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This article contains a list of glitches from the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 version of Sonic Unleashed. Unless otherwise noted, all glitch names are conjectural. Many of them have not been confirmed by Sega.

List of glitches

  • Corrected timing:

If the player runs to the Goal Ring at the end of any level and pauses before reaching the results screen, they can restart the level and the level will have completed itself. The results screen will say "BEST TIME: 0:00.00" and the player will receive a massive Time Bonus. In some cases, this glitch can get the player an automatic S-rank, although in most cases it will result in a minimum of a C-Rank.

There is a glitch that allows the player to pass through doors during Werehog stages, being activated by pressing XboxX.png XboxX.png XboxY.png / PSSquareButton.png PSSquareButton.png PSTriangleButton.png > Xbox-Button-LB.png/Playstation-Button-L1.png during the final attack. There is a certain area in Eggmanland where Sonic is in a white, mechanical room with an Hourglass. The player should touch it to transform Sonic into the Werehog and use the glitch on the left side of the door, which will lead to the area with pipes and fans they would normally have to go through. From there, they can jump on top of the pipes, then off of them onto another area.

  • "So...What's up?":

The player must go to the Spagonia Town Stage. During the day, they should go near the entrance stage, where they will see two people talking. The player should jump in between these two people. If done correctly, Sonic will be in between the two people, either standing or in his jumping animation while occasionally moving. To get out of the glitch, the player can press the jump button. This glitch cannot be performed by the Werehog, due to the people not being there at night.

  • Standing still while grinding:

In the Spagonia entrance stage during the day, the player should go to the wall where Sonic learned how to do a wall jump, wall jump up the wall, and go off the springs, placing Sonic on the grinding rails. From there, they can tilt the control stick to the left, and if done correctly, Sonic will stop grinding but will still be in his grinding animation. If the player does this on the part before the spring and jumps, Sonic will continue grinding but will be grinding sideways.


In any day stage, if the player boosts right before a launch panel, some sort of glitch will occur. For example, if Sonic boosts right before the last launch panel in Windmill Isle, he will land outside the walls of the temple or in the ocean. But if he does this in the battle against Dark Gaia, he will fall through the ground when he lands.

  • Height confusion:

After any nighttime boss battle, should Sonic jump immediately before the ranking screen appears, the camera will zoom in above his head.

  • M-speed:

When used, this glitch allows him to move at very high speeds while airborne that cannot be reached otherwise in regular gameplay. Additionally, this glitch can also be done while in 2D sections of a stage (this version is referred to as D-speed or directional speed).

M-speed is a relatively difficult glitch to trigger. To perform it at a basic level, the player should tilt the controller's Left Stick in the direction Sonic should head so slightly that Sonic walks slowly. They must then build up some speed for a moment (usually with the Boost) and Spin jump into the air while maintaining the previous force exerted on the Left Stick. If done correctly, Sonic will move through the air at speeds surpassing that of the Boost. To maintain M-speed, the player must constantly hop or jump when touching the ground while keeping the Left Stick in the same position. One can end the M-speed with the Air Boost, Stomp, or by simply letting go of the Left Stick.

M-speed is ideal for speedrunning the game. For example, Sonic is able to cross over moderate distances above sections of stages while using it. However, this can have drawbacks, as it can sometimes move Sonic beyond stage boundaries, causing him to lose a life. When passing through checkpoints in Sonic Unleashed, Sonic's recorded speed values are considerably greater than the normal maximum.

  • Ghost Mode:

"Ghost Mode" in Windmill Isle Act 1 as Sonic.

When performing this glitch, Sonic is unable to grab Rings, get hurt by enemies, or interact with Springs or boost. This glitch is triggered by falling for an extended period of time when Sonic ends up out of bounds and there is no death-plain programmed below him.

One way to trigger this glitch is in the daytime version of Jungle Joyride Act 3. It is done by boosting across the water and using the Drift until Sonic eventually drops off the edge of the ocean. After falling for about twenty seconds, the player will lose a life and sometimes, when restarting the Act, "Ghost Mode" will activate.

Another way to activate this glitch is in nighttime version of Windmill Isle Act 1. By jumping off a certain ledge using the Combo-Through-Walls glitch, Sonic will fall out of bounds. Because there is no death-plain programmed, the player has to manually restart the Act. After that, "Ghost Mode" will be in effect.

  • Windmill Isle Loop Glitch:

An example of the glitch if successfully performed.

In the the daytime version of Windmill Isle Act 1, the player will reach a loop no more than ten seconds in. If they dash in the air at the corner of the loop, Sonic will shoot upwards and be able to run around in the air.

Interestingly, this glitch only occurs in the Xbox 360 version of the game if it is not updated. As such, this glitch is one of the few glitches in Sonic Unleashed that got patched.

  • Invisible Rooftop Run Glitch:

How Rooftop Run will load out if the player continues to make it through the stage quickly.

At the beginning of the daytime version of Rooftop Run Act 1, the player should boost while holding down the button to slide and then begin rapidly Quick Stepping either left or right. Sonic will build up a ton of speed during this section of the stage and will actually affect how later parts of Rooftop Run load. If they continue to make their way through the stage quickly, eventually the player will see that things begin to load and unload, leaving Sonic to move around on invisible platforms. Entire pieces of geometry will appear and disappear in an obviously glitched out way. It is possible Sonic moved so fast at the beginning of the stage, the game is unsure of exactly where he is and incorrectly loads things trying to compensate.

  • Egg Devil Ray Slow-mo Glitch:

On the Egg Devil Ray boss, if the player delivers the final hit to the boss at the same time Sonic takes damage and loses a life, the slow-motion effect they will see when a boss is beaten will carry over into the gameplay when they restart the boss.

  • Def Big 'Dead End' Glitch:

In Skyscraper Scamper, the player has to choose the mission "Dead End". At the beginning of the mission, they will see Def Big on a nearby platform. In order to complete this mission, they predictably need to beat a lot of enemies for him to appear on a distant platform which they will then have to reach to complete the mission.

A much faster way of beating this mission is at the beginning, instead of heading straight forwards, the player should head back and then around to jump off the side of the building. The player has to quickly grab the ledge to prevent falling and dying and then make their way around to the other side of the building. Doing this skips a trigger for Def Big to be unloaded from initial cutscene, which still leaves him on the edge of the building. Touching him will not end the mission. For that to happen, the player needs to make a running double jump and grab the platform towards the Goal Ring.

  • Level/Mission Complete Glitch:

Sonic Unleashed (PS3)- Are You Okay Sonic? (Level Complete Glitch)

This glitch can be performed during the Holoska nighttime mission, "A Promise Made." All that the player needs to do is beat the last enemy and then make sure they jump off the ice as it dies. Perform a combo to stay in the air and then the "Mission Clear" text needs to appear on-screen. The player will fall into the water and then they'll be prompted to retry the mission.

Now when they begin the mission again, as soon as they jump and land on the ground, the mission will clear and fail at the same time. If they were to retry the mission again, the Werehog's normal and fighting animations will look off.

This glitch can also be performed in regular stages too. Anywhere that the player can hit the Goal Ring and die by falling into water or a pit before touching the ground. A good place to do this is in Dragon Road Act 2. Reach the Goal Ring and perform an Air Combo maneuver to touch the Goal Ring and fall into the water below to the left. They'll reappear at the last checkpoint not too far away and the glitch will be in effect. So anytime the player jumps, they'll complete the stage when they land. But interestingly, if they grab an enemy and carry them and jump, the stage will end as expected but the player still has full control of the Werehog while the result screen is up. And if they jump again while this is happening, they will complete the stage again and the result screens will overlap each-other.

  • Bendy and the ranking screen:

In any daytime stage, if the player jumps the second they touch the Goal Ring, Sonic's legs will bend during the results screen.

  • Over the wall:

In Jungle Joyride Act 2, when the player reaches the switch that opens the stone door to the blue springs, a well timed jump just after leaving the water will clear the door. Depending on how powerful the jump is, Sonic can either land on the rock ahead or fall in the pit. This was discovered by accident.

  • "Even in the hub worlds, I can still drift!":

In any hub world where Sonic is reduced to jogging, if the player jumps, air dashes, stomps and then immediately tries to drift, Sonic can gain enough speed to start drifting.

  • Hub world boost:

After performing the glitch above, if the player jumps and tries to air boost, the shock wave and Aura will appear, but Sonic won't go anywhere.

  • Dodgy Homing Attack:

An odd glitch can happen with the Homing Attack. When targeting a pole, the player can often clip through it and not hit it, or just miss it completely.

  • Stuck timed event:

If the player performs a quick time event at the same time the goal ring appears, the button prompt remains on the screen. The best way to do this is to defeat a regular enemy so that the arrow is above them, then attack the Titan or any enemy that makes the goal ring spawn then immediately start the QTE on the enemy. If timed correctly, the prompt will re-amin on screen. It's easier to get the enemy's health down low so the QTE is easier to pull off. The prompt goes away when performing another QTE, or by finishing the stage. This was discovered in the PS3 version.

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