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Sonic X
Sonic X: Countdown To Chaos

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Sonic X: Countdown To Chaos is the sixth volume of the Sonic X DVD series released in America. It contains five episodes of the series.

Episode synopses

Little Chao Lost

Eggman thinks Chris and friends found another Emerald. He unleashes E-66 upon our heroes, which sets off an environmental disaster.

Emerald Anniversary

Chris has an unhappy birthday when his gift, the sixth Chaos Emerald, is swiped by Eggman.

How To Catch A Hedgehog

Chris and Chuck must figure out what is keeping Sonic's legs running at all times before he runs himself ragged.

A Dastardly Deed

Knuckles calls a truce with Eggman and convinces Chris to give up all their Chaos Emeralds. Will Eggman live up to his end of the bargain?

Countdown To Chaos

A mysterious island appears when the seventh emerald drops into the water along with Eggman's emeralds.


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