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Sonic X: The Chaos Factor is the second volume of the Sonic X DVD series released in America. It contains four episodes of the series. It also features profiles of some characters in Sonic X and a Sonic X FoxBox campaign.

Episode synopses

Chaos Emerald Chaos

It's pandemonium when a workman accidentally uncovers a Chaos Emerald at a construction site. Eggman races to the scene, but Chris grabs the powerful gem first. Soon Chris and Eggman are locked in a soaring struggle as they grapple for the jewel high above Station Square!

Cracking Knuckles

Chris is having a tough time hiding his new friends' identities from Mr. Tanaka and Ella, so he whisks Amy and Tails away on a troublesome train trip to see Sonic in Silver Valley. Fueled by Eggman's fiery lies, Knuckles goes, too... and challenges Sonic to a destructive duel!


Dr. Eggman creates "Intelligente" - a robot teacher designed to sniff out Sonic's secrets. But when the robot forgets his assignment and charms his way into the hearts of Chris' classmates, Eggman demands that Intelligente do his duty. Will this robo-teacher learn his lesson... or will Eggman be out-classed?

Party Hardly

When Chris' movie star mom plans a party, Chris has to stay on his toes to keep his new friends a secret. And once Chris' Uncle Sam and Mr. Stewart get on the guest list, Chris knows it's an invitation to trouble! Can he manage to keep Sonic and his friends in line and out of sight?


  • The description for "Cracking Knuckles" state that Chris, Amy and Tails went to Silver Valley to see Sonic although their actual purpose is to look for a Chaos Emerald that is said to be located there.
  • The description for "Techno-Teacher" states that E-51 Intelligente was created to sniff out Sonic's secrets although his actual purpose was to brainwash Chris' schoolmates.



Sonic X The Chaos Factor trailer

Sonic X The Chaos Factor trailer

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