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Sonic Universe Volume 6: Treasure Team Tango is the sixth volume in the Sonic Universe Graphic Novel series. This volume contains reprints of the stories from the "Treasure Team Tango" story arc from Sonic Universe #21-#24 and additionally Sonic the Hedgehog #217.

Official solicitation

It may take two to tango, but it takes TWELVE to Treasure Team Tango! The most successful Sonic Graphic Novel series continues strong as some very special SEGA game characters take the center stage! It’s Team Rose vs. Team Hooligan vs. Team Babylon vs. Team Dark in a winner-take-all battle royal! The race is on for the missing Sol Emeralds as the heroic Amy Rose teams up with the fiery Blaze the Cat and the charming Cream the Rabbit in this super-fun, action-packed hit story! SONIC UNIVERSE 6 collects the entire Treasure Team Tango storyline from Sonic Universe #21-24 plus exclusive special features!

Reprinted stories

Treasure Team Tango Step One: The Salida

Main article: Sonic Universe #21

Treasure Team Tango Step Two: The Cruzada

Main article: Sonic Universe #22

Treasure Team Tango Step Three: The Llevada

Main article: Sonic Universe #23

Treasure Team Tango Step Four: The Parada

Main article: Sonic Universe #24

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