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Sonic Universe Sagas

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Sonic Universe Sagas Volume 1: Pirate Plunder Panic was intended to be the first volume in the scrapped Sonic Universe Sagas trade-paperback series published by Archie Comics. This volume would have contained reprints of stories from Sonic Universe #55-#58.

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PIRATE PLUNDER PANIC is the first book in the new SONIC UNIVERSE SAGAS graphic novel series, collecting the stories that follow on the heels of the SONIC/MEGA MAN: WORLDS COLLIDE epic. AAAAARRRR you ready?? It's mystery and mayhem on the high seas as Amy and Cream join first mates Blaze and Marine in their search for the final Sol Emerald! As ships clash on the stormy waters, familiar faces start to appear amongst the opposition and Blaze is targeted as enemy number 1! Who is the new, sinister force leading the robot pirates, and what is his past with Blaze?



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