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Sonic X: A Super Sonic Hero

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Sonic X: A Super Sonic Hero is the first volume of the Sonic X DVD series released in America. It contains the first three episodes of the series and includes the first episode of Season 2 "Pure Chaos" as a "bonus episode".

Episode synopses

Chaos Control Freaks

When the heroic hedgehog smashes into Dr. Eggman's heavily guarded compound to snatch the seventh Chaos Emerald, Eggman panics and initiates Chaos Control. Blasted into a confusing new world, Sonic's soon the target of a high-speed police squad that'll stop at nothing to get their man... or their hedgehog!

Sonic to the Rescue

Sonic learns that his buddies Cream and Cheese are being held at a top-secret military base, so Chuck hatches up a plan to save them. The mission goes smoothly - until Sonic finds the base is booby trapped! Then it's a full-throttle race against time to a starting last-minute surprise!

Missile Wrist Rampage

Dr. Eggman unleashes a lethal robot named Missile Wrist to help him crush Sonic and conquer Station Square. Sonic and the robot square off for a showdown, but Missile Wrist seizes Amy. With her as a hostage, Sonic is faced with an impossible choice: save the city or his friend!

Pure Chaos

It's six months since the second Chaos Control, and things in Station Square seem pretty quiet. But Eggman has secretly been cooking up his most devilish creation yet: Chaos. And the doctor has his new weird creature on a strange and dangerous diet. It grows more powerful with each Chaos Emerald he feeds it!

Other features

  • Character profiles: Profiles of some characters in Sonic X and a Sonic X FoxBox campaign.


  • A Super Sonic Hero was also released on the Game Boy Advance Video except that it only had the first two episodes.
  • The first episode was mistakenly referred to as "Chaos Control Freak".
  • The synopsis of "Missile Wrist Rampage" stated Sonic has a choice to either save Amy who is held captive by Missile Wrist or the city although in the actual episode, Amy was released when Sonic arrived at Station Square.



Sonic X A Super Sonic Hero trailer

Sonic X A Super Sonic Hero trailer

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