic and many of his allies compete, as do a few of Eggman's henchmen...

"A Wild Win"

As Sonic chases down Eggman, he is officialy disqualified, and the tournament reaches it’s final stages. It’s Knuckles or Rouge vs Emerl, with chaos and mayhem sure to follow!


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