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This is a set of general guidelines to follow when creating and editing mainspace articles concerning an Object (can be sometimes referred to as 'Gimmicks') related to the Sonic the Hedgehog series franchise. Although this is an official guide, editors are encouraged to stray from them if it will improve the overall quality of the article.


  • Yellow boxes are general guidelines meant to pertain to the main text on the page.
  • Green boxes are guidelines for headers.
  • Red boxes are guidelines for anything else.

Some main space pages regarding the subject may have an abundance of images and screenshots available which make render the page unnecessarily large and difficult to navigate. A separate gallery-tab page (If there are sixteen images inside the gallery) from the main object page is to be created and placed at the very top, here.
There may be multiple pages in relation to the primary article including versions of the object in other media such as Comic Books, TV Shows or suchlike with a similar sounding name but may or may not have different functionality or design. A note for, and the creation or linking of disambiguation pages should be created here.
Add a quote here. Preferably a short description of the object from official sources such as a written source or a quote said by a character's experience, viewpoints, history or significance in regard to the object. The 'Quote left' template is to be used here.
The "Infobox Item" template is to be inserted here. Information in regards to the object(s) are to be filled as much as possible including, but not limited to; The games(s) and level (s), required attacks to defeat it, previous boss and next boss. Image of the boss or loading title for the boss' level is preferred and is to be placed inside the image field of the infobox.
This is the summary. The purpose of this is to surmise the object(s) in accordance to the medias it appears in. Information should include a very brief description of what the object is, its in-universe creation or origin, its abilities and its functionality.


This is the Description section. The purpose of this section is to provide information on the abilities, functionality or appearance/design of the object, and only the object.

Additional content of the description section depends on the context it is used in. If the section is used to describe a game gimmick like the Spring, the section should not only include what is mentioned above, but also elaboration on its effect in gameplay, like the effects it has on its environment or characters, or where the object can be either commonly, or only, found. If it is used to describe an object with no relationship to gameplay in mind, information here must be written strictly from an in-universe perspective.

The structure of the description section can be divided into additional subsections to better arrange and separate the specific types of elaborations on the object(s), like "Appearance", "Powers and traits" etc. While this is normally done when the descriptions on the object(s) becomes so expansive that they need division, this can ultimately be done on any object(s) if the editor thinks the contents in the description section are better organized this way. For example:

  • Confusion: This object has little to tell about its appearance and other qualities outside gameplay in its description section, so giving it subsections like "Appearance" or "Features and traits" will only be excessive. Instead, it is given one coherent description covering all of its qualities.
  • Tails' Plane: The collective description on this object is expansive, so dividing it gives it a better sense of organization. This collective description can be divided into two subjects: "Appearance" (which elaborates on the design of the plane) and "Features and abilities" (which elaborates on the capabilities of the plane).


This is the History section. The purpose of this section is to provide information the history of the in-universe story contents that occur relating to the object, like how it was created or discovered and the possible dates or years, whom had discovered or created it, sequences of significant events related to it (eg. stolen by a perpetrator in the past, or who used it and for what purpose), when and how it was damaged or destroyed (if it was) and similar relevant information. Any other information not related to the history of the object(s), like comparisons to other subjects or gameplay mechanics, is not permitted here.

Game appearances/Other game appearances/Overview[]

This is the Game appearances/Other game appearances/Overview section. This section is purely reserved for objects that have appeared in games. The purpose of this section is to provide information on the object(s) in the games they appear in. This section is used instead of the History section if the editor deems it necessary to not only elaborate on the object(s) in-universe role in the game (like in the History section), but also things like its gameplay mechanics, integration into gameplay, and its game controls. It is also written instead of the history section if the object(s) is solely involved in the gameplay and has no effect on the main storyline.

Alternatively, this section is written alongside the "History" section for the object(s) if the object(s) in question already has a in-universe history description, but has no content in the game it appears in that is considered cannon to its main history. This includes games where the object only makes an appearance, is mentioned or used without being involved in the storyline directly.

Noticeably, if the object has only made one game appearance and has no need for a History section, this section is named "Overview". If the object has made multiple game appearances and has no need for a History section, this section is named "Game appearances", and each primary game appearance of the object(s) must be divided into sub-headings/sections. If an object has appeared in a game which is treated as a part of the "History" section mentioned above, this sections must be named (or renamed in case the object makes an appearance in a later game which is not treated as a part of its history) "Other game appearances".

In other media[]

There may already exist, or require, a main space article dedicated to any and all information regarding the object in other media. The "Main" template is to be used here to create a link to the main article regarding the subject in its form in other media.
This area is to provide a short description and summary of the object's appearance, creation and functionality in other media. It should be similar to the introductory paragraph and being no longer than necessary and kept brief.


The Trivia section is about small pieces of information about the object that do not fit in any of the sections above. Here, the editor must make a list of these little-known facts by using bullet points (*), where each piece of information being given its own paragraph. Please note it is required that the Trivia is informative, not lengthy and pointless.


This section is for images of the object. It is recommended to be limited to insertion of significant images in relation to the object. Such images should include screenshots of the object(s) itself, the level from which it resides in or from gameplay, screenshots from cutscenes, official artwork, concept arts, promotional works such as advertisement or other imagery which may feature the subject, or parts of the subject or the stage which it appears in, but may not be the sole focus of (eg. the cover-art of a game may feature the object) and cameo appearances.
  • All imagery to be placed in the gallery must be of official sources only (Having appeared in at least 1 officially released, or licensed media.)


References and citations of where each piece of information gathered from is to be placed here, utilising the "Reflist" template.