Sonic Underground: Volume 2 is a DVD boxset of the complete second season of Sonic Underground. Published by Shout! Factory on June 17, 2008, this boxset consists of four discs covering all 20 episodes of Season 2. The boxset also contains a compilation of songs from certain episodes. The total running time of the boxset is approximately 420 minutes.


Disc 1

  1. The Jewel of the Crown
  2. Three Hedgehogs and a Baby
  3. Dunes Day
  4. Mummy Dearest
  5. Hedgehog in the Iron Mask
  6. Six is a Crowd
  7. Flying Fortress (Chaos Emerald Crisis, Pt. 1)
  8. No Hedgehog is an Island (Chaos Emerald Crisis, Pt. 2)

Disc 2

  1. New Echidna in Town (Chaos Emerald Crisis, Pt. 3)
  2. Wedding Bell Blues
  3. Country Crisis
  4. Haircraft in Space
  5. Healer
  6. Sonia's Choice
  7. The Big Melt
  8. Sleepers

Disc 3

  1. Bartleby the Prisoner
  2. The Art of Destruction
  3. The Pendant
  4. Virtual Danger

Disc 4 (Sonic Underground's Greatest Hits)

  1. Justice Calling (from "Bartleby the Prisoner")
  2. I Can Do That For You (from "Six is a Crowd")
  3. Never Easy (from "Sonia's Choice")
  4. Part Of The Problem (from "Hedgehog in the Iron Mask")
  5. Don't Let Your Guard Down (from "Virtual Danger")
  6. The Cosmic Dance (from "The Jewel in the Crown")
  7. When Tomorrow Comes (from "Wedding Bell Blues")
  8. Learn To Overcome (from "No Hedgehog is an Island")


  • This boxset is roughly one hour shorter than Sonic Underground: Volume 1, mainly because it does not contain any bonus material on the third disc.
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