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This article pertains to the beta elements of the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 version of Sonic Unleashed.

Unused graphics[]

Early Spagonia Town Stage layout[]

Early map graphics left over for the Spagonia Town Stage. Although the map is still the same, the icons on it are different.

  • Earth looks more of a globe in the early game.
  • The early icon of the Shop resembles a house while the final version has some souvenirs added to it.
  • The early level select icon does not show the sun and moon, unlike the final version.
  • The location of Professor Pickle's laboratory shows his face in the early files. The final version displays books with a feather.
Early (unused) Final (used)
Sonic Unleashed TownSample Sonic Unleashed mat load town EU

Early Stage loading screen[]

Image (Daytime) Image (Nighttime) Description
SonicUnleashed-nowloading en so
SonicUnleashed-nowloading en ev
These images only have it's Xbox 360's variants for the English version. The Playstation 3's can only be found in Japanese.
SonicUnleashed-nowloading sonic
Werehog loading screen
Very early loading image graphics for the game. The daytime variant reuses Sonic's character art from Sonic and the Secret Rings with the Werehog using a much earlier design compared to the final game.

Early UI Hud Graphics[]

Image Name Description
Ui ps1 gauge1
Early Hedgehog UI Early UI graphics for the daytime levels for Sonic.
Ui ps1 e gauge1

The Vitality Shield's sprites.

Early Werehog UI The Vitality Shield, which was later changed in the final game.

Unused UI install[]

A small video clip of the UI left-over from the install process. There are also graphics for the scrapped mechanic.

Install graphics[]

Found in the PlayStation 3 files of the game are several unused graphics for when installing the game into one's PC, indicating a port of this game was planned during development. However, it was scrapped to remain only on console. Interestingly, they can also be found within the PC Version of Sonic Generations leftover from this game.

Image icons[]

Images of characters meant for when the installation being progressed to the user's PC.

Debug images[]

There are several images of the game's debugger are found under a file called "reddog", which were used in a beta screenshot of the game

Unused text[]

There is several unused text that can be found both for the town and Hot Dog missions within the game's files.

Unused Missions[]


A mission revolving around the character Alexis, possibly would've started when talking to Lambros. There are no missions for the daytime levels of Windmill Isle, as the ones used are only nighttime levels.

Filename Name Tag Mission Hint World Map
MykonosTownMission10_30 Gone Missing Track down Alexis The bag and the barrels were just pranks! Time to bring this trickster to justice! Find Alexis in 00:00!


Filename Name Tag Mission Hint World Map Notes
AfricaTownMission10_30 The Ring Ritual Pass the rings To draw the ritual symbol out, someone needs to pass through the special rings. Who better to ask than a ring pro? Pass through the rings! Would possibly relate to the Kwami's missions.
AfricaTownMission10_40 Ritual Redux pass ? rings in ? sec! Passing through these special things will supposedly summon the spirits! Give it a go and see what happens. pass ? rings in ? sec! Seems to either be a placeholder mission or scrapped sometime in early development. The mission seems to relate to Kawami.
AfricaTownMission20_10 Run Yaya Run Find Yaya in 120 sec! The super-shy Yaya just ran off in a shook-up state. GO tell her it's OK to come back! Find Yaya in 120 sec! Seems to be earlier text of the original mission in the final game.
AfricaTownMission20_40 A Fine Feast Gather ?? pots! Time to collect up a bunch of big pots so Yaya can get a meal to remember! Gather ?? pots! Possibly would've activated after completing "Yaya's Request".


Most of these missions relate to Gini and Barbara in their restaurant business.

Filename Name Tag Mission Hint World Map Notes
EuropeanCityTownMission10_30 Dinner Thief! Find the Thief! Lucia's guilty of the grievous crime of snatching her mother's meals and shows no signs of repenting. Find her! Find the Thief! Seems to be meant for a nighttime mission. This was replaced with "Lunch Thief!"
EuropeanCityTownMission20_20 Fresh Flavours Get ? apples in ? sec! Help Gigi reopen his restaurant by binging him loads of fresh apples. Get ? apples in ? sec! Gigi does have a mission in the game, but there is no level associated to him. In fact, this mission would be useless due to apples being able to be bought in various shops throughout the game.
EuropeanCityTownMission20_30 The Taste Tester Find Barbara in ? sec! The new menu needs approval by an expert palate in a hurry! This looks like a job for Barbara! Find Barbara in ? sec!
EuropeanCityTownMission20_50 Flying Recipes Gather ? tomatoes! Gigi's brilliant new recipes have taken flight on a stray breeze! After them! Gather ? recipes in ? sec! The mission seems to be a mistake as the player has to collect recipes, where tomatoes would come in the next mission below.
EuropeanCityTownMission20_60 Ripe Rubies Gigi's new menu is almost complete! Now all it needs is a bundle of ripe red tomatoes, so get gathering! Gather ? tomatoes in ? sec! Tomatoes do not appear in the game, nor even in the shops.
EuropeanCityTownMission30_20 Fragile! Don't get hit! Take damage, and your precious cargo will break, spelling game over for you! Don't get hit! Could relate to the missions for Elio and/or Lucia. There are no missions for the player to not get hit. A similar mission for it did get used in the alternate version of the game.


These missions, possibly except the last one, all relate to Marketa. This is the only character who has no missions throughout the game.

Filename Name Tag Mission Hint World Map Notes
SnowTownMission10_10 Snowy Survey Head for the Goal! Marketa's never left the village before. Let her know what the great outdoors are like! Head for the goal! All these missions would relate to the daytime stage of Cool Edge Act 1.
SnowTownMission10_20 Bobsled Ho! Take a bobsled ride, then report back to Marketa.
SnowTownMission10_30 Bobsled Race help Marketa pin down just how fast a bobsled can go! This is serious research--try no to have too much fun. Head for the goal in time!
SnowTownMission10_40 Sled Strength Scrap the snowmen! Help Marketa find the utmost limits of bobsled endurance! This is serious research--try no to have too much fun. Scrap the snowmen!
SnowTownMission10_50 Maiden Voyage Don't get hit! Take the helm of Marketa's hand-made bobsled and put 'er through the paces. Just don't scratch the finish. Don't get hit!
SnowTownMission20_50 Ursule's Sled Get the sled! Quick, grab another sled to rep;ace the old one before she sees it got broken! Get the sled in time! The word "replace" is seen as a typo.
SnowTownMission20_70 Mythic Spice Get the pepper! These legendary pepper are rumored to make your whole body warm as a summer day. gather up a whole mountain of 'em! Get the pepper!


Filename Name Tag Mission Hint World Map Notes
ChinaTownMission10_50 Qigong Master get the medicine! Zonshen needs a special something to help boost his concentration before using qigong to treat his patient. Get to the goal in time! Seems like Zonshen had extra missions where he needs Sonic's help before continuing to help make a cure.
ChinaTownMission10_60 Gramp's Food Gather peach buns! Poor Zonshen's been meditating around the clock with no rest! He'd probably appreciate some of his favorite snack. Gather ? peach buns!
ChinaTownMission10_70 Hide-And-Seek Find Yilin! Yilin is going crazy from boredom! Play a round of hide-and-seek with her before she cracks completely! Find Yilin! Yilin has no missions in the game.
ChinaTownMission10_80 Gramps' Fave Gather peach buns! Poor Zonshen's been meditating around the clock with no rest! He'd probably appreciate some of his favorite snack. Gather ? peach buns! Seems like Zonshen had extra missions where he needs Sonic's help before continuing to help make a cure.
ChinaTownMission20_30 Kung Fu Rhythm Beat all enemies! Martial arts master Shuifon's lesson number two: a fighter must have rhythm! Beat all the enemies! The final game has Shuifon with two missions. As the name suggests here, this mission would've been played after "Kung Fu Flex".


Filename Name Tag Mission Hint World Map Notes
PetraTownMission10_30 ??? Seems to be a placeholder for testing purposes.
PetraTownMission20_20 Missing Goods Find the carpet! If you want to help prove Shadi's innocence, you'll need to track down the missing carpet! Find the carpet! Possibly scrapped due to Shadi's passion for music.
PetraTownMission30_10 Mis-Cursed Find the relief! What a horrible night to have a curse. Especially one put on you accidentally! Now you feel all funny... Find the top tool tool of auguary Unknown
PetraTownMission40_10 Profit Loss Gather the rings! Latif up and dropped a truckload of rings. Now it falls on you to help him collect them all back up! Gather the rings in time! Latif as no missions in the game.

Empire City[]

Filename Name Tag Mission Hint World Map Notes
NYTownMission10_20 Dream girl! Deliver the demo! All her hopes and dreams are riding on this one demo tape! You've got to get it in under the wire, or it's all over! Deliver the demo tape! Would've possibly been similar to "Dead End". It's unknown if it would've been a daytime or nighttime mission though. This would possibly take place either before or after the mission "A Rising Star".
NYTownMission20_30 Escorting 101 Pop 00 balloons! Will this really make you a better escort? Who knows? But a mission's a mission, so get poppin'! Pop 00 balloons in time! There are no balloons placed throughout the level. These would later appear in Sonic Colors.
NYTownMission30_10 Def Big's CDs Gather the CDs! Just how many CDs did Def Big lose, anyway?! gather the CDs! This mission would possibly take place after "Which One?", where both Li'l Kate and Shadi win the competition in a two-person singing act.

"Move Mission"[]

These missions have the filenames "MoveMission" in each one, with three of them going unused. There is no area name related them compared to the rest above.

Filename Name Tag Mission Hint World Map Notes
MoveMission20_30 Meat Bun Trail Collect the meat buns! Chun's demanding meat buns before he'll let Charles through! Grab all the meat buns!
MoveMission80_20 Polter-Panic Help the ghost! One of the ghostly pair has gone missing. This is a job for sonic! Protect the ghost! These missions all relate to the ghosts, Su an Uh. Marcantonio. This mission type is only playable in Spagonia and Adabat. One of them, "Lost Ghost", seems to be Empire City given by "big city" in the text. The other one, "Polter-Panic", is unknown. However, this mission seems like the player would have to find just one ghost instead of two like in the final game.
MoveMission80_30 Lost Ghost help the ghost! This time the ghost got lost in the big city! I guess even ghosts take vacations from time to time? Find the ghost in time!

Unused Hot Dog Missions[]

In the final game, there are five trial mission types the player can choose from: Time, Battle (Day). Ring (Day), and Survival (Night). However, not only these missions can be reimplemented into the game, there is also unused text in each of them with one going completely unused. Time Trial is the only mission that is used for both daytime and nighttime stages. Apotos' Score Trial will not load and Eggmanland has placeholders for the rest of the other missions.

Score Trial (Day)[]

The only mission that goes unused throughout the game for the hot dog trials. Only the first level has text, meaning this was scrapped early in development. The text and world map text has an "X" on it, but is remained to 30000 points by default. It's possibly this would also be for the nighttime levels too. There is no score number in the name tag and the rest of the text after level two are all question marks. However, with what the final game has for the text that is used, there is some that can be figured out.

Name Tag Mission Hint World Map After Select Mission Cleared
Score Trail Lv. 1 Score over x! Beat down enemies, grab rings, and land a ton of tricks! Score over x! Goin' for that one, are ya? Well I'll be rootin' for ya from back here. Go rack Go rack up those points! Aw, you were brilliant out there! It was like watching a shooting star flash across the sky, buddy.
Score Trail Lv. 2 ??
Score Trail Lv. 3 ??

Survival Trial (Day)[]

It seems that the Survival Trial for the daytime missions had creative ideas. It was possibly scrapped due to it's difficulty.

Name Tag Mission Hint World Map After Select Mission Cleared
Survival Lv. 1 Don't lose a life! Just take a look at your life count! Maybe now you see just how serious this mission is, eh? Don't lose a life! You sure about this one, chief? If not, too bad! it's too late now! That was totally sweet! I'm all pumped from watching you! My chest is seriously pounding. Should I see a doctor here?
Survival Lv. 2 Don't get hit! Take a hit and it's game over, man! Try to keep track of the tricky spots and steer clear of unnecessary damager. Don't get hit!
Survival Lv. 3 Excellent! Boy, you are seriously hot merchandise! You've made a believer outta me, buddy.

Score Trial (Night)[]

The only mission that goes unused throughout the game for the hot dog trials. The text and world map text has an "X" on it, but is remained to 30000 points by default. It's unknown why this was scrapped with the combos the player can rack up.

Name Tag Mission Hint World Map After Select Mission Cleared
Score Trail Lv. 1 Score over x! Go nuts man! Time to combo those combos and let out all that pent-up frustration! Score over x! ??? ???
Score Trail Lv. 2
Score Trail Lv. 3

Battle Trial (Night)[]

This mission is only used in the daytime levels. It's unknown why this mission type goes unused as it even has unique text associated to it.

Name Tag Mission Hint World Map After Select Mission Cleared
Battle Trial Lv. 1 Beat over x foes! It's time to punch first and ask questions later. Just don't forget to block when you need to! beat over x foes! You're a real pepper pot, going after a mission like this. But hey, I like it hot! Go get 'em slugger. Wow, you made short work of them! I tell ya, it felt good just watching!
Battle Trial Lv. 2
Battle Trial Lv. 3

Ring Trial (Night)[]

This mission is only used in the daytime levels. This possibly was scrapped as the Werehog does not lose Rings when hit and also regains health upon collecting them, which in turn makes the challenge easier.

Name Tag Mission Hint World Map After Select Mission Cleared
Ring Trial Lv. 1 Grab x rings! Collecting rings is easier after clearing out all those pesky bad guys! Grab x rings! Hey, nice! You a ring fan, too? Man, I just can't get enough of 'em! I mean, they're so shiny! Woo yeah! That delicious ding gets me right here, every time I hear it!
Ring Trial Lv. 2
Ring Trial Lv. 3

Unused audio[]


Found in the System's Sounds files, there are several sound effects that go unused from previous Sonic games. Most of these sounds present inside are clips from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), as that was the last mainline Sonic game released for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 at the time before the game's release. These are possibly just leftovers from that game.

Clip Filename Description
00_pressstart Used when pressing start on the title screen of the game.
01_window_open Used when opening the pause menu.
02_window_close Used when closing the pause menu.
03_cursor2 Used when selecting any option in the game.
04_resultwindow_open Used at the results screen in the end of the level.
05_score_decision3 Unknown for the game, but was used in ranking system screen when tallied up in previous entries (such as Shadow the Hedgehog).
06_totalscore_count Unknown yet the filename says otherwise.
07_rank Used for when the player get a level ranking after the final results.
09_totalring_decision This clip was never used in the game, but was used in the results screen in previous entries (such as Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Heroes)
12_move Used when in the game's main menu screen for what the player can select.
13_cannot_decide Unknown
14_main_decide Used when selecting an option.

Ambient Sounds[]

Ambient Sounds for the game, labeled "amb" in each of them after a number, are sound effects that are used throughout either levels or towns which represent the environment the player is in. Whether it's wind, a crowd, or even animals when near/interacted with (such as penguins). Each one is also separated by level for Sonic ("sn" Sonic) and the Werehog ("es" Evil Sonic) with the town areas ("twn") themselves being separate.


Clip Filename Level/Town Description
01_ambsn_afr_lion2 Savannah Citadel (Day) As the clips and files suggest, these voice clips would've played if the player were to get close to a lion. There are no lions anywhere throughout Mazuri nor models are placed within the level. The only animals that appear are giraffes, elephants, and zebras.

Unused object sounds[]

The following files, labeled as "obj", are meant for objects that were meant to appear in the game. While these objects may not appear within the game's files, the sounds files do hint at them otherwise.

Empire City[]

Clip Filename Level/Town Description
01_objsn_nyc_carhorn Skyscraper Scamper (Day) Meant for when the player is in the way of the vehicles. This did get used in Sonic Generations for Speed Highway (Act 1)
02_objsn_nyc_truckhorn Meant for when the player is in the way of the vehicles. A similar audio clip of this was used for the GUN Truck in City Escape for Sonic Generations.
03_objsn_nyc_carengine Possibly would've played when a car passes by the player as they are next to one.
03_objes_nyc_car_brake Skyscraper Scamper (Night) Meant to be played for vehicles to stop in front of the player. This did get used in Sonic Generations for Speed Highway (Act 1).
01_objes_nyc_xlaxon A car honking. Unknown what vehicle exactly would play this.
02_objes_nyc_car_pass Possibly meant for an ambient noise. This cannot be heard however.


There are no helicopters seen throughout the game, thus having this clip go unused. This did get used in Sonic Generations for Speed Highway. There is a second filename to it, but it remains a duplicate.
05_objes_nyc_engine_start An engine starting up. Even if there were vehicles placed in the game, none of them are seen parking.
06_objes_nyc_motor Meant for a motor vehicle.
08_objes_nyc_silen_patrolcar Meant for a police car. None of these vehicles are seen, leaving this sound effect unused.
10_objes_nyc_airplane_fly As the filename suggests, this would've played when an airplane passes over the player. No actual airplanes have yet to be seen in any Sonic game.
18_objes_nyc_helli_break Judging by the filename, this seems like it would've played for when the helicopter gets destroyed. Shadow the Hedgehog was the only game to do so.
24_objes_nyc_flag_break Unknown exactly. The filename suggests a flag pole would've been seen for the player to destroy.

Unused QTE clip[]

An eerie effect of a cymbal appear to sound louder. As the filename suggests that this clip would've been used in a quick time event. It's possible this would've been used for boss battles, given by the "reactiontime" in the filename.

Clip Filename

Werehog Attacks[]

In the sound files for the Werehog, there are three unused swing sound effects. The filenames themselves (unused_evil_sonic_swing) proves otherwise.

Clip Filename

Unused dialogue[]

In the game's files, some characters have a folder with "Boss" on them, where several of the voice clips in the game are used. However, some of them go unused entirely.

Dark Gaia Phoenix[]

There are voice clips of Chip explaining about the boss, however they do not play for whatever reason.

Clip Transcript Notes
Ooo! Hey Sonic, think you can hit that bird with that water jug? Chip giving the player a hint on how to extinguish the flames on the boss.
Yay! The fire's out! Now's your chance to take that thing down. Meant to play when extinguishing the flames on the boss from the water jugs.
Give that birdbrain a face full of water jug! Snuff that fire, and he's all ours!
Whoa! Check out the flame on that bird! Get too close and you'll get burned!
Run, Sonic! His attacks are too hot to handle! Meant to play when the boss using it's feathers at the Werehog.

Dark Gaia[]


These quotes would've most likely been used when playing as the Gaia Colossus, whether it would be defending or attacking.

Clip Transcript
Nice going, Chip!
Way to go, Chip!
It's like Sci-Fi meets Fantasy!
Close shave!
Whoa! That was close!
Almost there, buddy!
You can do it Chip!
Awesome, Chip!

Sonic and Werehog[]

In the Boss folders for both Sonic and the Werehog, there remains various amounts of dialogue relating to what could possibly be meant for Dark Gaia (and possibly even Perfect Dark Gaia). These quotes have both Sonic and Werehog saying the same various lines, indicating that the Werehog was possibly planned to be fighting Dark Gaia. Evidence includes the some of the voice clips that do get used and relate to the boss also exist for the Werehog. There is also a line for both characters relating to Eggman as well, but it's unknown where else it would be used aside the Egg Beetle and/or Egg Dragoon.

Clip (Sonic) Clip (Werehog) Transcript (Sonic/Super Sonic) Transcript (Werehog) Notes
N/A Ugh, this one's tough! A similar clip of this is used for Super Sonic, when Gaia Colossus is defeated by Perfect Dark Gaia.
N/A CHIP! Sonic uses this in the quick time section of Super Sonic.
Careful buddy! Easy buddy!
N/A N/A Sit tight! Possibly would've been used for a quick time event, similar to Super Sonic's.
You ok?
Wha? No way! No way!
Your over! It's over!
That thing sure got ugly! Possibly could relate to Perfect Dark Gaia.
Ugh! Thanks a lot, wall! Rgh! Thanks a lot, wall! Relates to Perfect Dark Gaia's barrier.
Heh, I'd never leave a buddy in the lurch, Chip. I don't leave my friends in the lurch!
Oh, I'd never leave you hanging Chip! I'd never leave you in a pinch!
N/A CHIIIPPP!!! Sonic uses in this clip, in Super Sonic, when Gaia Colossus is defeated by Perfect Dark Gaia.
Now that looks nasty.
Eggman, your totally cracked! The player only fights Eggman once for both characters, this being the Egg Lancer and Egg Dragoon.
Ok, let's go!
Rgh, this one's tough. Though still unused for the Werehog, a different quote is used instead for Sonic via his Super form.
What's a guy gotta eat to get that big?

Perfect Dark Gaia[]

Big Finish[]

These voice clips were meant to be used when the player is making their approach to Perfect Dark Gaia.

Clip Transcript
Alright, Chip. Let's end with a bang!
C'mon! Let's go, Sonic!

Dark Gaia's Shield[]

In the final game, both Super Sonic and Gaia Colossus explain about Perfect Dark Gaia's "Shield" and "Snake things" around it. However, both of these had different names to them.

Clip Character Transcript Notes
Super Sonic Agh, this wall's in the way! Originally, the shield around the boss was called a "Wall" at one point of the game's development.
Chip I'll get it's attention, Sonic! You do something about this wall!
Super Sonic Agh! Gotta get passed this barrier! The shield around the boss was called a "barrier" at one point of the game's development
Chip I'll get it's attention, Sonic! You do something about that barrier!
Chip I think those snake things are what's creating the wall, Sonic! Not the only the shield had different names, the snake things around it were originally called "tentacles".
I think those snake things are what's creating the barrier, Sonic!
I think those tentacles things are what's creating the shield, Sonic!
I think those tentacles things are what's creating the wall, Sonic!
I think those tentacles things are what's creating the barrier, Sonic!
Super Sonic Seems the big tentacles are the weak spot!
Super Sonic Nice! The wall of lights gone! Meant to play when the snake things around the shield for Perfect Dark Gaia are defeated.
Great, no more barrier!

Forgetting Gaia Colossus[]

It seems like the game would've had the player to focus more on Dark Gaia than Chip, no matter what situation he is in. In the final game, if Gaia Colossus is defeated, the player must retry that section of the boss again.

Clip Transcript
Sonic, don't worry about me, just end it!
Sonic, forget about me and finish off Dark Gaia!

Gaia Colossus[]

Clip Transcript Notes
I got this one, Sonic! Possibly would've played when passing through the shield around the boss.
Thanks, Sonic! Possibly would've played when being saved by Super Sonic.
Goooo! Possibly meant to play when successfully deflecting Perfect Dark Gaia's beam.
Sonic! Dark Gaia's weak point is that big eye. The only time the player head's to Perfect Dark Gaia's big eye is when the boss is defeated. Judging by this voice clip, it's possible that this boss would've had more than one phase, possibly could relate to the Werehog's voice clips for this boss.
You did it, Sonic! Possibly meant to play when taking out the shield surrounding the boss.

Werehog's Rank Quotes[]

Found in the Rank folder for the Werehog are several voice clips for the results screen, many of them which go unused. A couple of them did get used in the SD Version and some of the ones unused can also be found in the disc as well. The only voice clip that isn't found in it's alternate counterpart is V_WHG_042.

Clip Filename Text
V_WHG_031 No way!
V_WHG_034 How do you like that, huh?
V_WHG_037 Hmph, not so hot.
V_WHG_039 Oh no!
V_WHG_040 Darn, I blew it!
V_WHG_041 Amazing!
V_WHG_042 Oh well.

Unused objects[]

There are several objects found within the game's files, most of them relating to the Werehog stages.


Image Filename Object Name Description
SonicUnleashed DLC Gates Screenshot
cmn_obj_km_etfdoor_000.model DLC Stage Gate A gate that would've been used to enter the DLC stages through the level hub world. This possibly goes unused in favor of the stage select in the world map.

Professor Pickel's Lab[]

Image Filename Object Name Description
SonicUnleashed Laptop
SU Replay
euc_obj_ky_computerA_000.model Laptop An unused laptop, which can be interacted with to show an unused "Replay Mode" menu. However, this does not function correctly.


These common objects meant to appear in the nighttime stages of Windmill Isle. However, none of them appear in any of the level.

Image Filename Object Name Description
SonicUnleashed Apotos DoorB
evl_myk_obj_soc_doorB_000.model Handeled Door A door with handles for placed on both sides. Even if this used, the handle on the other side cannot be seen. This also goes unused possibly due to backtracking.
SonicUnleashed Apotos ShrinkHandle


Retractable Handle The handles seen throughout the game, which functions as they originally do.
SonicUnleahed Apotos Move Pole Breakable
evl_myk_obj_soc_movepoleAa_brk_###.model Breakable Pole A pole that breaks upon grabbing it. like the ones seen in other stages of the game. (Such as Cool Edge).
SonicUnleashed Apotos Dialpole
evl_myk_obj_soc_dialpoleAa01_brk_brk##.model Breakable Column A column that breaks when climbing on it, similar to the ones seen in other stages of the game. (Such as Cool Edge)


Image Filename Object Name Description
N/A N/A Sculpture-like object What seems to be a mini sculpture-like object. The object can be found in Savannah Citadel Act 1 (Night) by using a Rolling Kick Combo around the beginning of the level. The object also has no collision and can be walked around through by the player.


Image Filename Object Name Description
Sonic Unleashed Snow ThornBallAppear
ThornBallAppear Ice Spikes An unused variant of the ice spikes, where they rise from the water upon approaching them. The ones used in the final game are always visible to the player.


Image Filename Object Name Description
Sonic Unleashed TimberBridge Render
Sonic Unleashed TimberBridge
TimberBridge Pillars Two pillars that can be knocked over, which in turn plays an unused animation for it. This can be found by using the Rolling Kick Combo to glitch past a door at the end of Arid Sands (Act 1).

Jungle Joyride[]

Image Filename Object Name Description
SonicUnleashed StepPalmStump
SonicUnleashed StepPalm
SonicUnleashed EvilTimber
SonicUnleashed EvilTimber 1
EvilTimber Palm Tree A palm tree that can be knocked over and fallen to the ground, which can then be allowed to be walked on. This can be found in the mission (Jungle Fright) for Jungle Joyride by using the Rolling Kick Combo to glitch past a door behind one of the two ghosts.

Empire City[]

Image Name Stage Description
SU Unused Lance-Shaped-Object
Evl nyc obj ma JavelinpoleA-min
Evl nyc obj ma JavelinbaseA-min
Lanced-Shaped Object Empire City An object that is very unfinished as all the player can do with it is pick it up and throw it, which in turn respawns afterwards. It's possible that this could've been used to be thrown at a set target and be used as a swinging pole. This can be found outside the mission "Play it Cool". According to the filename (EvilJavelinBar), it seems to be a Javelin.
Evl nyc obj ma JavelintargetA-min
SU Unused Javelin-Target
Target Empire City A target meant for the Javelin object above. The filename (Evl_nyc_obj_ma_JavelintargetA.model) says otherwise.

Unused animations[]


Animation File Name Description
Sonic ladder up
sonic_ladder_up.anm.hkx Present in both and As the filename suggests, this is an animation of Sonic climbing up a ladder. There are no ladders found throughout the game and was possibly scrapped due to either it being unnecessary or the was replaced in favor of the Wall Jumping mechanic.
Sonic turbo
sonic_turbo.anm.hkx A "turbo" animation for Sonic, where he raises his arms in an X while running to then continue boosting.


Animation File Name Description
SonicUnleashed GateLR
evilsonic_gateLR.anm.hkx An unused animation of the Werehog opening a door vertically, pushing his arms left and right. In the final game, doors can only be opened up vertically (being pulling up)
SonicUnleashed PillarGripVS
evilsonic_pillar_gripVS.anm.hkx Several animations of the Werehog relating to him, what the files seem to suggest, grabbing onto a pillar. This mechanic is similar to the one from the SD version of the game where the player can catches the Dark Bats and swing off of them.
SonicUnleashed PillarGripVSLoop
SonicUnleashed PIlarGripFAS
SonicUnleashed PIlarGripFASLoop
SonicUnleashed PillarGripFS
SonicUnleashed PillarGripFSLoop
SonicUnleashed PillarGripVAS
SonicUnleashed PillarGripVasLoop
SonicUnleashed SpileFault
evilsonic_Spile_catch_fault.anm.hkx This animation would've played if the player either fails to perform or capture an enemy using the Aerial Piledriver.
SonicUnleashed Give
evilsonic_give.anm.hkx An animation of the Werehog giving something to someone. It's unknown who though.
SonicUnleashed Item
evilsonic_item.anm.hkx An animation that seems that it would've been used in the results screen, similar to when the player gets an A Rank. The filename itself though seems to be for when the player collects an item.

Super Sonic[]

Several animations of Super Sonic can be found in the game's files, via Judging by these movements, it's possible this would've been used when reaching to Perfect Dark Gaia's Eye, after the Quick-Time Event with Gaia Colossus. When starting the boss fight for Perfect Dark Gaia, the player will move automatically until reaching the boss where it's shield will appear.

Animation File Name Description
SSonic moveB
SSonic_moveB.anm.hkx Appears to be Super Sonic moving backwards, which the player cannot do.
SSonic moveD
SSonic_moveD.anm.hkx Super Sonic moving downwards in a vertical stance, which the player cannot do.
SSonic moveL
SSonic_moveL.anm.hkx Super Sonic moving left, possibly meant for finishing off Perfect Dark Gaia.
SSonic moveR
SSonic_moveR.anm.hkx Super Sonic moving right, possibly meant for finishing off Perfect Dark Gaia.
SSonic moveU
SSonic_moveU.anm.hkx Super Sonic moving upwards, this was used in a Platinum Trophy for the PlayStation 3 version.

Beta cutscene[]

Beta opening shot

The scene where Sonic gets electrocuted in the beta cutscene of Sonic Unleashed.

In a beta opening of Sonic Unleashed, everything plays normally except the part where Eggman turns Sonic into a Werehog via his machine. The scene plays like in the final version. However, unlike its final version, it shows Sonic's skeleton while him being shocked alive. The reason why Marza Animation changed and toned down this scene is unknown.

Unused areas[]


One of the unused beta areas accessed via the glitch.

Beta Areas[]

In the nighttime levels, there are several Beta Levels that can be found final version of the game. These can all be accessed via the "Rolling Kick Combo Through Collision" glitch to clip through the walls.

Arid Sands[]

In the end of Arid Sands (Act 1), the player can get passed walls where a door can be seen to the right. Once on the other side, the player can open the door back to the playing area and can explore. The only objects in this area are pillars, which can be knocked down. This level was later used in the DLC packs via Act 2.

Jungle Joyride (Jungle Fright)[]

Upon finding one of the ghosts by a door for the mission "Jungle Fright", the player can then progress through a waterfall section and upon opening the doors where the level would usually end contains an unfinished section of the level. This area contains water levels and a tree that Sonic could balance on. Though the water level is invisible, the detection area is still there and the Werehog can fall resulting the player to redo the mission again. Upon making it to the top, a Goal Ring can be found but touching it will result in a fail. The level was used in the DLC via Act 2.

Dragon Road[]

In Dragon Road Act 1, the player ends the stage by opening a door and walking along a straight path. In it, there are two areas on each side of the Goal Ring. The right side of the Goal Ring is accessible by grabbing onto the ledges of it, which can obtain a Moon Medal. The left side of the Goal Ring is inaccessible by normal means by can be reachable with a well timed Aerial Claw Slash and Spin, provided with enough height, and the Werehog can explore an area that is inaccessible by normal means. While parts of this were used in the Missions "Check-Up Time" and "Energy Boost", there is still another area that went unused. Selecting the mission "Energy Boost" will spawn the Werehog at an area where a door can be seen closed off behind him appearing to be inaccessible. However, beyond this area would lead to the spot where the Werehog would fight the Dark Gaia Phoenix. This area would later be used in the DLC via Act 1-2.

Skyscraper Scamper[]

In the mission "Sonic Presents", the player must defeat the Titan and backtrack to the beginning of the level. The player must then get on top of the fences via the shielding and Sho-Claw-Ken. When on top of the fence, the player can then use a well timed Spinning Needle Attack to grab onto a pole in the distance and will take the player to an area that is set to around the last part of the level before the Goal Ring for Skyscraper Scamper Act 1.

Aside some rings and electric beams, the level continues via the poles behind the fence and head to the sign where is says "Chao Beans". There are two areas the player can go to. One being more platforming, leading to a dead end, with the other have a balance beam being accessible via the Unleashed Wild Combo. The player must then traverse to the area where another balance beam can be seen with yet another two branch pathway. Taking the pathway on the left will reveal a level that the Werehog can pull on (which doesn't seem to function anything) with the right side taking the player to a Goal Ring by traversing around the building with the "Pachacamac Parking" sign on it. This will then complete the mission in a different area.

There is also another area that can be accessible via the bottom right of where the player defeats the Titan by using the Spinning Needle Attack. The area reveals a balance beam that can jumped over via the Aerial Claw Slash and Spin to then appear at two pathways, with one of them being a blocked area that can be skipped getting over the fence to then spawn a Nightmare. Behind the player shows a balance beam with a voltage of electricity beaming summoned for a period of time. The other area that isn't blocked is another balance beam that is safe to grab on. Continuing on, the Werehog will appear to the beginning of where Skyscraper Scamper Act 1 would originally start.

There are more areas that the player can explore, but remain empty aside some grabbing platforms and balance beams.

Savannah Citadel (Final Exam)[]

Upon the player spawning in the mission "Final Exam", getting the behind the door will a reveal what seems to be an unfinished puzzle puzzle for Savannah Citadel (Act 1). The area also reveals a 201st Sun Medal that can be obtained, however it will not change the total amount of 200. A Goal Ring can also be found to where the player can beat the level this way.

If the player were to do the level normally traverse through the level backwards to the beginning of the level, the area will reveal what seems to be an early object layout of Savannah Citadel (Act 1) compared to it's final counterpart.


At around the beginning of Savannah Citadel Act 1 (Night), upon opening a door with a bunch of enemies, there are two walls that can be stood on via the roofs with one of them lit up. However, if the player were to use the Rolling Kick Combo to get through the left wall that is lit up, the area will reveal crates that respawn along with what seems to be an unused sculpture-like object placed inside of it that can be walked though. It's possible this was would've been used for decoration purposes.

Preview build[]

On 6 December 2016, user "N!NJA" of the Sonic fan-site, Sonic Retro, leaked a disk containing the preview version of Sonic Unleashed for the Xbox 360. This version contains most of the content in the final version, albeit with a number of differences:

  • This version has a full debug mode (its menu is mostly written in Japanese).
  • This version has a near-stable 60 FPS.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog's Spin Jump has a mild blue aura instead of the bluish one in the final version of the game.
  • The Werehog stages contain the HUD system seen in the E3 previews, such as the original "Shield" and "Vitality" gauges.
  • Sonic the Werehog's circular attacks create green slashes instead of purple ones.
  • The Medals' counter icons have different lightening.
  • The Sun and Moon symbols are different on the World Map, and there is a twin-tail icon in the upper left area of the map screen.
  • When Tails is explaining how the World Map works, his talk bubble has a different icon for Tails than that used in the final version.

Apotos being selected on the World Map.

  • Some Town Stages have other names alongside those used in the final version; Spagonia has for example the "European Union" name instead of the title image, and Shamar has "Petra"). The descriptions for some of the Town Stages are also different from those in the final version.
  • Unlike the levels, the bosses' names are written in English. Most of them retain their English names from the final version, except for the Egg Devil Ray (which is named "Egg Ray Fish") and the Dark Guardian (which is named "Dark Gaia Keeper").
  • There is a time counter in the Entrance Stages, unlike in the final version.
  • A white font color is used for the options of the pause menu in this version.
  • The Skills option is placed at the end of the menu when playing as Sonic the Werehog in this version.
  • Villagers have random numbers and letters instead of dialogues.
  • Sonic has no Rank comments in this version.
  • Every enemy has a name label that appears above them when encountered. However, some do not have the name they were given in the final version (the Fright Master is named "MasterSpooky')
  • The arrow icons that appear above Dark Gaia's Minions are different from the final version.
  • When one of Dark Gaia's Minions are defeated, it will cry with a rough voice instead of a high-pitched screech in the version.
  • There is a Fright Master in the Nighttime version of Windmill Isle which cannot be encountered in the final version.
  • The Little Rexes are purple in this version of the game, instead of green.
  • The Egg Fighters have different sounds for their movements in this version.
  • The amount of Rings dropped when taking damage is rather random, unlike in the final version.
  • Sonic's model in the cutscene is the same used in gameplay, unlike in the final version of the game, which has a separate model for each situation.
  • Sonic does not start each stage with the sentence "Ready... Go!" in Japanese or "Here we... Go!" in English.
  • When a Point Marker is passed, no speed calculation appears, unlike in the final version of the game.
  • There are no Chaos Orbs in the daytime stages.
  • In the nighttime stages, the Chaos Orbs are colored dark-gray.
  • Unused level and object layouts exist in this version.
  • After finishing a Stage, Mission or a Boss Battle the player is given the option to restart it right from the result screen without having to navigate back to the level select screen.


In the Xbox 360 manual for the game, the first screenshot on page ten actually displays an earlier build of the game as it showcases some sort of day and night gauge. Though it is currently unknown what this did, it may have been to show time passing in the Town Stages.

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