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The logo of Sonic Universe.

Sonic Universe was a spin-off Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series published by Archie Comics. Set in the Sonic the Hedgehog continuity, Sonic Universe was designed to expand the horizon of that fictional universe. The series dealt with various characters throughout the fictional universe, particularly those that are less prominent in the main series, including Shadow the Hedgehog, Knuckles the Echidna and many more.

Sonic Universe was published monthly by Archie Comics alongside its parent title Sonic the Hedgehog, and the two frequently tie-in together. The first issue was released to comic book stores on 25 February 2009[1] and fills the role of the "second monthly Sonic comic" following the cancellation of the Sonic X comic series.[2] On 19 July 2017, it was announced that the series and its parent series were canceled.[3]

Story Arcs

Sonic Universe was most commonly split into story arcs, each four issues long, though a few one-shot stories do appear. They are listed below:

The Shadow Saga

"The Shadow Saga" revolves around Shadow. Issues cover his inter-dimensional battle with Metal Sonic, his first encounter with Blaze the Cat, the assembly of Team Dark, and Shadow's missions for G.U.N., including a visit to Feist's Special Zone.

Mobius: 30 Years Later

"Mobius: 30 Years Later" is a continuation of "Mobius: 25 Years Later", dealing with King Sonic and the assembly of the Future Freedom Fighters, as they battle the Dark Presence, King Shadow, and Tikhaos.

Knuckles: The Return

"Knuckles: The Return" deals with Knuckles and the Chaotix working to save Angel Island and the Master Emerald from Dr. Finitevus. It also features the Downunda Freedom Fighters and the Dark Egg Legion.

Journey to the East

"Journey to the East" focuses on Sonic, Tails, Sally Acorn and Monkey Khan battling the clans of the Iron Dominion. They also encounter Fiona Fox and the Destructix, and must face the traitor to the Chaotix: Espio.

  • Sonic Universe #13, "Journey to the East - Part One: Endless Reach of Fate" (February 2010)
  • Sonic Universe #14, "Journey to the East - Part Two: High Price for Rich Nights" (March 2010)
  • Sonic Universe #15, "Journey to the East - Part Three: No Love in a Conquering Storm" (April 2010)
  • Sonic Universe #16, "Journey to the East - Part Four: A World Under Constant Vigil" (May 2010)

The Tails Adventure

"The Tails Adventure" involves Tails in an adaption of the game Tails Adventure.

Treasure Team Tango

"Treasure Team Tango" involves Blaze's search for the Sol Emeralds, with Team Rose helping her along the way. While Team Rose searches for the Emeralds, they run into Team Dark, Team Hooligan, and Team Babylon, who all want the Emeralds as well.

The Silver Saga

"The Silver Saga" involves Silver fighting an alternate-reality version of Enerjak and his army of Prelates, assisting a small team of Freedom Fighters led by Jani-Ca.

Scourge: Lockdown

"Scourge: Lockdown" involves Scourge, who is in the Zone Jail, as he manages to convince the Destructix to help him and numerous other prisoners break out.

Babylon Rising

"Babylon Rising" involves the Babylon Rogues searching for their ancestral homeland of Babylon Garden and end up attacking New Mobotropolis alongside the Battle Bird Armada.


"Scrambled" involves Eggman tracking down his traitor, no-longer-assistant nephew, Snively, after he snuck out of the Eggman Empire.

Secret Freedom Fighters

"Secret Freedom Fighters" involves Ixis Naugus taking the crown from Elias, who go on to create a team called the Secret Freedom Fighters with Harvey Who to stop Naugus from his supposed evil plans.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

"Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed" is an adaption of the Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing sequel, which kicks off by taking over the Sonic Universe comic series.

Chaotix Quest

"Chaotix Quest" involves Vector, Espio, and Charmy going out to search for Mighty and Ray, who have been gone for a while searching for Mighty's sister, Matilda.

Forged In Fire

"Forged In Fire" is the second milestone to the spin-off comic series, starring Shard facing his "brother," Metal Sonic, in an epic fight.

Worlds Collide

In the twelve issue story taking over the Mega Man, Sonic the Hedgehog, and even Sonic Universe issues, the four part saga that is "Worlds Collide" has Sonic and Mega Man taking down their most fearsome enemies!

Pirate Plunder Panic

"Pirate Plunder Panic" takes place directly in the aftermath of "When Worlds Collide." Blaze, Amy, Cream, and Marine try to obtain the final Sol Emerald from the evil pirates, Captain Metal and Captain Whisker. The arc is almost exactly concurrent with the "Countdown to Chaos" main series arc, with Sonic the Hedgehog #256 picking up immediately where Sonic Universe #58 leaves off.

Shadow Fall

"Shadow Fall" serves as a sequel to the Shadow the Hedgehog video game, occurring soon after the start of the Shattered World Crisis. The arc focuses on Team Dark and G.U.N. investigating a new Black Comet as it approaches the periled planet.

The Great Chaos Caper

In "The Great Chaos Caper", Knuckles and the Chaotix search for a Chaos Emerald to help solve the Shattered World Crisis. Along the way, they fight against Team Hooligan, who have been hired by Dr. Eggman to find the same Chaos Emerald, and meet Chip, who possesses the Emerald.

Total Eclipse

In "Total Eclipse", Eclipse the Darkling returns to exact revenge upon Shadow. Meanwhile, Shadow and the other members of Team Dark hunt for Eclipse on Angel Island, running afoul of Knuckles in the process.

Spark of Life

"Spark of Life" sees Nicole, Sally, Tails, and Big traveling to an isolated island to investigate a signal from the digital world. There, they meet Dr. Ellidy, who explains Nicole's origins in the Post-Super Genesis Wave continuity. As night falls, the group faces off against Dark Gaia monsters and Phage, a mysterious entity inhabiting the digital world.


Worlds Unite

"Worlds Unite" is the second crossover of the Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.

The Silver Age

"The Silver Age" details how Silver the Hedgehog began his current mission to close the Genesis Portals, and reveals the current state of Silver's future in the Post-Super Genesis Wave timeline.

Eggman's Dozen

"Eggman's Dozen" involves Walter and Wendy Naugus taking over Eggmanland. Together with his twelve Egg Bosses, Dr. Eggman must fight to reclaim what's his.


"Shattered" follows Knuckles and Amy as they recover the last Master Emerald shards. Knuckles was forced to shatter the Master Emerald in "Total Eclipse" to prevent Eclipse from stealing it, and must put it back together and raise Angel Island before the Shattered World Crisis ends.

The Case of the Pirate Princess

"The Case of the Pirate Princess" follows the Chaotix as they are hired by Echo the Dolphin to track down the missing Princess Undina. Along the way, they encounter Razor the Shark's old pirate crew as they seek out an ancient power.

  • Sonic Universe #91, "The Case of the Pirate Princess Part One: Dial "C" for Chaotix" (October 2016)
  • Sonic Universe #92, "The Case of the Pirate Princess Part Two: The Princess Was Shanghaied" (November 2016)
  • Sonic Universe #93, "The Case of the Pirate Princess Part Three: Strangers On A Ship" (December 2016)
  • Sonic Universe #94, "The Case of the Pirate Princess Part Finale: In A Lonely Place" (January 2017)

Freedom Fighters (canceled)

Game Adaptations

Many of the video games in the Sonic the Hedgehog series have been adapted in Sonic Universe, including the following:


  • The original plans for the "Chaotix Quest" arc would have focused on Mighty and Ray's travels, while Espio sends word to the Shinobi Clan. Mighty and Ray would eventually find themselves encountering former Robians that were left de-roboticized and without any homes; specifically Liza the Chameleon. Being unaware of the concept of robots, the Rainbow Valley chameleons forced her into exile out of fear upon being de-roboticized. Feeling bad for her, Espio would have relocated her to his clan (explaining her cameo appearance during the "Iron Dominion" saga). Having been assigned to find and assist them, Liza would have followed Mighty and Ray, rather ineptly. Being somewhat uncomfortable around different people and not completely comfortable with her invisibility skills, her past life as an unwanted former Robian would've given her some common ground with Matilda and the others.[4]
  • There were plans to continue "The Silver Age" arc, in which Silver the Hedgehog, Gold the Tenrec, and Professor Von Schlemmer would travel as Team Psych through the Multiverse with Genesis Portals to find a way back to Onyx City and perhaps a better future.[5]

Graphic Novel Volume Sets

Since late-2011, reprints of the stories in the Sonic Universe have been put into volumes, each containing a four-part saga.


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