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12 Questions With is an interview series hosted by Sonic Wiki Zone that features people that have worked on/with the Sonic franchise and/or a major contributor to the Sonic fandom. Interviews are done in seasons and are posted two weeks apart from each other.


  • SilverPlays97 (Editor-in-chief, Interviewer)
  • (Graphic designer)
  • (Editor)
  • (Editor)


The purpose of the 12 Questions series is to promote Sonic Wiki Zone in order to get more traffic to the site and to get new users. The interview series is also here to promote the interviewee so their work can be recognized and supported.


The Interviewee should be a notable person in the Sonic community or someone who has worked on something Sonic-related. It can range from an artist from the IDW comic series, to a well-known Sonic fan artist. For now, the series avoids high profile people, such as Yuji Naka or Roger Craig Smith. The series focuses on people with a realativly large following or people with a smaller following that could use the boost in recognition. Contact to potential interviewees should be done through email. In them, introduce them to what SWZ is, invite them to an interview, and say they will have an opportunity to promote themselves and share how people can directly support them.

The Interview[]


Interviews should be done wherever the Interviewer and interviewee are the most comfortable. Good suggestions are Discord, Twitter messages, Zoom, Whatsapp, and email.


The majority of interviews in a season should be ready to post before the season begins.


  • The first questions should be focused on basic information on the interviewee. Let the audience get to know the interviewee. How long have they worked in their profession? What led them to do what they do? What is their first memory of Sonic?
  • There should be at least 3 or 4 questions that incorporate SWZ. This can be from an image, gallery, article, transcript, DB post, a blog post, or any relevant item from the wiki. This is very important to incorporate as it will entice the viewers to browse SWZ. For example, if you were interviewing Ian Flynn, you could say "Sonic Wiki Zone has categorized all of your creations in the Archie Sonic universe. Out of the over 300 characters, which one did you enjoy creating the most?". If you are interviewing an artist, you could say "Recently, SWZ had a DB about character design. Which Sonic character has the best Design?"
  • Other questions can include current projects the interviewee is working on, what the interviewee thinks about current Sonic news, ext. Learn about your interviewee before creating questions. Be creative with your questions and don't be afraid to be funny. The interviewer and interviewee should both feel comfortable.
  • The last question should always be something to promote the interviewee, one of the projects they are working on, or give them a chance to share an avenue to support them.

Remember to always thank the interviewee for the interview and keep them updated on when it will be posted.


  1. Find a candidate to interview
  2. Contact the potential interviewee
  3. The candidate agrees to an interview and it is decided where it will be done
  4. Have 15-20 questions ready
  5. Review questions with others
  6. Send questions/conduct interview
  7. Get answers
  8. Narrow down to the 12 best questions and answers
  9. Wikify interview and incorporate it into the layout
  10. Review final interview with others
  11. Post when needed. Share interview via Twitter, Wiki messages, and the front page

Posting an Interview[]

When the interview is properly formatted and proofread, create a subpage for the interview. The title of the page should be "Sonic Wiki Zone:12 Questions With/(name of interviewee)". Post the promotional image on twitter and the Template:Wiki/News and Updates gallery (make sure the link goes to the interview). Post a discussion thread about the interview on the DB as well (make the Title "12 Questions With (name of interviewee) discussion"). Interviews should be posted biweekly during a season.

List of Interviewees[]

Season 1[]


Be sure to include links to pages on SWZ.

[[ promotional image |center|400px]]
Welcome to Sonic Wiki Zone's interview series: 12 Questions With! This week our interviewee is {INTERVIEWEE}. {A few sentences about the interviewee}

*Follow {INTERVIEWEE} on:
**'''{list of interviewee's social media'''

Without a further ado, here is 12 Questions With {INTERVIEWEE}!

<big>''{QUESTION 1}''</big>
:[[ format associated files like this|250px]]

<big>''{QUESTION 2}''</big>

<big>''{QUESTION 3}''</big>
::''{Format follow-up questions like this}''
:::{Follow-up answer}

<big>''{QUESTION 4}''</big>

<big>''{QUESTION 5}''</big>

<big>''{QUESTION 6}''</big>

<big>''{QUESTION 7}''</big>

<big>''{QUESTION 8}''</big>

<big>''{QUESTION 9}''</big>

<big>''{QUESTION 10}''</big>

<big>''{QUESTION 11}''</big>

<big>''{QUESTION 12}''</big>

{INTERVIEWEE}, thank you for interviewing with us! 

Be sure to join us next time, where we have 12 Questions With {NEXT INTERVIEWEE}!

<small>''This interview was conducted by {INTERVIEWER}''</small>

<div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" data-expandtext="{{int:show}}" data-collapsetext="{{int:hide}}">
<div class="mw-collapsible-content">
*List credits

<big><big>[LinkToDisscusionPost Have a question for {INTERVIEWEE}? Join the Discussion here!]</big></big>
(link to last interview)