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Sonic Universe Volume 5: The Tails Adventure is the fifth volume in the Sonic Universe Graphic Novel series. This volume contains reprints of stories from the "The Tails Adventure" story arc from Sonic Universe #17-#20.

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The most successful Sonic Graphic Novel series continues strong as Sonic’s famous sidekick – Miles “Tails” Prower – takes off in his own adventure! Tails and his friends Antoine and Bunnie take a well-earned vacation to the remote Cocoa Island. But not everything is what it seems! Hidden within their camouflaged fortress, the Battle Bird Armada makes their villainous debut! The angry avians lash out, and it’s up to Tails to save the day! Can one little fox take on an entire armada on his own? Maybe with his latest creation – T-Pup – at his side! SONIC UNIVERSE VOL. 5 collects the entire “Trouble in Paradise” storyline from Sonic Universe #17-20 plus exclusive special features!

Reprinted stories

Trouble in Paradise Part One: No Rest For the Weary

Main article: Sonic Universe #17

Trouble in Paradise Part Two: The Honeymoon's Over

Main article: Sonic Universe #18

Trouble in Paradise Part Three: Undercover

Main article: Sonic Universe #19

Trouble in Paradise Part Four: Stuff of Heroes

Main article: Sonic Universe #20

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Other features


  • The front cover artwork for this volume is the same as the one for Sonic Universe #20. However, it was slightly altered from the original printing, showing Tails with a confident smile instead of a determined frown.
  • This volume includes design and storyline concepts for the Battle Bird Armada created by Ian Flynn and Jon Gray, though they have yet to be implemented. Several design elements were later incorporated into the Armada characters, however, that were not featured in the Tails Adventure game.
  • A footnote in this volume stated that the Sonic Riders adaptation from Sonic the Hedgehog #163-#164 would be appearing in Best of Sonic the Hedgehog Villains, even though it did not appear when it was released. However, an alternate list of stories for that volume was shown on the books listing, where the Sonic Riders adaptation was listed. The reason for this change is unknown.
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