Sonic X Volume 14 is the fourteenth DVD to be released in Australia containing three episodes of the anime series Sonic X.

Episode synopsis

Eggman for President

Dr. Eggman's Sunshine Balls plan is a success, and everyone tries to stop Sonic's attacks on the Towers powering them. Sonic tries to convince the populace that Dr. Eggman is tricking them, meanwhile Eggman has taken the President hostage.

A Date to Forget

Once again Sonic has saved the world and his popularity is soaring, but Amy becomes angry when Sonic misses their date and goes out with Sam instead. Meanwhile, Sonic has been forced to take on Bokkun and Emerl (an older model robot) who are trying to free Dr. Eggman from jail.

Mean Machines

Sonic's fans have idolize his carefree way of life, copying his hairstyle and lifestyle. Meanwhile, at Thorndyke Industries, the quality of the electrical appliances drops as workers quit to copy their hero. Suddenly the appliances, fixed by Dr. Eggman, begin attacking the city!


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