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Sonic Underground
Sonic Tonic (transcript)

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This is the transcript for the Sonic Underground episode "Sonic Tonic".

[Theme song plays.]

Queen Aleena: (Narrating) I built the Hanging Gardens of Mobius for my children, before they were even born. Someday, I would bring them here and show them all the trees and flowers of Mobius. All here in this one beautiful spot. But before I could share this beauty with them, there came... ROBOTNIK!
Dr. Robotnik: Oh! There it is! At last! The only specimen known to exist. The fabled Velocitree! (Laughs)

[Cuts to next scene.]

Dr. Robotnik: My travelling lab can process an entire tree in seconds! You should see it make french fries.
Sleet: (Gasps)
Dr. Robotnik: The Velocitree is the fastest growing thing on Mobius, by condensing it to its essence, anyone can have Sonic Speed!
[Robotnik powers up his mechanism (Velocitree) with energy.]
Dr. Robotnik: I call it... Sonic Tonic! But just to make sure it works, I need a guinea pig. I mean, a volunteer to try it out.
Sleet: I believe Dingo deserves the honor to be the first to try it.
Dingo: (Gasps dramatically.)
[Sleet looks at Dingo.]
Dingo: Is it really yummy?
Dr. Robotnik: You don't drink it, dummy! You pour it on your feet!
Dingo: It feels squishy between my toes.
Sleet: What if it makes him grow fast like a Velocitree?
Dr. Robotnik: He's not a plant, is he?
Sleet: No. But he's almost as smart as one.
Dr. Robotnik and Sleet: (Laughs dramatically)
Sleet: That was a good one.
[Dingo begins to have a spasm.]
Dr. Robotnik: Look out! He might explode!
[Robotnik and Sleet run the other way.]
Dingo: [While shaking] Sleet!!!!
[Dingo moves out of control, and flops on top of Sleet and Robotnik.]
Dingo: Sorry about that.
Dr. Robotnik: Get off you moron! ...Well, do you feel any faster?
Sleet: Try running across the room and back.
Dingo: Okay.
[Dingo dashes across the room and back.]
Dr. Robotnik: (Chuckles) It works!
[But soon, Dingo blasts through the wall out of control.]
Dingo: Hey! How do I stop!
Dr. Robotnik: My spies tell me Sonic is in Canyonopolis. Can you capture him?
Sleet: Not only will we capture him, we will do it quickly.

[Cuts to next scene.]

Sonic: Can't you two work any faster?
[Sonic taps his foot.]
Sonic: You've been tryin' to hook up this sound system for-
Sonia: About five minutes.
Sonic: Whoa! Has it been that long? Let me show you how to do it!
[Sonic zooms away and gathers the four sound systems.]
Sonic: See? The job's no prob when ya' got the speed ya' need!
Manic: Well, we still need to test the system.
Sonic: Boring. I'm gonna go and check out concert security. Back in a flash!
Sonia: Oh don't hurry!
[Sonic blasts away.]
Sonic: There should be some resistance guys here watching for Swatbots. I'd better have a look.
[Dingo disguises as a telescope, then Sonic looks through it.]
Sonic: Mmm. No sign of trouble!
[Then suddenly Dingo transforms back into his normal self.]
Dingo: Look closer... (Laughs)
[Then Sleet appears shortly after.]
Sonic: Huh?!
Sleet: We've out-smarted you Sonic.
[Swatbots enter.]
Sonic: No biggie!
[Sonic dashes into Dingo, tripping him over, then Dingo falls into a dustbin.]
Dingo: He got it wisely...
Sleet: No he didn't!
[Sleet blasts away at sonic speed.]

[Cuts to Manic and Sonia.]

Manic: Testin', one, two, three!
[Sonic arrives.]
Sonic: Sleet and Dingo are coming! We gotta make traps before they get here!
[Sleet and Dingo arrive.]
Sleet: Too late, hedgehogs!
Sonic: (Gasps)
Dingo: We're here!
[Sonia looks at Sonic.]
Sonia: Oh thanks for the warning.
Sonic: Get the van out of here! I'll juice a jam til' you get away.
Manic: Just when I had the house perfectly balanced.
[Sonia and Manic drift away in the truck as Sonic battles against Sleet and Dingo.]
Sonic: Lets make some music!
[Sonic shoots at them using his guitar.]
Sonic: Are you guys getting faster? Or do I need to up-tempo?
[Sleet and Dingo dash around Sonic making him dizzy. Then, Dingo raps him up in chains.]
Sonic: Whoa!!!
Sleet: I'd hate to be in your shoes! (Laughs)
Sonic: Huh?!
[Sleet makes Dingo disappear via a remote.]

[Cuts to next scene.]

Dr. Robotnik: (Chuckles) At long last Sonic! You'll keep your date with my Roboticizer! Sleet! What took you so long?
Sleet: We would have been here sooner, but your ball and chains have been a real drag.
[Sleet presses a button, making Dingo re-appear.]
Sonic: Enjoy while you can Buttnik! I won't be staying long.
Dr. Robotnik: (Sniggers) Just long enough to make you my robotic slave forever.
Sonic: Can I ask one quick question?
Dr. Robotnik: Don't interrupt me! Can't you see I'm floating?
Sonic: I just wanna know how you made Sleet and Dingo fast enough to catch me!?
Dr. Robotnik: I owe it all to your mother!
Sonic: What's mom got to do with this?
Dr. Robotnik: It was Queen Aleena who saved the rare Velocitree in her hanging gardens. And it was Sonic Tonic made from the Velocitree, that made Sleet and Dingo fast. Any more questions?
Sonic: Yeah. Were you born this ugly or did you have to work at it?
Dr. Robotnik: Roboticize him...

[Cuts to next scene.]

Sleet: I think we should get paid first, before Sonic is roboticized.
Dr. Robotnik: Are you suggesting that I might try to cheat you out of your reward?
Sonic: Sounds in-character to me!
Sleet: Why don't we discuss this in private?

[Cuts to Manic and Sonia.]

Manic: If Sonic's been collared, Buttnik's sure to stash him in his new set of wheels. Let's go!
[Manic and Sonia run over to the direction of Robotnik's base.]
Manic: All I gotta do is pop this hatch...
[Manic does what he says...]
Manic: And we're in!
[Manic and Sonia crawl through the hatch.]
Sonia: You always take me to the nicest places Manic.
Manic: Just try'na show ya' good times sis.

[Cuts to next scene.]

Sonic: Ya' know... Now that you've caught me, Robotnik and Sleet won't need you anymore. I bet that's what they're doing now - planning how to get rid of you. Maybe Sleet will morph you into a fly and swatch ya'.
Dingo: Keep your hedgehog trap shut! You're just trying to get me ra-a-a-attled!!! Whoa!!!
Sonic: What's happening? Either I'm seeing things, or you've got enough feet for ten Dingos.
Dingo: Arghh!!!
Sonic: (Gasps)
Dingo: What happened? Whoa!
[Dingo's feet expand and then he topples over.]
Sonic: That was quite a feat with those feet!
[Sonic dashes in circles whilst being tied in chains, but with the strength of his dash, he manages to break free from the chains.]
Sonic: I'm gone... But not forgotten!
[He zooms off.]
Dingo: You can't run away! Will I tell Sleet? Whoa!
[Dingo gets up from the floor, and then falls over again.]
[Sonic dashes out, running into the hatch where Manic and Sonia are at.]
Sonic: What are you two doing here?
Sonia: Rescuing you!
Sonic: There's something we have to do first.

[Cuts to next scene.]

Sleet: If I get rid of Dingo, I get his half of the reward, for capturing Sonic. Agreed?
Dr. Robotnik: I'll give you half of his half. That way, everyone comes out ahead... except for Dingo of course. (Chuckles)
Sleet: I demand the full amount!
Dr. Robotnik: Nobody makes demands of Robotnik!
[Sleet begins to have a spasm.]
Sleet: Whaaa!!!
Dr. Robotnik: What's wrong with you?
Sleet: MY FEET?!!
[Sleets feet grow and he then tumbles over backwards.]
Dr. Robotnik: Hmm. It must be a side effect of the Sonic Tonic. Ah what a waste of a good invention. Now he's useless. I wonder if the same thing's happened to... [Shocked] Dingo's guarding Sonic!!!

[Cuts to next scene.]

Dingo: [Sighs] I made it...
[Dingo attempts to get back up, but falls down after trying.]
[Sonic, Manic and Sonia enter.]
Manic: What happened? Did Sleet morph him into a shoe model for clowns?
Sonic: It's Buttnik's new Sonic Tonic. It made him fast, but then it did this to him!
Sonia: Must be some kind of reaction. Maybe all his morphing has made him unstable.
Sonic: Who knows. But we can't let Buttnik try this on anybody else! Can you crack the code to the lab safe?
Manic: Dude - Does a Swatbot rust in the rain?
[Manic walks over to the controls.]
Manic: 'f I can't break a Buttnik code, I'll turn in my resistance membership card.
Sonic: You snare the Tonic sis. I'll see if Buttnik's Swatbots are around.
[Sonic sprints away and bounces off Dingo who was laying flat on the floor. Then he presses a button to open some doors, and sees a dozen Swatbots standing in front of him.]
Sonic: (Gasps)
[Sonic quickly presses the button again to shut the doors, afraid of the Swatbots.]
Sonic: [Calling to his siblings] Yep! They're around!
[Sonia runs in and grabs a small bottle containing the Sonic Tonic.]
Sonia: Come to mama!
[Sonia opens the doors, and Sonic blasts past the Swatbots, destroying them.]
[Sonic runs back to the controls room where Manic was still fiddling on.]
Sonic: What are you waiting for?! You're so slow, you're standing still.
Manic: Put your jets in retro bro.
[Liquidy smoke fills the whole room suddenly.]
Manic: Guess I overdid it with the fire extinguishers, huh?
Sonic: You never know until you try! Now let's shake, and stay out my way!
[Sonic dashes away as Manic and Sonia follow along. They all jump out and escape.]
Sonia: The van's this way Sonic!
Sonic: Put it in a higher gear!
[Sonic sprints straight into the van first.]
Sonic: We've gotta get to the Hanging Gardens to keep Buttnik from producing another Velocitree and making more Sonic Tonic!
Sonia: And if you want us to move faster, maybe we should use some of his Tonic!
Sonic: No way! You may not be a morphing mutant mutt like Dingo, but we still don't know what this stuff might do! Besides, I could teach you to be fast... if you weren't such slow learners!
[Sonic zooms into the Camper Van.]
Sonia: [Annoyed] Sonic is so full of himself! He acts like just because he's fast, he's the leader!
Manic: His 'tude really burns me up. And we not talking a slow burn; know what I mean?
Sonia: Somebody needs to put Sonic in his place!

[Cuts to inside the van.]

Sonic: We ought to reach the Hanging Gardens by morning. I just hope we beat Buttnik there. [Thudding sound] Bummer Majores! [Sonia and Manic gasp] A blow-out!

[Cuts to next scene.]

[Sonic stops the van in the middle of the field. They investigate one of the tires underneath, which appears to be flattened.]
Sonic: We're talking flatter than Dingo's brainwaves! I'll scout around for Buttnik, while you two change the tire.
[Sonic zooms off.]
Manic: Hey bro, why do we always get the dirty work? It's not fair!
Sonia: If we were as fast as Sonic, he wouldn't treat us this way!
Manic: We've got a need for speed!
[Manic and Sonia bring out their musical instruments from their necklaces.]

["The Fastest Thing Alive" plays.]

Sonia: What if the same thing happens to us that happened to Dingo?
Manic: You said it yourself - Dingo's unstable, he's always morphing into something.
[Manic reaches for the bottle of Tonic.]
Manic: No way it can happen to us! No way. It's the only way we'll ever be as fast as Sonic.
Sonia: Okay... Let's do it.
[Manic pours the Tonic on his feet.]

[Cuts to next scene.]

Dr. Robotnik: Sweat faster or I'm really gonna turn up the heat!
Dingo: Is it hot in here or is it just me?
Dr. Robotnik: The Sonic Tonic is absorbed through the skin. The only way to get you two morons to stand on your own two feet again is to sweat it out of you!
Dingo: Gee, I didn't know you cared!
Sleet: Oh will you be quiet?! [Shaking] It's working!!!
[Robotnik heated the room up using heaters. Finally, Sleet and Dingo's feet shrink to their usual size.]
Dr. Robotnik: Finally! Now get out to the Hanging Gardens of Mobius as quickly as you can! Sonic's probably there already... Planning a way to stop me from making more Sonic Tonic.
[Sleet and Dingo set out.]
[Sonic watches as some robots approach.]
Sonic: Uh oh. This is the worst if they get there first.
[Sonic dashes his way over the hills and finds his brother and sister stood beside the van.]
Sonic: What is this?! Even you two slowpokes could have changed the tire by now. Sleet and Dingo are on their way to the Hanging Gardens. I'll run ahead while you two change the tires.
Sonia: No. You change the tire, while I run ahead!
[Sonia dashes away at sonic speed over the hills.]
Sonic: Did you see that?! She did it, didn't she? She used the Tonic!
Manic: Hey sis, wait for me!
[Manic blasts away swiftly as Sonic watched concerned.]
Sonic: (Gasps) Manic's fast too!
[Sonic runs into the van and grabs the small bottle of Tonic.]
Sonic: How could they both be so dumb? I'd better get after 'em... Before they start tripping over their own big feet!
[Sonic drives ahead in the van.]

[Cuts to next scene.]

[Manic and Sonia arrive.]
Manic: Whoa! The Hanging Gardens must be hanging somewhere else!
Sonia: I guess they looked better before Robotnik found them. At least I beat you here!
Manic: No way son yay. I won the race!
Sonia: You think you have to be faster than I am? You're just like Sonic!
[Sleet and Dingo arrive.]
Sleet: Where is your brother by the way?
[The Swatbots approach.]
Manic: Hey, let's give 'em a Super Sonic Triple Spin; I've always wanted to do that.
[But then, Sonia begins to shake.]
Manic: Hey sis, what's shakin'?
[Shortly after, Manic began to shake as well.]
Manic: Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Sleet: The fools! They've used the Sonic Tonic! (Laughs)
Sonia: My feet! Now I'll never wear my new boots!
Manic: C'mon sis, try to spin 'em!
Sonia: Whoa, whoa!
[Sonia and Manic topple over after their feet have grown.]
Sleet: Where is Sonic?
Manic: I may have big feet, but I don't have a big mouth.
[Just as the Swatbots were about to attack, Sonic arrived in his van, ramming the Swatbots over.]
Sonic: Everybody chill, the hedgehog's here! Let Manic and Sonia go, and I'll let you have the Sonic Tonic.
Sleet: Robotnik doesn't want it. He has no use for something that doesn't-
Sonic: Looks like I need a plan B!
Sleet: Grab him Dingo!
[Sonic avoids Dingo, and causes him to run into a Swatbot. Then, Sonic runs up to the top of the tower.]
Sleet: At the pyramid! After him!
[Meanwhile, Manic and Sonia struggle to stand up.]
Sleet: C'mon! Those two aren't going anywhere! Not on those feet! (Laughs)
[Sonic shouts from high up.]
Sonic: (Shouting) Sonia! Manic! Try to get away!
Manic: No way bro! Not on these two feet!
Sonia: Save yourself Sonic!
Sonic: Bummer Majores! They can't even stand up!
[Sonic grabs onto the Tonic.]
Sonic: This stuff is really dangerous!
[Sonic throws the Tonic into a small pool.]
Sonic: Maybe some Sonic Underground sounds would get through to 'em.
[Sonic transforms his Medallion into a guitar.]
Sleet: He's trapped. He can't get away!
[Sonic begins to play his guitar. Sonia hears this and has an idea.]
Sonia: [Excitedly] Manic! Our medallions!
Manic: Try it sis! Give him some sounds!
[Sonia and Manic bring out their instruments. Dingo and Sleet cover their ears.]
Sleet: Noise can't stop us!!! What is this?!
Dingo: Hey!
[Suddenly, trees begin to grow and tangle around each other, trapping them.]
Sonic: Wait a Mobius minute! What's going on?!
Sonia: Look at that!
Manic: It's the Sonic Tonic! It grows plants faster than it grows feet!
Dingo: I can't move!
[Sleet and Dingo get tangled with the trees.]
Sleet: Wait. I have an idea... All we have to do is- [Muffles.]
[Sleet gets stuck and almost falls, so he holds onto a branch using his teeth.]
Sonia: The Sonic Tonic's made everything like it was before!
Manic: Yeah! And the power of the music made our feet like they were before too!
[Sonic jumps down from the high tower.]
Sonic: There's more than one way to beat Sleet and Dingo!
Sonia: It's beautiful!
Manic: No wonder ma' loved it here!
[The camera cuts to Sleet and Dingo, whom are trapped by the growing trees. They continue straining and muffling.]
Sonia: You were right about not using that Tonic, Sonic.
Sonic: Yeah, but you never would've captured Sonic if I hadn't teased ya' about being slow! I promise I'll never do that again!
[Seconds later.]
Sonic: I can't just beat up some, I think I just saw a turtle pass us.
[Manic and Sonia laugh. The screen fades to black and the credits appear.]