Sonic X Volume 10 is the tenth DVD released in Australia containing three episodes of the anime series Sonic X. As with the other Sonic X Volumes, the DVD also comes with a trailer of Sonic Mega Collection Plus.

Episode synopses

"A Robot Rebels"

Sonic gets on board X-Tornado to search for Amy, who is locked up behind bars inside Egg Carrier, which is deep in the ocean. Eggman is in the hall ordering his E 100 series robots to search for Froggy. Knuckles who is looking for the Master Emerald, finds some of its debris and again an image of the past flashes through his mind.

"Heads Up, Tales"

Sonic and Tails run through Egg Carrier in search of Amy, and Knuckles does likewise in search of the Master Emerald. Amy, who is out on deck, runs into Sonic. However Ganma, by the order of Eggman, comes along and attacks Sonic. Sonic fights Gamma and is about to strike a final blow, but is stopped by Amy who says, "This robot is not a bad robot!" Egg Carrier, under attack, goes up in flames.

"Revenge Of The Robot"

Although Chris goes in search of Knuckles, he goes to see Tails at Mystic Ruin to discuss what he should do, after finding out that Angel Island is floating on the ocean. Tails somehow manages to sneak out of Chris' house, which is surrounded by press people, and goes in search of X-Tornado. Meanwhile, Gamma remembers that Amy rescued him. He erases Eggman's data from himself and sets himself free.


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