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This is a script of the cutscenes in the Wii/PlayStation 2 version of Sonic Unleashed.


[Scene: Outer space above earth.]

[Eggman's battle fleet comes into view and Eggman is seen in the control room on board his flagship.]
Eggman: Oh ho ho ho!
[An alarm sounds]
Eggman: Hmmmm?!
[Sonic arrives on Eggman's fleet. Alarms are sounded, battalions of Egg Fighters emerge, and cannons turn towards Sonic.]
Eggman: Fire!
[On Eggman's command, the cannons shoot. Sonic dodges the blasts and barges through the Egg Fighters. Eggman arrives in a mech and shoots at Sonic, who dodges it.]
Eggman: Why you little!
[Eggman continues with an onslaught of gunfire and missiles and Sonic escapes into a corridor.]
Eggman: You're not getting away!
[Eggman shoots his mech's hand after Sonic.]
[Sonic runs down the corridor before noticing the mech's incoming hand to grab him and yank him back to Eggman.]
Sonic: Wuh-oh!
[Sonic is grabbed by the mech's hand and is pulled back to Eggman, where Sonic summons the Chaos Emeralds.]
Eggman: What?!
[Eggman's mech closes its hands around Sonic. Sonic transforms into Super Sonic and blows the mech's arms off in the process. Super Sonic then shoots through the mech before turning around for another strike. Eggman, realizing he's in trouble, escapes in his Egg Mobile.]
Eggman: Uh oh, time to go!
[Super Sonic follows Eggman through his battle feet, destroying the flagship and several other smaller ships, until they arrive at the Chaos Energy Cannon. As Eggman enters the main room of the station, he falls out of the Egg Mobile. Super Sonic bursts through the floor.]
Eggman: S-Sonic! [Falls down on his knees and begs] I-I'm sorry! R-really! L-look, go easy on me! I'll turn over a new leaf, I swear! Just give me a chance!
Super Sonic: Well, this is new. Showing remorse, Eggman? If you played nice, I wouldn't have to break all your toys.
Eggman: [Grinning as he pushes a hidden button] Gotcha.
[Panels emerges from the floor.]
Super Sonic: Wha?
[Super Sonic attempts to escape, but is trapped in a high energy shield while Eggman laughs. Sonic has the Chaos Emeralds ripped out of him, returning him to normal while he screams in pain. The Chaos Energy Cannon starts to open.]
Eggman: Ho ho ho ho ho! Oh, I've waited a long time for this! [presses a button] Fire!
[The Chaos Energy Cannon fires a beam on earth. The earth breaks apart and Dark Gaia starts to emerge from the planet's core. Eggman watches the event.]
Eggman: Whoooah!
[Dark Gaia rises from the planet's core. Meanwhile, Sonic transforms into Sonic the Werehog. The Chaos Emeralds fall down around Sonic the Werehog and the Chaos Energy Cannon deactivates.]
Eggman: Ho ho ho! Success! A brilliant success! It's just as the Gaia Manuscripts foretold! The entity that was sealed within the planet has awakened. Now I just need to harness its power. Eggman Land will finally come to be! Nyah ha ha ha!
Sonic the Werehog: You've really... gone and done it this time, Eggman.
Eggman: Ahh, Sonic. That's a good look for you. Festive! So long, friend!
[Eggman seals himself safely inside his Egg Mobile before opening the airlock. Sonic the Werehog tries to hold on, but fails. Sonic the Werehog and the Chaos Emeralds are sucked out into space and fall towards the earth. Dark Gaia screeches before breaking apart and scattering across the planet.]

A New Journey

[Scene: Above Windmill Isle, at the crack of dawn.]

[Sonic the Werehog falls unconscious through the sky, when he wakes up and is surrounded by a force field that stops his fall.]
Sonic the Werehog: Huh?
[The force field disappears and Sonic the Werehog falls down again.]
Sonic the Werehog: NOOOO!
[Sonic the Werehog hits the ground with his head and the Chaos Emeralds land around him. He pulls his head out of the ground and gasps for air.]
Sonic the Werehog: What the heck is going on?
[Sonic the Werehog sighs and looks around. He notices Chip nearby lying on the ground then he then picks him up.]
Sonic the Werehog: Hey! Are you okay?!
Chip: Can't... I can't... Eat another bite.
Sonic the Werehog: Hey! [Shakes Chip] Pull yourself together!
Chip: [Awakens] Huh? [Looks Sonic the Werehog over] Aaaaah!
[Chip kicks Sonic the Werehog in the face and hides behind a rock]
Chip: Don't eat me! I taste bad!
Sonic the Werehog: You OK? Nothing broken?
Chip: [Calms down and approaches Sonic the Werehog] Oh, I'm just fine! Thanks for asking, Mister Monster Guy!
Sonic the Werehog: Mister... Monster guy? [Looks himself over] Looks like things have gotten pretty ugly.
Chip: Yeah! Look at those teeth! And those claws! What's your name anyway?
Sonic the Werehog: I'm Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog. And you are?
Chip: Huh? Hmmmm. Huh? What IS my name? AHHH! I dont know! I can't remember!
Sonic the Werehog: What, you forgot who you are?
Chip: Yup. I remember something falling from the sky... [Bodyslams himself to the ground] and everything just going all white... and then nothing! [Stumbles around in daze] I can't remember a thing past that!
Sonic the Werehog: Uh-oh. [Turns to the camera] Did I fall on him?
Chip: Oh, man, what am I gonna do?! What CAN I do? Where do I go from here?! What'll I.. Oof, I'm hungry. [Drops down]
Sonic the Werehog: [Catches Chip in his hand] Hey, don't worry! I'll help you get your memory back.
Chip: Really? You mean it? [Flies up on top of Sonic the Werehog's head]
Sonic the Werehog: Absolutely! I'm sure we'll find somebody who knows you if we look around.
Chip: Oh, thank you! [Gets off Sonic the Werehog's head] You're the best, Mister Monster Guy-- I mean, Sonic the Hedgehog!
[Sonic the Werehog and Chip share a happy hive-five]
Sonic the Werehog and Chip: Ha ha ha!
[Chip flies around and Sonic the Werehog notices the sunrise. Sonic suddenly starts transforming back to normal]
Sonic the Werehog: Nnnngh!
[Sonic returns to his normal form and looks himself over with surprise.]
Chip: [Looks in awe] Whoa.
Sonic: [Looks himself over] Huh? Wha?
Chip: That was amazing!

Special Sundae

[Scene: Apotos, day.]

[Sonic and Chip enter Apotos.]
Sonic: [Juggles with two Chaos Emeralds.] What do you figure THAT was all about? The hair, and those arms, and... And look at the Chaos Emeralds.
Chip: So is this what you usually look like?
Sonic: Yeah, this is the REAL me! Pretty cool, huh? [Notices Chip is gone] Huh? Where'd you go?
[Flies in front of the Ice Cream Vendor's shop and looks over a Sundae Supreme.]
Chip: Ooooh.
Ice Cream Vendor: [Prepares the Sundae Supreme while talking to Chip] Looks good, don't it? That there Chocolate Chipped Cream Sundae Supreme is the pride of the city! The whole world can come tumbling down, but they'll still line up for a taste!
[Chip is taken in by the deliciousness of the Sundae Supreme.]
Sonic: [Yells at Chip from afar and waves] Hey! What about your memories?
Chip: [Drools] Chocolate chip... sundae... supreeeeme!
Ice Cream Vendor: [Grabs Sundae Supreme and waves it around] Ha ha, you said it! Enjoy it, kiddo. Satisfaction guaranteed! If you don't love it, you get your money back!
Sonic: HEY! [shrugs]
Chip: Oh, I looooove it!
[Screen fades away and shows Sonic and Chip standing a distance away from the Ice Cream Vendor's shop, having bought a Sundae Supreme for each of them. Chip is eating his ice cream.]
Chip: Mmmm-mm! Wow, this chip-whatever stuff is great!
Sonic: If you say so... How about you give me a hand and help look for somebody who knows you, Chip?
Chip: Chip?
Sonic: Gotta call you something, don't I? Whaddya think?
Chip: Yeah! Chip... Chip! I love it! Yum!
Sonic: Now what do you say we start asking around and see if anybody here knows you?
Chip: Okay!

The First Night

[Scene: Apotos, evening.]

[Sonic and Chip walk through Apotos.]
Chip: Hmmm. Still no luck finding anyone who knows me.
Sonic: Don't worry about it. Maybe your memory'll come back on its own. [walks in front of Chip] Remember anything yet?
Chip: [thinks for a moment] Mmm... Nope!
Sonic: Oh, well.
[The sun sets completely and the street lights turn on. Sonic ducks down and groans.]
Chip: Sonic?
[Sonic transforms into Sonic the Werehog as his groan becomes a loud growl, while Chip falls down.]
Chip: Whoooa, Mister Monster Guy is back!
Sonic the Werehog: So, when the sun goes down, I turn into... this?
Chip: Are you okay, Sonic?
Sonic the Werehog: I'm fine... I just need to be careful who sees me like this.
Chip: [Notices the Ice Cream Vendor] Sonic! Sonic, look!
Sonic the Werehog: What is it?
[Chip and Sonic the Werehog walk over to the Ice Cream Vendor, who has purple clouds emitting from him, at his shop. He is behaving much differently from when they saw him during the day.]
Ice Cream Vendor: [Weeps] It's hopeless. The whole planet has split apart. We're doomed.
Chip: Mister? Hey, Mister! Hey, don't cry! Uhh... Ice cream! [Grabs an ice cone] How about some more of this super-tasty stuff?
Ice Cream Vendor: What good is ice cream at a time like this? [Weeps]
[Chip accidentally drops the ice cone.]
Sonic the Werehog: Whoops!
[Sonic grabs the ice cone by stretching out his arm.]
Chip: S-Sonic?! Your arm just stretched!
Sonic the Werehog: Weird... [Places ice cone back from afar by stretching his arm] but it could be useful.
[The Ice Cream Vendor sees the display before resuming with weeping shortly after. Sonic the Werehog shrugs at his behavior.]

Tails in Trouble!

[Scene: Windmill Isle, night.]

[Tails is being surrounded by a Titan, four Nightmares and two Deep Nightmares.]
Tails: Whoa, hey! Settle down, guys! C'mon! H-heeelp! [Flies away and hides]

To Spagonia!

[Scene: Windmill Isle, night.]

[Sonic the Werehog stands before two Nightmares and one Deep Nightmare who quickly dissolve after being bested by him.]
Sonic the Werehog: Hey, Tails.
Tails: [Comes out from his hiding place] Sonic?!
[The Moon comes out from behind the clouds, lighting up the area and Sonic the Werehog, who turns to face Tails to show off the front of himself to his buddy.]
Sonic the Werehog: What are you doing out here?
Tails: Sonic... Is that really you? [Flies over to Sonic the Werehog] That's a new look. What happened?
Sonic the Werehog: You know me. Never a dull moment.
[Chip comes out from behind Sonic the Werehog, pulls out a chocolate bar and offers it to Tails.]
Chip: Want some chocolate?
Tails: Uh, thanks.
[Sonic the Werehog, Tails and Chip leaves the site of the battle while Sonic the Werehog explains his adventure so far.]
Tails: That's some story. I'll bet that means that you turning into... that... and the planet breaking apart are somehow related.
Sonic the Werehog: I need to find Eggman and make him fix this, and FAST!
Tails: About that... I think I know someone who might know something about what's going on here.
Sonic the Werehog: Oh, really?
Tails: Professor Pickle, over at Spagonia University. I came to this city to gather some data. If we add that to his research findings, we might be able to get to the bottom of all this.
Sonic the Werehog: Spagonia? That's a continent over. An easy jog, if the planet weren't broken.
Tails: No problem! My Tornado-1 will get us there in a flash. Let's get going!
Sonic the Werehog: Leave it to you, Tails! Let's get moving!
[Sonic the Werehog, Tails and Chip get on-board the Tornado-1 and take off. Tails is in the cockpit while Sonic the Werehog grips a pair of handlebars just behind the pilot's seat.]


[Scene: Professor Pickle's lab, Spagonia, day.]

[Sonic, Tails and Chip are talking to Professor Pickle's Assistant.]
Tails: Whaaat? Professor Pickle's been kidnapped?!
Professor Pickle's Assistant: It was a little bit before the tremors hit. This old man showed up... With a... [Mimics a large belly] And a... [Mimics a large mustache] And a whole PACK of robots. They carried poor Professor Pickle off, lab data and all!
Tails: It can't be!
Sonic: That sure sounds like Eggman.
Chip: What a horrible thing to do! We've got to go help that professor guy out, and fast! If he got kidnapped that long ago, he's got to be really hungry by now! And-and, if I was that hungry... I-I don't know how long I would last! I'd rather be dead!
[Chip's body drops to the floor while his ghost remains in the air. His ghost tries to resume talking, but then looks himself over before noticing his body on the floor and heads for it.]
Tails: I-I'm sure Eggman is feeding him. Even he's not that cruel.
Sonic: Okay, [Chip's ghost returns to his body and Chip wakes up] let's go and find the professor!

Same As Ever

[Scene: Eggman's hideout, Mazuri, night.]

[Sonic the Werehog, Tails and Chip enter the room with Professor Pickle's holding cell and sees Pickle inside his cell.]
Tails: Professor Pickle! Are you all right? We got here as fast as we could! [Flies up to Pickle's cell with Chip.]
Pickle: Hmmm...
Tails: [Knocks on cell] Professor?
Chip: Uh, hello?
Pickle: [Holds up a sandwich] How dare they call this culinary concoction food? Look here, do you see this sorry excuse for a sandwich? The bread should be no less than 3/4 of an inch thick. Upon it, one tablespoon of mayonnaise and a pinch of black pepper. The contents: FRESH cucumber sliced THINLY if you please! Am I quite right, Tails?
[Tails and Chip look at each other in confusion and bewilderment over Professor Pickle being more concerned about his food than his imprisonment by Eggman.]
Chip: I know I learned something here today!
Tails: P-Professor... It's good to see you haven't changed!
Pickle: But tell me, what brings you here? The menu is hardly worth the trip, if you ask me.
Tails: N-no, Professor. We came here to rescue you!
[Tails presses a button that opens Pickle's cell.]
Pickle: Oh? Oh! I see, how rude of me. [Leaves his cell] Right, first things first! It's about time someone taught the chief here how to make a proper sandwich.
Tails: [Blocks Pickle's path] You can file a complaint later, Professor!
Sonic the Werehog: Let's get out of here before Eggman's welcome committee shows up.
Pickle: Oh, yes. Quite. [Points at a nearby vault] But let us be sure to collect the contents of that vault before departing.
[Sonic the Werehog nods and punches the vault open from afar. Once the door has been punched into pieces from Sonic's attack, Tails flies in and retrieves the Gaia Manuscripts and presents them to Professor Pickle.]
Pickle: Ahh, thank you. Those documents are our only hope for surviving this crisis. Let's go. There's no time to lose. I'm half-starved after being fed nothing but those terrible sandwiches!
Chip: [Flies up to Pickle and pulls out a chocolate bar] Want some chocolate, Professor?
Pickle: My, my! Don't mind if I do! [Takes Chip's chocolate bar]
[Professor Pickle and Chip leave. Tails and Sonic the Werehog shrug at each other and leave the room after them.]

Gaia Manuscripts

[Scene: Pickle's Lab, Spagonia, night.]

[Sonic the Werehog and Tails are listening to Professor Pickle while Chip drinks tea.]
Pickle: These ancient documents are known as the Gaia Manuscripts. They tell the legend of a disaster that befell our planet some tens of thousands of years ago.
Tails: A disaster...?
Pickle: Quite. And according to the Gaia Manuscripts... this isn't the first time the planet has been broken apart into pieces.
[Sonic the Werehog and Tails gasp while Professor Pickle takes a sip of his tea.]
Pickle: The cause lies at the very core of the planet. All of the phenomena we've witnessed are the direct result of one creature-- the hyper-energy organism spawned at the planet's core, Dark Gaia.
[Chip flies up to Sonic the Werehog, asking for more tea, but Sonic pushes him away.]
Tails: So how do we stop this Dark Gaia and put the world back together?
Pickle: Luckily, Dark Gaia has yet to be fully reborn. We most likely have Dr. Eggman's pre-mature wake-up call to thank for that. [Chip takes the tea kettle from the table.] If we act now, we may be able to restore the planet by returning power to the Chaos Emeralds. [Sonic the Werehog pulls out a Chaos Emerald.] Sonic, you must travel to each of the temples listed in the Gaia Manuscripts. The planet's power will restore the Chaos Emeralds, and in turn the Chaos Emeralds will restore the planet and help it heal naturally.
[Sonic the Werehog and Tails nods while Chip pours himself some more tea.]

Eggman Again

[Scene: Mazuri, day.]

[Eggman and SA-55 are in the village with a group of Egg Fighters. Kwami, Kofi, Yawa and Gwek form a defensive line against the Egg Fighters while Ana, Essie, Kwod and Yaya hide behind them. Various chatter of anger and fear can be heard from the villagers as they look at Eggman.]
Yawa: [Points at Eggman] Wh-who are you?!
Eggman: Oh ho ho ho! Fear not my good villagers! If you all behave, I won't have to do anything nasty. All you need to do is tell me where the Temple of Gaia is.
Kwod: We're not telling you anything! [Throws a rock at Eggman]
[Eggman is hit by Kwod's rock, leaving him in a daze. Kwami pulls Kwod back while the rest of the village men get into defensive positions. Gwek holds both of his arms out as if to tell his villagers to avoid provoking Eggman further. Meanwhile, SA-55 laughs at Eggman until Eggman folds him back together.]
Eggman: So you dare to defy me, do you?
[Sonic appears and destroys the Egg Fighters with the Homing Attack]
Eggman: Wh-whaaat?! Sonic!
Sonic: [Lands on the ground with Chip] Yo, Eggman. Thanks for that little skydiving adventure the other day!
Eggman: I should have known you'd still be alive, you stubborn little hedgehog!
Sonic: What are you doing out here?
Eggman: I see no reason to tell you! In any case, I'm busy. Farewell!
[Eggman closes the dome, deploys the engines, and flies away in his Egg Mobile]
Chip: Wha-? Hey! Wait! [Flies up and tries to grab Eggman while the villagers look on] That's playin' dirty! Come baaack!
Sonic: Just ignore him. [Turns to the villagers] Is everyone here all right?
[The majority of the villagers answer Sonic and thank him. Meanwhile, Yawa looks in the direction Eggman fled and Chip continues to grab after Eggman.]

The Egg Beetle

[Scene: Savannah Citadel, day.]

[Sonic runs down a wooden path where he catches up to Eggman flying beside the Egg Beetle in his Egg Mobile.]
Sonic: Eggman!
Eggman: [Notices Sonic] Rrgh! How'd you get here so quickly? No matter. Your road ends here!
[Eggman flies up in front of Sonic with the Egg Beetle while Sonic slides to a stop.]
Eggman: Behold! My new power! "Egg Beetle," GO!
[Eggman joins his Egg Mobile with the Egg Beetle and is prepared for battle. The Egg Beetle clamps its pincers together to show it is ready for combat. Sonic gets ready for the fight while Chip flies up beside him, striking a pose.]

Temple Entrance

[Scene: Savannah Citadel, day.]

[Sonic and Chip finds the Mazurian Gaia Temple.]
Sonic: It that the Temple of Gaia?
Chip: Let's check it out!
[Sonic and Chip look at each other before jumping towards the Gaia Temple.]

Temple Activated!

[Scene: Mazuri's Gaia Temple, day.]

[Sonic and Chip venture through the Gaia Temple.]
Chip: Whoa! Awesome!
Sonic: What IS this place?
Chip: [Notices central altar and points] Hey, Sonic! There's something weird here, right in the middle!
[Chip flies up to the middle of the altar and looks down into the recess.]
Chip: Hey, what's this hole?
Sonic: Wait! [reaches out] There could be some kind of--
[The Gaia Temple briefly shakes and the altar and Chip's necklace start glowing.]
Chip: Whoa, wha-? HEY!
[Sonic stands ready while Chip hides behind him when a smaller pedestal emerges from the altar. Sonic and Chip slowly approach and look down at the pedestal.]
Chip: Hmm? What's that?
[Contemplating their discovery, Sonic places the green Chaos Emerald in the pedestal. The Chaos Emerald rises into the air and Sonic and Chip watches in awe as the Chaos Emerald's power is restored.]
Chip: Wahoo! The emerald's come back to life!
Sonic: This was the Temple of Gaia! That's got to be why Eggman was so keen on taking the place over. [The Gaia Temple starts shaking again] Whoa! Ohh ahh!
Chip: Here we go agaaaain!

Planet Pieces

[Scene: Mazuri's Gaia Temple, dawn.]

[A column of light shoots into the air from Mazuri's Gaia Temple and a wave moves across the land. In space, Mazuri's continent moves back into place on the earth's mantle and reconnects with it with a blue glow.]

Tails' Report

[Scene: Mazuri's Gaia Temple, dawn.]

[ Sonic runs through the temple with Chip on his head when Tails calls out.]
Tails: Sonic! Good news!
[Sonic stops up, causing him to drop Chip on the ground. Tails flies in]
Tails: The planet! One of the broken pieces of the planet moved back into place!
Sonic: All right! [Points at Chip] Nice job!
[Sonic shares a hive-five with Chip, causing Chip to spin around and away from Sonic like the high-five dazed him. Tails pulls out his Miles Electric.]
Tails: Take a look!
[Sonic, Tails, and Chip sees a video on the Miles Electric that shows Mazuri's continent moving back into place on the earth's mantle and reconnecting with it with a blue glow.]
Sonic: Sweet!
Tails: At this rate, you'll have the whole world back together in no time, Sonic!
Sonic: A planet-sized jigsaw puzzle? Sounds like a great excuse to see the world!

Amy's Mistake

[Scene: Spagonia, night.]

[Sonic the Werehog and Chip are walking through the streets when Amy Rose comes running.]
Amy: Found you, Sonic!
[Amy hugs Sonic the Werehog with her eyes closed.]
Sonic the Werehog: Gah?!
Amy: Awww, Sonic! I've been looking for you forEVER!
Sonic the Werehog: H-hey, lemme go!
Amy: Heh heh, you're crazy if you think you can get away from... ...Amy Rose, and... ...Ummm...
[Amy finally opens her eyes and she and Sonic the Werehog look at each other.]
Amy: Who are you?
[Sonic the Werehog tries to say something, but Amy pushes him away.]
Amy: Oh my gosh, I am SO sorry! I just completely mistook you for someone else! That is SO strange. I could have SWORN it was him. Anyway, I'm REALLY sorry. See ya later!
[Amy waves goodbye and runs away. Sonic the Werehog reaches out for her speechlessly.]
Chip: Well, THAT was weird. How come that girl didn't know you were you, Sonic? [Turns to Sonic the Werehog] I mean, I guess you ARE kinda... [Mimics large body structure] You know... And, uh... [Shows fangs] ...these guys.
[Sonic the Werehog is silent for a moment before groaning and walking away depressed.]
Chip: Oh, ah... I mean... D-d-don't worry! Hey! You only LOOK really scary, Sonic. Inside, you're the same as ever, I guarantee it! Okay? Soniiic! Cheer up! [Pulls out a chocolate bar] Uhh...chocolate! Want some chocolate?!
[Sonic the Werehog ignores Chip while groaning and walks away. Chip shrugs after a moment and follows him.]

Midnight Dance

[Scene: Spagonia, night.]

[Federica, Raimondo, David, Dora, Josef, and Professor Pickle's Assistant all have purple clouds emitting from them and are happily dancing in the streets, with Amy being twirled around by Professor Pickle's Assistant.]
Amy: HEY! What's the big idea?!
Pickle's Assistant: Ah ha ha ha! Come on, babe, let's dance the night away!
Amy: Ack, heeelp!
[Sonic the Werehog and Chip arrives and sees the group.]
Chip: Whoa, is there some kinda party going on? [Pulls out a camera]
Sonic the Werehog: No... Something's not right here.
[Chip takes a picture of the group and four Deep Nightmares emerge from the humans, who fall unconscious to the ground while Amy twirls away in confusion. As the Deep Nightmares land, Sonic the Werehog moves in while Chip takes pictures.]
Chip: It's a carnival of creeps out there!

Rescuing Amy

[Scene: Spagonia, night.]

[Federica, Raimondo, David, Dora, Josef, and Professor Pickle's Assistant are regaining consciousness. With the Deep Nightmares that had possessed them gone, they have regained their normal behavior.]
Pickle's Assistant: Wh-what was I just doing?
[Sonic the Werehog lifts Amy back up and she turns to look at him. Before she sees him, Sonic the Werehog looks away and flees using his extendable arms.]
Chip: Ah, hey, [Shrugs at Amy and salutes before following Sonic the Werehog] wait up!
Amy: Just now, was that... Sonic?!
Pickle: [Comes out from behind a potted plant] Ahh, that should calm things down a bit around here. Chalk another one up for Sonic.
Amy: You know Sonic?!
Pickle: Of course. He was here just a moment ago.
Amy: Tell me... What's happened to him?! Please, tell me everything you know!
[Amy grabs Pickle's hands and drags him with her]
Pickle: I'll happily explain everything over a plate of cucumber sandwiches!

The Divine Beast

[Scene: Front of Chun-nan's Gaia Temple, night.]

[Sonic the Werehog and Chip sees Zonshen, who is lying unconscious in front of the Temple with his village's treasure. Sonic the Werehog jumps closer to Zonshen, dropping Chip in the process. The Dark Gaia Phoenix flies over Sonic the Werehog and circles the area before landing and screeching. Sonic the Werehog gets ready to fight and Chip strickes a pose.]

Chun-nan Temple

[Chun-nan's Gaia Temple, night.]

[Sonic the Werehog runs through the Gaia Temple while Chip flies up to the central altar. Chip lands on the altar and makes the smaller pedestal appear while his necklace glows. Sonic the Werehog and Chip nod at each other and the former places the red Chaos Emerald in the pedestal from afar with his extendable arm. The Chaos Emerald rises into the air and its power is restored.]

Back to Normal

[Scene: Front of Chun-nan's Gaia Temple, night.]

[Sonic the Werehog and Chip leave the Gaia Temple. While the Gaia Temple doors close and lock behind them, Sonic uses his extendable arms to return to the front of the Gaia Temple. Sonic the Werehog bumps into Chip, who flies still in the air, with his face, and flicks him away before seeing to his surprise the Dark Gaia Phoenix in normal form resting before him. Zonshen stands to the side of the platform the Dark Gaia Phoenix is perched on.]
Zonshen: The moment the temple lit up, the beast woke up. It appears he's come back to his senses.
Sonic the Werehog: I see. I'll bet your job is to [Gets kicked in the back of the head by Chip and tries to grab him] guard the Chaos Emerald temple. You must've gone berserk when the emeralds lost their power.
[Dark Gaia Phoenix screeches.]
Chip: [Flies up to Dark Gaia Phoenix] Well, I'm glad you've back! [Pulls out a chocolate bar] Want some chocolate?
[Dark Gaia Phoenix takes the chocolate bar and flies off.]
Sonic the Werehog & Chip: So long!
[Dark Gaia Phoenix circles the area and lands on top of the Gaia Temple.]

Eggman's Idea

[Scene: Eggmanland.]

[Eggman oversees his operations and SA-55 appears with a Hero Sandwich.]
SA-55: Your dinner, Doctor.
Eggman: Thank you. [Rises from chair and grabs the Hero Sandwich] What's the progress on the Dark Gaia-powered Eggman Land construction system? [Eats Hero Sandwich]
SA-55: Current status is... 27 percent complete. Progress is significantly behind projected timetable. Presumed cause of delay... is Dark Gaia's dispersion across the globe.
Eggman: [Finishes Hero Sandwich] Oh, of all the lazy... Here I go to the trouble of waking that Dark Gaia thing up, and it causes me nothing but delays!
[Flashback of Dark Gaia's emergence from the earth and dispersion across it is shown while SA-55 talks.]
SA-55: Dark Gaia had yet to reach maturity within the planet's core. Ergo, it was still incomplete at the time of its awakening. Ergo, it was unable to sustain its own weight upon its release. Ergo, it scattered around the world.
Eggman: [Groans] I don't want to hear about its weight issues! So what if I gave it a bit of a sudden awakening!? This is unacceptable!
SA-55: Ergo, this is the repercussion of your hasty actions.
Eggman: [Perks up and faces SA-55] What was that?! [Growls and turns away] I'm having a bad enough day as it is... First that professor runs off with the Gaia Manuscripts, and now the planet's coming back together! [Groans]
[Flashback of Sonic the Werehog and the Chaos Emeralds falling to earth from the Chaos Energy Cannon and Eggman regretting his action is show after SA-55 begins talking.]
SA-55: That, Doctor, is the result of the power of the Chaos Emeralds, which you discarded along with Sonic. Ergo, another repercussion of your hasty actions.
Eggman: [Faces SA-55] Q-quiet, you junk heap! That was, uh, all part of my plan! Part of the big picture! Where's the fun in having my plans succeed without any challenge?
[SA-55 stares suspiciously at Eggman]
Eggman: Ahem! A-anyway, what's the status of the remaining Temples of Gaia?
SA-55: [Shows monitor] Eggman forces have currently secured all locations. Defensive preparations are nearly complete.
Eggman: That'll take care of Sonic for now, [Sits down] which leaves the problem of Dark Gaia. It'd be difficult to collect every piece scattered all across the world.
SA-55: Searching conventional wisdom banks for topical advice... "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." "Slow and steady wins the race." "Nobody likes a whiner."
Eggman: Hmm, isn't there a more efficient way? Some way to, oh, I don't know gather them all up at once? [Perks up and knocks fist into palm] Wait, that's it! Of course!
[Eggman rides his chair down to a computer. Behind him, SA-55 salutes and closes up again.]
Eggman: Eeh hee hee hee. With this... This! All of my plans will be realized! [Starts typing on the computer]

Spagonian Temple

[Scene: Spagonia's Gaia Temple, day.]

[Sonic walks towards the central altar while Chip flies up there. Chip lands on the altar and makes the smaller pedestal appear while his necklace glows. Sonic walks up to the pedestal and places the blue Chaos Emerald there. The Chaos Emerald rises into the air and Sonic and Chip watches in awe as the Chaos Emerald's power is restored. The entire Gaia Temple then shakes.]

Guiding Pulse

[Scene: Eggmanland, dawn/dusk.]

[Several Deep Nightmares are walking across a barren plain. The tower on top of Eggmanland is giving off a sparkling energy pulse and hordes of Dark Gaia's Minions comes into view, all of them heading towards the tower.]

A Monster on Ice

[Scene: Cool Edge, night.]

[Sonic the Werehog and Chip walk through a chasm and enter an open area where projectors are turned on, briefly blinding them before they see Dark Moray encased in ice. Dark Moray's eye darts around before it sees Sonic the Werehog and Chip, where it then breaks out of the ice and roars at them, ready to engage the intruders in its lair.]
Chip: Oh, no! [Hides behind Sonic the Werehog]

[Sonic the Werehog runs towards Dark Moray while Chip stays behind and flaunts his fists.]

Holoskan Temple

[Scene: Holoska's Gaia Temple, night.]

[Sonic the Werehog and Chip approach the central altar. Chip then flies up to it and makes the smaller pedestal appear while his necklace glows. Chip and Sonic the Werehog nod at each other and the latter places the cyan Chaos Emerald in the pedestal from afar with his extendable arm. The Chaos Emerald rises into the air and its power is restored.]

Project Dark Gaia

[Scene: Eggmanland.]

[Eggman is watching the monitors in the control room.]
SA-55: All systems are green. Dark Gaia activation is confirmed on all seven continents. Electromagnetic homing signals are locked on. All units converging on Point Zero.
Eggman: Yes, yes, perfect! [Walks around] Gathering Dark Gaia's pieces is such a pain. I'll have them come to me instead! A brilliant shift in perspective! An idea worthy of Dr. Eggman, super-genius! Oh ho ho ho!
SA-55: [Claps] Your skill at self-aggrandizement is unparalleled.
Eggman: Ho ho ho ho ho! [Looks at SA-55 angrily] Silence! [Slaps SA-55, leaving him disabled] Activate the Dark Gaia fusion furnace. And while you're at it, get those energy conversion circuits warmed up!
SA-55: [Recovers from Eggman's slap] Understood. Commencing "Project Dark Gaia." Requesting final clearance.
[Large red button emerges from nearby panel.]
Eggman: Granted! [Presses button and turns around] Finally, my ambitions will be achieved! Gah ha ha! Oh ho ho ho!

Shamaran Temple

[Scene: Shamar's Gaia Temple, night.]

[Sonic the Werehog is running up to the central altar while Chip flies. As they get there, Chip lands on the central altar and makes the smaller pedestal appear while his necklace glows. Chip nods and Sonic the Werehog places the yellow Chaos Emerald in the pedestal from afar with his extendable arm. The Chaos Emerald rises into the air and its power is restored.]

Chip's Change

[Scene: Outside Adabat's Gaia Temple, day.]

[Sonic and Chip approach the Gaia Temple. As they get closer, Chip lands on the ground and looks worried.]
Sonic: [Notices Chip's worry] What's wrong, buddy?
Chip: Huh? Oh, right. I'm just... scared.
Sonic: Scared? [Looks at Gaia Temple] It's just another old temple. It doesn't look like there's anyone around either.
Chip: That's... That's not what I mean. That's not... N-never mind. I'm fine. Let's go! [Walks towards the Gaia Temple.]
[Sonic looks at Chip with an odd and confused look before walking towards the Gaia Temple as well.]

Chip's Memories

[Scene: Adabat's Gaia Temple, day.]

[Chip is looking at a mural of himself and Dark Gaia at the central altar. Sonic walks in and sees the mural.]
Sonic: Whoa.
[Chip jumps up on the central altar and makes the smaller pedestal appear while his necklace glows. Sonic walks up to the pedestal and places the purple Chaos Emerald there. As the Chaos Emerald rises up and has its power restored, Chip flies up to the mural. When touching it, the mural glows and Chip is sucked into it. Sonic looks on in shock while the mural returns to normal. Chip appears in a space-like void where he meets an unknown orb of light.]
Orb of light: I welcome your return... Messenger of day, of light, of rebirth.
[Chip absorbs some light from the orb, and adapts an expression of revelation. Back in the Gaia Temple, the mural glows and Chip emerges from it before it returns to normal. Chip flies down in front of Sonic.]
Chip: Sonic. I remember now. All of it.

No Reason

[Scene: Adabat's Entrance Stage, dusk.]

[Sonic and Chip look at the sunset.]
Chip: My... My real name is Light Gaia. I draw power from the day and light, and guide the planet to its rebirth. My job was to protect the planet from Dark Gaia. [Looks at Sonic] But Eggman broke the world apart himself, and Dark Gaia and I were awakened before we should've been. [Looks away from Sonic] That's why Dark Gaia broke apart, and I didn't know who I was. [Taps his head] I didn't remember what I was supposed to do. [Looks at Sonic] All because this isn't the proper time of awakening.
Sonic: Time of awakening?
Chip: [Walks away] Dark Gaia grows over millions of years, then rises to destroy the world. And I put it all back together. We've been doing this over and over, again and again... since the very beginning of time.
Sonic: So you were asleep all this time? For millions of years?
Chip: [Turns at Sonic] Yes. For ages and ages.
[Chip looks away from Sonic and at the sunset. Night falls and Sonic transforms into Sonic the Werehog.]
Sonic the Werehog: I'll bet it's thanks to you. [Walks up to Chip]
Chip: Hmm?
Sonic the Werehog: [Looks at his hands] Even at night, when I'm like this. I'm still myself. Not like all the other people we've seen. [Looks at Chip] You must have been protecting me this whole time.
Chip: [Shakes his head] I haven't done anything, Sonic. You're the reason you haven't changed at all. You're too strong to lose yourself!
Sonic the Werehog: I'm the reason?
Chip: Yeah! You never doubt yourself, no matter what. You never give in to the night, or to the darkness inside your heart. I think it's because I knew that about you. That's why I wanted you to help me. [Flies up in front of Sonic the Werehog] It's been so fun! Getting to see the world. I've lived here since the planet began, but... I didn't know a thing about it. That it's so pretty, or that food tastes so good, or that people are so nice! I'm so glad I got the chance to discover all that with you. And I'm so glad that you helped me find my memory. Sonic, I will never, ever forget you. Thank you, Sonic. Goodbye, friend! [Flies away]
Sonic the Werehog: Hey!
[Chip flies away while Sonic the Werehog stretches out his arm after Chip and grabs his tail.]
Chip: Whoa, wha-?!
[Chip is pulled back to Sonic the Werehog and lands on the ground]
Sonic the Werehog: Where do you think you're off to all by yourself?
Chip: [Walks around nervously] What... but... My memory is back now, and... Well, from here on out, it's my responsibility, so, um... I mean, there's no reason for you to come along, so I should just...
Sonic the Werehog: Do I need a reason to want to help out a friend?
Chip: Thanks, Sonic!
[Sonic the Werehog points at Chip smiling and Chip perks up. The two of them shares a happy high-five.]
Sonic the Werehog & Chip: Yeah!
[Sonic the Werehog and Chip laugh and Sonic gestures to they should get going. Chip nods.]


[Scene: Eggmanland, day.]

[The Tornado-1 files across the sky. Sonic and Chip jumps off it and falls down, Chip waving and cheering at the same time, and they land on the ground, Chip striking a pose when he does. The two of them proceed down the path until they hear Eggman.]
Eggman: [Over speakers] Oh ho ho ho! Welcome to Eggmanland, the brainchild of my heart and soul!
[A giant golden statue of Eggman emerges from the ground.]
Eggman: [Over speakers] This is my magnificent empire, made possible through my genius and the limitless energy harnessed from Dark Gaia!
Chip: Wha-WOAH. This place is CRAZY! [Falls on his back and gets up]
Sonic: I'll never understand Eggman's tastes.
Chip: [Takes a picture with a camera] Get a good shot! [Hands Sonic the camera]
[Sonic takes a picture of Chip in front the Eggman statue, striking a pose similar to the one the statue is in, and gives the camera back to Chip while Eggman talks.]
Eggman: [Over speakers] Ahh ha ha ha ha haaa! Surprised? Yes of course you are! Sonic! If you have any complaints, come deliver them to me in person. If you can, that is! Ahh ha ha ha haa.. ...ha-HACK! Hwaugh, koff! Whew...
Sonic: [Walks down the path and groans] He's enjoying this way too much.
Chip: Sonic! [Takes pictures] I can feel the last temple nearby! He must have built this place on top of it.
Sonic: Well, I guess we'll just have to tear it down!

The Final Temple

[Scene: Eggmanland's Gaia Temple, night.]

[Sonic the Werehog is running through the temple while Chip flies beside him. They reach the central altar which Chip lands on and makes the smaller pedestal appear while his necklace glows. Chip and Sonic the Werehog nod at each other and the latter places the white Chaos Emerald in the pedestal from afar with his extendable arm. The Chaos Emerald rises into the air and its power is restored.]
Chip: The final Chaos Emerald... Back at last!
[Sonic the Werehog and Chip nod at each other and the Gaia Temple starts shaking.]

The 7th Continent

[Scene: Outer space above earth.]

[The final fragmented continent with Eggmanland on it is moving back towards its place on the planet's mantle.]


[Scene: Outside Eggmanland's Gaia Temple.

[Sonic the Werehog and Chip are leaving the Gaia Temple as the gates close and lock behind them.]
Chip: This should put the world back to normal. Dark Gaia will go back to being sealed within the core, and my work will be done.
Sonic the Werehog: [Turns towards Chip] That's great, Chip.
Chip: Yup. Thank you, Sonic! It's all thanks to you.
[Sonic the Werehog and Chip nod at each other and share a happy high-five.]
Sonic the Werehog & Chip: Yeah!

Pickle's Message

[Scene: Eggmanland, night.]

[Tails is flying the Tornado-1 over the surface of Eggmanland.]
Pickle: [Over Miles Electric's videolink] Oh... It appears that Sonic has restored the last of the Chaos Emeralds. Things should settle down around here before long.
Tails: That's right! Satellite footage confirms that the last piece is moving back into place.
Pickle: [Over Miles Electric's videolink] That's wonderful! I'll await your safe return, then. You can give me a full report over a plate of luscious cucumber sandwiches.
Tails: Uh, I'll be happy to fill you in, Professor.
[The Tornado-1 is suddenly stuck by an orange-glowing projectile and spirals through midair, sounding like a dive bomber droning as it descends on its target, while Tails screams.]

The Egg Dragoon

[Scene: Front of Eggmanland's Gaia Temple.]

[Sonic the Werehog is starring forward when the place starts to shake, causing him to tense up in concern.]
Sonic the Werehog: Huh? [Looks around]
Chip: Hmmm? Do you feel that?
[Sonic the Werehog and Chip look up and the Egg Dragoon (or referred to as the "Ultra Hyper Prototype-1") breaks through the roof and lands in front of them. Sonic the Werehog and Chip move away from the monstrosity.]
Eggman: [Flies down in his Egg Mobile] Ahh ha ha haa! Looks like you're a bit too late, Sonic!
Sonic the Werehog: [Gritting his teeth] Eggman!
Eggman: Thanks to my wondrous technology, Dark Gaia is whole and complete! I harnessed its energy to put together this little creation. [Points at Egg Dragoon] Behold, the ultra-hyper Prototype-1! [Points at Sonic the Werehog and Chip] Crush them!
[The Egg Dragoon launches an energy wave across the floor with its drill arm, breaking it apart. Sonic the Werehog and Chip falls into the hole in the floor, yelling.]

Planet's End

[Scene: Shaft to the earth's core, night.]

[Sonic the Werehog and Chip are falling yelling down the shaft. Sonic the Werehog dives forwards and grabs Chip before jumping and swinging between falling debris. As he slides along the wall, Sonic the Werehog swings off it and lands on a stable falling platform with Chip. Chip groans in weariness before the Egg Dragoon and Eggman in his Egg Mobile appears.]
Eggman: Ohh ho ho ho ho! This gorge will be your tomb! [Joins the Egg Mobile with the Egg Dragoon] Hehehahaha!

Dark Gaia Appears

[Scene: Earth's core, night.]

[Eggman is cursing his defeat in his Egg Mobile.]
Eggman: How could I lose?! This isn't over! [Hammers panel] I'll build a Prototype-2 and it...
[Dark Gaia's scream is heard and its tentacles burst out of the magma as it rises.]
Sonic the Werehog: Wha?!
Chip: Whoa!!!
[Dark Gaia continues to rise.]
Sonic the Werehog: What?
Chip: It's Dark Gaia!
[Dark Gaia stands up and Sonic the Werehog and Chip look at it as it screams at them.]
Eggman: Yes, YES! Dark Gaia! Crush this insolent little hedgehog! Kick him to the outer limits of space!
[Eggman barely has time to see Dark Gaia sending a tentacle his way before Dark Gaia knocks Eggman and his Egg Mobile into the horizon]
Eggman: Why meeeeeee?! [Disappears in a glint]
[Dark Gaia attacks Sonic the Werehog and Chip with its tentacles, but the Sonic the Werehog grabs Chip and dodges them. As Sonic the Werehog looks at Dark Gaia, it glares back and Sonic the Werehog falls stunned to the ground. Chip flaunts his fist when he notices Sonic the Werehog scrambling on the ground.]
Chip: Sonic! What's wrong?
[Sonic the Werehog tenses up and groans before screaming as dark energy is pulled out of him. Dark Gaia absorbs the energy and opens its three additional eyes as it screams.]
Chip: [Shudders and faces Sonic who is back to normal] Sonic, you've got to get up! Sonic!
Sonic: Chip. R-run, Chip!
[Chip is worried, but then faces Dark Gaia with a determined and furious expression. Dark Gaia attacks with its tentacles, but Chip surrounds himself and Sonic in a green orb, protecting them and rising them into the air.]
Chip: Seven lights of the earth rekindled!

Shrines in Flight

[Scene: Spagonia's Gaia Temple.]

[The blue Chaos Emerald is floating in the Gaia Temple when it suddenly starts glowing brightly.]

[Scene Change: Shamar's Gaia Temple.]

[The Gaia Temple is being enveloped in a dome of light that then releases a column of light into the sky.]

[Scene Change: Adabat.]

[The entire village is shaking and Teancahi, Kaeo, Rudi, Jamal, Nagi stand in wonder and surprise.]
Teanchai: What?
Kaeo: What's happening?!

[Scene Change: Chun-nan.]

[The local Gaia Temple is rising from the ground and Chun, Yilin, Hualin and Zonshen are seeing it happen from their village while gasping in shock and amazement.]
Zonshen: Wow! That's just incredible!

[Scene Change: Jungle Joyride.]

[The local Gaia Temple is floating in midair.]

[Scene Change: Shamar.]

[The local Gaia Temple is floating in the sky and Latif, Sammar, and Hizir are looking at it]
Latif: [Points at the Gaia Temple] The Temple!
[Shamar's Gaia Temple disappears in a flash and Latif, Hizir, and Sammar cover their eyes to shield them from the flash.]

[Scene Change: Outer space, above the earth]

[Seven lights are heading towards the hole in the planet's crust where Eggmanland's continent is heading.]

Hour of Awakening

[Scene: Earth's core.]

[Chip is flying while surrounded by a green sphere.]
Chip: Awaken, and gather here to me!
[Chip's sphere glows bright and flies away while the Gaia Temples comes together to form the Gaia Colossus which comes to life.]


[Scene: Earth's core.

[Sonic recovers.]
Chip: Sonic!
[Sonic looks around and finds himself on the Gaia Colossus. Dark Gaia and the Gaia Colossus is seen standing face-to-face.]

Let's Finish This!

[Scene: Earth's core.]

[Dark Gaia roars and grabs the Gaia Colossus. Dark Gaia tries to crush the Gaia Colossus, but the Gaia Colossus resists.]
Chip: Sonic! Now, Sonic!
Sonic: Roger that, buddy! [Jumps and runs across the Gaia Colossus while huffing] Time for the big finale!

Spreading Darkness

[Scene: Earth's core.]

[Dark Gaia bends down in front of the Gaia Colossus, apparently defeated after having its three additional eyes destroyed, and Sonic watches it. Dark Gaia then rises up, making Sonic stand back with a huff, and it spreads out a well of darkness above it. Sonic looks at it in confusion.]

Dark World

[Scene: Outer space, above the earth.]

[Darkness spreads across the earth from the hole in the earth's crust where Eggmanland's continent is heading.]

[Scene Change: Chun-nan.]

[Zonshen, Yilin, Lin and Shuifon are watching the sky in fear while talking.]

[Scene Change: Mazuri.]

[The sky is being covered in darkness and Yaya, Ana, Kwami, Gwek, Kwod and Essie are watching the sky in fear while talking.]

[Scene Change: Spagonia.]

[The scene shifts to Spagonia where Josef, Barbara, Gigi, Mauro, Ciccio, Federica, Ippolita, Denise and Dora are watching the sky in fear while talking.]

[Scene Change: Holoska.]

[Jari-Pekka, Jari-Thure, Marketa, Sarianna and Ursule are watching the sky in fear while talking.]

Hope and Despair

[Scene: Shamar, day.]

[Amy is running down the street with Professor Pickle while the townspeople are looking at the sky in fear while talking.]
Amy: [Stops running and looks around] Wh-what's happening? It was broad daylight a minute ago!
Pickle: [Looks up after being tired from running] Dark Gaia has regained its true power. The beast is complete. [The sky is shown while Pickle talks] It's just as the Gaia Manuscripts foretold. "And the world shall be plunged into the dark of night, the dark of destruction." [Falls down on his knees] Oh, that it should come to this! We're doomed. The planet is lost!
Amy: [Shakes her head] That won't happen! There's no way Sonic will let it end like this! [Looks at the sky]

The Final Form

[Scene: Earth's core.]

[Dark Gaia roars and transforms into Perfect Dark Gaia. The scene shifts to outer space above earth where darkness continues to leak out from the hole in the planet's crust where Eggmanland's continent is heading. The scenes shifts to the earth's core where the Gaia Colossus faces Perfect Dark Gaia, and Sonic shows a determined expression. The seven Chaos Emeralds emerges from the Gaia Colossus and gather around Sonic.]
Sonic: Let's do it!
[Sonic absorbs the Chaos Emeralds and transforms into Super Sonic with a shout. Super Sonic flies up in front of the Gaia Colossus, where he and the Gaia Colossus faces Perfect Dark Gaia.]

Darkness and Light

[Scene: Earth's core.]

[Super Sonic pierces through Perfect Dark Gaia's head, sending Perfect Dark Gaia reeling. Super Sonic files up from behind while Perfect Dark Gaia begins to fall down on its back.]


[Scene: Earth's core.]

[Perfect Dark Gaia falls back into the Earth's core severely wounded, slime gushing from its punctured eyes, and disappears into the magma while the Gaia Colossus looks on.]

A Score Settled

[Scene: Earth's core.]

[Flying and exhausted, Super Sonic gives the Gaia Colossus a thumbs up as he returns to normal, before he loses consciousness with a groan and falls down. The Gaia Colossus moves and catches Sonic in a force field and places him gently in his hand. Sonic lies unconscious in the Gaia Colossus hand.]

Rekindled Light

[Scene: Outer space, above the earth.]

[The darkness spreading from the hole in the earth's crust where Eggmanland's continent is heading disappears completely.]

[Scene Change: Chun-nan.]

[Zonshen, Yilin, Lin and Shuifon are watching the sky in joy while talking.]

[Scene Change: Mazuri.]

[Yaya, Ana, Kwami, Gwek, Kwod and Essie are watching the sky in joy and celebration while talking.]

[Scene Change: Spagonia.]

[Josef, Barbara, Gigi, Mauro, Ciccio, Federica, Ippolita, Denise and Dora are watching the sky in joy and celebration while talking.]

[Scene Change: Holoska.]

[Jari-Pekka, Jari-Thure, Marketa, Sarianna and Ursule are watching the sky in joy and celebration while talking.]

Begin Anew

[Scene: Barren plain, morning.]

[Eggman sits depressed up against his broken Egg Mobile. The Egg Mobile tips and SA-55 falls out.]
SA-55: [Folds out of his compressed state and sees the sunrise] Pleasant morning. Wouldn't you say, Doctor? [Dr. Eggman grunts] You can simply begin your plans anew... Even if all your efforts this last time were utterly wasted. Even if it was a complete and utter humiliating loss. [Eggman grows more angry] Even the most pathetic loser in all the world will surely have his chance to--
Eggman: [Gets up] Oh, shut up!
[Eggman tries to kick SA-55, but misses and falls on his back. SA-55 giggles at Eggman and runs away while Eggman gets back on his feet. Hopping and screaming, Eggman chases after SA-55 while throwing a tantrum.]

Save the Speech

[Scene: Shamar, day.]

[The sun shines above Shamar before the scene shifts to Pickle.]
Pickle: [Looks at the sky] Ahh, the light reigns over darkness and the world is returned to peace. It's simply a miracle. We've been saved by a miracle!
Amy: I told you, didn't I? There was no way Sonic would let something like that happen.
Pickle: And right you were. Still... We cannot live without the night. We all must sleep. We all must rest. Darkness is a part of our world, just the same as light. [The camera moves over Shamar, showing the townspeople looking at the sky while they talk and celebrate] It may be that the darkness has not been destroyed, but merely laid to rest. It grows strong over the eons, rises up, then is put to slumber by the light. Perhaps that is the true balance of Dark and Light Gaia. That balance may be the very will of the planet itself.
Amy: [Contemplates Pickle's words for a moment] Save the speech for later! [Grabs Pickle's and drags him with her] We've got to get things ready for Sonic's coming-home party!
[Amy walks down the street with Pickle while the townspeople around them look at the sky and celebrate.]

To the Surface

[Scene: Earth's core.]

[The Gaia Colossus looks up at Eggmanland's continent which is coming down from above. The Gaia Colossus looks down at Sonic who lies unconscious in his hand and Chip appears before Sonic in a holographic image.]
Chip: Sonic. [Looks at Sonic] Sonic, you must live!* [Waves goodbye and flies off.]
Sonic: [Wakes slightly up] Chip?! [Goes unconscious again]
[Chip stops and looks back at Sonic one last time before disappearing. The Gaia Colossus throws Sonic's unconscious body up to the surface between the continents with a green force field. The Gaia Colossus sinks into the magma and burns as the continent closes up on top of it.]


[Scene: Windmill Isle, dawn.]

Sonic: [Falls down from the sky] Nooooooo!
[Sonic lands and gets his head stuck in the ground before pulling it out.]
Sonic: Owww...
[Sonic looks around and seemingly sees Chip lying on the ground. When Sonic reaches for him, Chip disappears and only a bracelet with Chip's necklace is left. Sonic picks up the bracelet and looks at it.]
Chip: [Talks telepathically] I'll never forget you. I'll be here by you, always. A part of the earth you tread.
[Sonic puts the bracelet on and watches the sunrise. After taking a deep breath, he starts running alongside the coast. Tails arrives in the Tornado-1 and flies alongside Sonic.]
Tails: Hey, Sonic! [Waves at Sonic]
[Sonic salutes Tails and continues running along the coast with Tails flying by his side, while "Endless Possibility" plays in the background. Credits roll.]

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