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Main article Script

This is a script of the cutscenes from Sonic X (Leapster).


[Scene: Station Square, daytime.]

[The camera shows a light blue sky, before going down, showing Chris Thorndyke.]
Chris: [To the camera] Hey there! Welcome to Station Square! The super-duper functioning metropolis! I'm Chris, a great friend of Sonic the Hedgehog! I want to introduce you to Sonic!
[Dr. Eggman, in the Egg Mobile, appears from afar. Chris notices]
Chris: Wait! What's that?
[The camera then shows a close-up view of Eggman]
Dr. Eggman: Sonic? Why is everyone talking about Sonic?! I'll make everyone talk about me!
[Eggman presses a button, making a gigantic machine appear and suck in Amy and Tails.]
Tails (heard offscreen): Eggman! Help!
[The screen shows Tails being sucked into the machine]
Tails: Sonic! Where are you?
[A blue trail runs across the streets. It is soon after revealed to be Sonic.]
Sonic: Did someone call my name?
[The camera shows Amy and Tails trapped in Eggman's machine, and then it zooms out to show Sonic as well.]
Sonic: Hey! My friends! You're going down, Eggman!
Dr. Eggman: Haha! Not so fast! You'll have to get by my latest inventions ever...
[A math robot falls down from the sky and lands in front of Sonic.]
Dr. Eggman: wonderful math robots!
Chris (heard offscreen): Sonic. You must defeat those math robots and rescue your friends! You're the only one who can do it!
Sonic: I'm always up for a challenge! Bring it on!
[The camera shows Sonic sliding down into the mountains. He is then shown running across a street, before a close-up view of him is shown. After that, the screen shows Sonic in a purple room, and then running in a green screen. After that, Sonic runs across a street, and gives a thumbs-up to the player in an orange room. The text "SONIC X" appears in a blue background, with Sonic posing behind it.]

Before Station Square

[The screen shows Sonic running through a loop, and then heading to Station Square, flipping a dark green sign that reads "STATION SQUARE".]
Chris (heard offscreen: You're going to: Station Square! Good luck!

After Station Square

[A faraway view of Station Square in front of a pink sky is shown on the screen. Sonic then runs at full speed towards the camera, where he stops and gives a thumbs-up to the player. He then runs to the left.]

Before Angel Island

[Sonic slides down a large green rail with lots of plants. Once he goes to the bottom, he runs to the camera, before he is sent up by a geyser.]
Chris (heard offscreen: You're sliding to: Angel Island! Enjoy the view!

After Angel Island

[A faraway view of an island in front of a blue sky is shown. Sonic then runs at full speed from that island, crossing the water, and stopping in front of the camera, giving a thumbs-up to the player before running off to the left.]

Before Eggman's Base

[Sonic is shown running through Eggman's Base, before stopping underneath a dark gray and red UFO, which catches him and takes him upwards.]
Chris (heard offscreen: You're warping into: Eggman's Base! Try to come back in one piece!

After Eggman's Base

[Scene: Station Square. The screen shows close-up view of a frustrated Eggman in the Egg Mobile.]
Dr. Eggman: Gah! Beaten by that blue hedgehog again!
[The camera zooms out, as Eggman flies away.]
Dr. Eggman: He won't be so lucky next time!
[Sonic then runs into a crowd of people cheering him, and stops next to Chris.]
Chris: Sonic! You did it! You saved the day!
Sonic: No sweat for these fast feet! So remember kids, don't use math robots in a math contest against hedgehogs!
[Sonic winks to the screen, which fades to black.]