Sonic X is an educational game released for the Leapster handheld learning game system. It is based on the Sonic X anime and is aimed towards children between the ages five to seven. Progress is made primarily through solving mathematical problems such as numerical ordering, addition and subtraction.


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Sonic X starts with Christopher Thorndyke in Station Square introducing himself as Sonic's friend. Then, Dr. Eggman, jealous of Sonic's name being everywhere, kidnaps Amy, Tails and Knuckles, telling Sonic that he will have to pass through his new math robots.

After completing all levels, Sonic's friends are saved and Eggman's plans are foiled.


Sonic in Station Square, the first zone in the game.

Sonic X is an educational game where the player takes control of Sonic, whom they must lead through a series of zones. Sonic's moveset resembles that from earlier Sonic the Hedgehog games; he can move left and right and jump.

Throughout the levels, the player will find many mathematical problems, which require them to find the right numbers in the right order; doing so will make them progress. Goal Plates are sometimes seen, and Star Posts finish the levels. Golden rings are also scattered all over the place, with ninety-nine of them appearing in each level. Finishing a level with all the golden rings collected will grant the player a Chaos emerald, or will power up the Master emerald if the player has collected all seven Chaos emeralds.

In addition to the average zones, Sonic X features three mini-games, which can be acceded either through their respective zones or through a boat symbol in the map. The mini-games are:




Gimmicks and obstacles


Playable characters

Non-playable characters


Sonic X has three zones divided into three levels each. In each level, the player must solve simple mathematical problems. The zones are:

  1. Station Square: Teaches the player number identification, number/object association and skip counting by 2s, 5s and 10s.[4]
  2. Angel Island: Teaches the player simple and intermediate addition, with and without visual support.[4]
  3. Eggman's Base: Teaches the player simple and intermediate substraction, with and without visual support.[4]









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