Bowling like you've never seen before - Sonic is the ball!
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Sonic X Bowling is an online Flash game published on the 4Kids TV website by 4Kids Entertainment on 11 June 2005 to promote the then-airing anime series, Sonic X. It is a simple Sonic X-themed game of bowling.


The game is based around the traditional ten-pin bowling game. Here, the player assumes control of Sonic on a bowling lane with ten bowling pins at the end. The player can send Sonic down the bowling lane as a curled-up ball so he can knock down the pins like an actual bowling ball. When having to roll Sonic, he will spin in one place while a blue arrow automatically swings left and right in front of him. When Sonic is then thrown, he will head in the direction that the arrow was pointing in at the time of the throw, before making a small turn in the opposite direction. How Sonic is aimed will determine the number of pins knocked down.

The player's objective is to knock down as many bowling pins as possible with the least amount of throws (two being the maximum) over the course of ten rounds, with the pins being reset for every round. When knocking down pins, the player will be awarded with points. The number of pins being knocked down over the course of a round determines the points awarded, with more points being given the more pins the player knocks down. The screen at the end of the bowling lane also shows the amount of points earned for making a strike or a spare.

At the end of the game, the player is given the option to enter their name on the online high score list.


Playable characters

Cheat codes

  • strike: Automatically gives the player a strike on every roll.


  • The background of the bowling alley appears to be Area 99.





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