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Sonic Universe Volume 7: The Silver Saga is the seventh volume in the Sonic Universe Graphic Novel series. This volume contains reprints of stories from the "The Silver Saga" story arc from Sonic Universe #25-#28.

Official solicitation

Journey to a dark and twisted future with SILVER THE HEDGEHOG! The popular Sonic Graphic Novel series returns with SONIC UNIVERSE 7: SILVER SAGA. Silver the Hedgehog lives in a world of ruin, and he's been traveling to the past, trying to change the fate of his time. But he's not prepared when a strange new force travels both space and time to attack him! Silver must journey to a twisted version of his world, join the last handful of rebels, and overthrow the most powerful foe he's ever encountered. Silver's psychic power is pushed to its limit against the chaos-fueled fury of a demi-god! The Silver Saga collects Sonic Universe #25-28. Features a special silver ink-enhanced cover!

Reprinted stories

Fractured Mirror Part One: Through the Looking Glass

Main article: Sonic Universe #25

Fractured Mirror Part Two: Warped Reflections

Main article: Sonic Universe #26

Fractured Mirror Part Three: Shattered

Main article: Sonic Universe #27

Fractured Mirror The Finale: Picking Up the Pieces

Main article: Sonic Universe #28

Off Panels

Other features

Dark Mobius

  • Data Files: This section features data files compiling the following characters and settings in the Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog series:


  • The front cover artwork for this volume is the same as the one for Sonic Universe #25.
  • Early descriptions for this volume claimed the accompanying written stories that appeared on the Archie Sonic Blog (which has since been taken down) would be printed in it as bonus material. For unknown reasons however, they were not included in the final release.
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